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From the pages of Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine since May 2001

 Jabarah, Mohammed Mansour. (See Bali bombing). ES14, 2002
 J.F.K. Airport. Incident, July 2016. See New York City. Surveillance and Security 2016. ES105, 2016
 Ja'afari, Bashar. Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic. ES101, 2016
 Jablonski, Anne. ES89, 2014
 Jack the Ripper. (See NSY). ES42, 2006
 Jack the Ripper. (See William Melville). ES32, 2005
 Jackal and President Obama. Feature. Letter (request) from Carlos the Jackal. ES62, 2009
 Jackal, see Sanchez, Illich Ramfrez. ES1, 2001
 Jackson, Michael. General warns over Argentina intent towards Falkland Islands. ES78, 2012
 Jackson, Richard. ES59, 2008
 Jackson, Sophie. ES79, 2012
 Jacobson, David. ES82, 2012
 Jacoby, Lowell E. DIA. ES22, 2003
 Jadaoun, Tarik. Verviers. Belgium security services eliminate ISIS cell. The Verviers Incident. Feature. ES95, 2015
 Jade. (See Codebreaking Machines). ES61, 2009
 Jaeger, Hans. ES39, 2006
 Jafari, Mohamad Alli. ES60, 2009
 Jafari, Mohammad Ali. IRGC. ES106, 2016
 Jafari, Shaban. ES87, 2013
 Jaglan, Thorbjorn. ES106, 2016
 Jaguar Computer. ES79, 2012
 Jaguar. UK Prime Minister receives fortress vehicle. ES17, 2003
 Jahn, Roland. STASI Archive. ES75, 2011
 JAK. Jund al-Khalifah. Soldiers of the Caliphate. Al-Qaida affiliate. ES93, 2014
 Jakarta, Indonesia. ISIS suicide bomb attack. See Clean Skins. Intelligence analysts face difficult times as lone wolf attacks around the world by non-flagged individuals increases. The Watchers. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
 Jakub, Jay. CIA. ES30 2004/5
 Jalil, Abdul Aziz. ES49, 2007
 Jalil, Mustafa Abdel. Chairman of the National Transitional Council of Libya. ES73, 2011
 Jalil, Mustafa Abdel. Libyan Justice Minister says Gaddafi ordered Lockerbie bombing. ES72, 2011
 Jalil, Mustafa Abdul. Chairman National Council of Libya. ES75, 2011
 Jalil, Tahir. ES85, 2013
 Jalili, General Niamaullah. New Afghan intelligence chief. ES7, 2001
 Jamaah Islamiyah. Terrorist group. (See also Hambali). ES20, 2002
 Jamahariya el-Mukhabarat. JSO (Libyan Intelligence Service). ES100, 2015
 Jamalifash, Majid. Alleged Mossad trained agent. ES75, 2011
 Jamalifash, Majid. ES78, 2012
 Jambon, Jan. Belgian Interior Minister. ES102, 2016
 James, Albert 'Bert'. See ASIO. Secret Cold War Australian KGB assets revealed. Feature. ES95, 2015
 James, Daniel. (See Espionage. Disgruntled Spies. Feature. Reasons for Espionage). ES83, 2013
 James, Daniel. ES100, 2015
 James, Daniel. ES46, 2007
 James, Daniel. ES56, 2008
 James, Daniel. Feature. Spies and Codes. ES59, 2008
 James, Daniel. Spy Interpreter. Feature. ES60, 2009
 James, Larry D. ES46, 2007
 Japan launches two spy satellite. ES17, 2003
 Japan. Country moves to create a foreign intelligence collection agency. Feature. ES96, 2015
 Japan. Feature. Unit 731 and Germ Warfare. ES1, 2001
 Japanese Enigma. ES40, 2006
 Japanese Imperial Army. (See Unit 731). ES76, 2011
