From the editor

July 2017



Two more significant terrorist events in the last few weeks in London have once again dominated the news. Both involved vehicles and were directed at innocent civilians. The brave actions of various people and the security services helped keep casualties to a minimum, but this won't be of much comfort to those who suffered losses. Nor do I suspect we have seen the last of such appalling acts, with MI5 already engaged in various operations to derail emerging plots by people from all backgrounds and faiths. Expect arrests in the next few weeks. And with this in mind, Eye Spy has prepared an interesting feature in issue 110 on that most dreaded of topics and challenges faced by analysts - profiling a terrorist.

Away from the darker side of intelligence work, there are numerous warnings that Russia's spy agencies are once again on the march. With the passing of a most senior Cold War veteran and KGB man, our editors have pieced together a fascinating series of articles revealing some of Moscow's more overt actions and its infamous Illegals programme.

We have also prepared a number of notes on the tradecraft of communications and espionage - a look at how contact and the passing and receiving of intelligence has evolved over the decades.

We have a few copies of issue 8 from Volume 1, 2002, so check out 'Special Offers' for a much sought after issue from Eye Spy's first year.

Mark Birdsall - Editor