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By Mark Birdsall and Deborah Plisko


Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine in conjunction with Snapperjack Photography of London, has produced a fantastic full colour guide to the best and least known spy sites of London.  

This ‘insider’s guide’ to over 150 places to visit in the capital is an absolute must for anyone interested in espionage or intelligence.  

Besides the obvious locations such as MI5 and MI6 headquarters on the River Thames, the guide allows you to venture to the least known haunts used by the Services in over 100 years of intelligence collection and planning. Places where iconic figures such as MI6’s first chief Sir Mansfield Cumming carefully controlled his network of agents, tapped on the shoulder of would-be spies, and then had dinner with other famous officers.

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This ‘insider’s guide’ to over 150 places to visit in the capital is an absolute must for anyone interested in espionage or intelligence.

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The telegraph

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: London's espionage locations

Following the release of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, we highlight 20 locations associated with the murky world of international espionage.

Taken from The Insider's Travel Guide to 150 Spy Sites in London, written by Mark Birdsall and Deborah Plisko and published by Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine ( The book contains a fascinating history of espionage in the capital, highlighting more than 150 sites, with maps and walking routes....



The London evening standard

Declassified: Secret London Haunts of the Real-Life Spooks by Terry Kirby 

"To most people, they are just anonymous flats, houses and buildings scattered around London.

But for those fascinated with the secret world of spies and the work of the intelligence services, they are places of mystery and intrigue.

Now, dozens of locations where both domestic and foreign spies have “lived, worked and played” have been brought together in a new book — The Insider's Travel Guide to 150 Spy Sites in London, written by professional spy-watchers Mark Birdsall and Deborah Plisko.



Play Spies Around London  

"Here's something for anyone who ever played spies as a kid: a book detailing sites connected with espionage around London. An Insider's Guide to 150 Spy Sites isn't an exposé of a bunch of shocking new secrets (the old MI5 HQ at Gower Street, for example, is common knowledge) but what's great is having it all packaged up so you can make your own walking tour (poison-tipped umbrella optional). 

Fancy eating in the (tortured metaphorical) footsteps of Christine Keeler? Head down to Café Daquise in South Ken for Polish food and vodka - this is where she used to meet her Russian lover. Or check out the old dead letter drop at the Brompton Oratory. It's harking back to an era before spying was all about disabling your enemies' computer systems - blimey, we never thought we'd be wistful for the days of Cold War and imminent nuclear destruction.



BBC News

Over the years, London has been a prime setting for the shadowy world of spying. The BBC's security correspondent Gordon Corera goes on a mission to find out how London got its reputation as the "spy capital" of the world.

Most of us are familiar with the modern-day headquarters of the British intelligence services.

The MI5 building at Millbank and the MI6 fortress across the river at Vauxhall are not exactly the most discreet buildings in the capital....

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Frankfurter Rundschau

Bombs, Bond and Barschel (Google translation below)

You rub your eyes amazed, when you participate in the London Spy Walk tour with the "Spymaster" Alan Titchard. decked out with black cowboy hat and a green carnation shows Alan its visitors the sites of le Carré thriller at White Hall, the former headquarters of the British secret services of MI5 and MI6 and discarded dead drops. The mail boxes have been used about fifty years ago by the UK regularly notorious KGB double agent Philby, Burgess, Maclean, Blunt and Cairncross. With so much intelligence can not escape the impression that the Cold War escalate especially in particularly hot phase Brezhnev and his troops had just been mobilized for an invasion of England.....

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U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association

USNCVA Cryptolog
"The book is nicely laid out with well-planned walks though areas of the city, some well known and many that will be known by very few.


Each is well illustrated with, mostly street 1evel, images of famous, and infamous, locations and accompanied by
a detailed route map listing walking distances and the approximate time to be taken...assuming a leisurely walking pace: you may wish to take longer! Your journey may well be interrupted
by a visit to one of the various pubs, cafes, restaurants and other
attractions, whose details are included by the authors.

Readers will find 'o1d friends' among the characters that
appear page after page: some are well-known like Sir Winston
Churchill, Woodrow Wilson and Sir William Stephenson.....

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page spreads

A selection of high-resolution sample page spreads that reflect this fascinating work on London's incredible spylore.

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Video showcase of selected spy sites

Enjoy just a small number of buildings associated with London's intelligence scene.

By Snapperjack of London

London through the camera lens

Behind these doors lies a subterranean complex that once housed a major MI6 facility. Discover what went on beneath this London street!


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