 JAR. Joint Analysis Report on Russia 2016 hacking. List of alleged hackers: APT28, APT29, Agent.btz, BlackEnergy V3, BlackEnergy2 APT, CakeDuke, Carberp, CHOP- STICK, CloudDuke, CORESHELL, CosmicDuke, COZYBEAR, COZYCAR, COZYDUKE, CrouchingYeti, DIONIS,Dragonfly, Energetic Bear, EVILTOSS, Fancy Bear, GeminiDuke, GREY CLOUD, HammerDuke, HAMMERTOSS, Havex, MiniDionis, MiniDuke, OLDBAIT, OnionDuke, Operation Pawn Storm, PinchDuke, Powershell backdoor, Quedagh, Sandworm, SEADADDY, Seaduke, SEDKIT, SEDNIT, Skipper, Sofacy, SOURFACE, SYNful Knock, Tiny Baron, Tsar Team, twain_64.dll (64-bit X-Agent implant), VmUpgradeHelper.exe (X-Tunnel implant), Waterbug and X-Agent. ES107, 2017
 JAR. Joint Analysis Report. ES107, 2017
 JAR. On Russian Hacking. See also CIA. Response to US expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats and spies from country. Major cyber attacks and hacking of US computer networks during Presidential election campaign. The Sting: Persona Non Grata. Major Feature. ES107, 2017
 Jarallah, Khalid Suliman al. ES74, 2011
 Jardine, Robert. (See Michael Campbell). ES76, 2011
 Jarrah, Samir Ziad. (See Flight 93 - 9/11). ES4, 2001
 Jarrah, Samir Ziad. (United Airline Flight 93 hijacker). ES4, 2001
 Jarrah, Samir Ziad. ES43, 2006
 Jarrett, Valerie. ES87, 2013
 Jarvis, Robert. CIA Historical Review Panel. ES87, 2013
 Jaser, Raed. (See Whirlpool Bridge Plot). ES85, 2013
 Jason Bourne. Character used in bizarre MSS intelligence service countermeasures' programme using propaganda directed at its own people. Espionage Countermeasures. Feature. ES104, 2016
 Javid. A.k.a. Abu Ali. ES60, 2009
 Jayawardene, Mahela. ES61, 2009
 Jayyousi, Azmi. ES25, 2004
 Jayyousi, Wael. (See Jose Padilla). ES54, 2008
 Jazayeri, Masoud. ES78, 2012
 JBC. Joint Broadcasting Committee. Feature - British Covert Influence. ES67, 2010
 JBER. Joint Base Elmendorf -Richardson. ES85, 2013
 JCPOA. Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. See Iran. Tehran secures nuclear deal. Gates to a Bomb or Safer World? Feature. ES98, 2015
 Jday, Abderraouf. ES20, 2003
 Jeannes, Armand. See Cavell, Edith. Trading Places. Feature. ES99, 2015
 Jedburghs. Special Operations Executive and Office of Strategic Services. Operations. ES45, 2006
 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Meeting to form alliance against ISIS. ES93, 2014
 Jefferson, Thomas. (See Origins of US Intelligence). ES58, 2008
 Jefferson, Thomas. ES17, 2003
 Jeffrey, Keith. Professor who wrote the official history of MI6 - The History of the Secret Intelligence Service passes. ES102, 2016
 Jeffries, George. ES47, 2007
 Jehl, Douglas. Foreign news editor, Washington Post. ES100, 2015
 Jellicoe, John. ES97, 2015
 Jemaah Islamiyah (JI). ES79, 2012
 Jenkins, Frank. (See Sanctuary - Rudolph Hess). ES17, 2003
 Jenkins, Frank. See Hess, Rudolf. Enduring Mystery Surrounding Death of Hess. Feature. ES87, 2013
 Jenkins, Katherine. Performs at GCHQ. Feature. ES102, 2016
 Jenkins, Peter. (See surveillance). ES60, 2009
 Jenkins, Peter. ES66, 2010
 Jenkins, Peter. Interview on surveillance. ES19, 2003
 Jennings, Elizabeth. See Americans, The. Television series. A Little Fact Mixed with Fiction. Feature. ES104, 2016
 Jensen, Christian. ES106, 2016
 Jersey. Channel Islands. German Occupation. ES1, 2001
 Jerusalem Convention Centre. ES89, 2014
 Jerusalem, Israel. Terrorist uses truck to kill four IDF troopers in Jerusalem. ES107, 2017
 Jerusalem. (See Computer Viruses). ES44, 2006
 Jesus College, Oxford. ES13, 2002
 Jetsgo of Montreal. (See Ghost Planes). ES39, 2006
 Jewell, Richard. (See Atlanta bomb incident). ES12, 2002
 Jewish Museum Brussels. Mossad despatch unit to eliminate assassin. Feature. ES91, 2014
 JFFPG. Joint Defence Space Research Facility. Australian. (See Pine Gap). ES47, 2007
 JFK International Airport. AQ target. Feature - The Chicken Farm Plot. ES49, 2007
 JFK International Airport. ES75, 2011
 JFK International Airport. Fuel line terror plot. ES69, 2010
 JGO. Joint Guard Operations. ES39, 2006
 JGO. Juliet Golf Oscar. (See Ghost Flights). ES39, 2006
 JI. Jemaah Islamiah. Terrorist Organisation. (See Bali bombings). ES80, 2012
 JI. Jemaah Islamiah. Terrorist Organisation. ES49, 2007
 Jiamin, Wu. ES5, 2001
 JIATF-South. USSOUTHCOM. ES104, 2016
 JIC. Chairman. Feature. ES57, 2008
 JIC. Chairman. Operational tasks. ES27, 2004
 JIC. Joint Intelligence Committee. Feature. Breach. Secret UK AQ assessment Cabinet papers left on train. ES57, 2008
 JIC. Joint Intelligence Committee. Feature. Out of the Shadows. ES27, 2004
 JIC. Top secret report warned of London Tube attack in 2003. ES38, 2006
 JIEDD-TF. Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Task Force. ES39, 2006
 Jihad Camp 1. OBL's first terror training camp in Afghanistan. ES1, 2001
 Jihad Jane. See Colleen LaRose. ES89, 2014
 Jihad, Abu. ES82, 2012
 Jihadi John. Identity published by UK government - Mohammed Emwazi. Worst Kept Intel Secret. Feature. ES96, 2015
 Jihadi John. ISIS terrorist. Deconstructing Jihadi John. Feature. ES93, 2014
 Jihadi John. ISIS. MI5 learn of his identity. ES93, 2014
 Jihadi John. Killed in UAV missile strike. Gone in One Second. Feature. ES100, 2015
 Jihadi John. See Emwazi, Mohammed and Beatles. ISIS British cell. Langley's Covert Kill List. Feature. ES107, 2017
 Jihadi. AQ vulnerable Internet targets. Feature. ES66, 2010
 Jindal, Abu. A.k.a. Syed Zabiuddid. (See Mumbai attacks). ES80, 2012
 Jinping, Xi. China President. ES93, 2014
 Jinping, Xi. China President. ES99, 2015
 Jinping, Xi. ES91, 2014
 Jinping, Xi. President of China announces new head of China's MSS intelligence service. ES106, 2016
 Jinping, Xi. President of China. ES104, 2016
 Jintao, Hu. Communist Party of China leader. (See China. Chinese Whispers). ES79, 2012
 Jintao, Hu. See China. CIA Pretty Woman Trap. Feature. ES80, 2012
 JMB. Jamaeytul Mujahdeen Bangladesh. ES104, 2016
 JMWAVE. (See CIA). ES45, 2006
 Joannides, George. ES45, 2006
 Job, Patrick Dalzel. Man who inspired Ian Fleming dies. ES22, 2003
 John Birh Society. ES104, 2016
 John Lennon Airport, Liverpool. ES50, 2007
 John Moore University, Liverpool. (See AQ Manchester to Abbottabad). ES74, 2011
 John Paul II. Feature. ES33, 2005
 John Walker Spy Ring. ES92, 2014
 Johns, Stephen. T. ES63, 2009
 Johnson, Amy. Mystery solved? ES10, 2002
 Johnson, Boris. Foreign Secretary visits MI6. A Brief Encounter. Feature. ES106, 2016
 Johnson, Boris. London Mayor's office targeted by alleged AQ gangs. ES72, 2011
 Johnson, Boris. Speaking on Russian military operations in Syria. War of Words. Feature. ES106, 2016
 Johnson, Boris. UK Foreign Secretary on President Donald Trump. ES107, 2017
 Johnson, Brian. The Secret War. ES75, 2011
 Johnson, David. Australia Defence Minister. ES93, 2014
 Johnson, Jeh. Homeland Security Secretary. ES99, 2-15
 Johnson, Kelly. U-2 designer. ES77, 2012
 Johnson, Larry. CIA. ES21, 2003
 Johnson, Lyndon. (Air America). ES7, 2001
 Johnson, Lyndon. (See Air Force One). ES42, 2006
 Johnson, Lyndon. ES78, 2012
 Johnson, Lyndon. Vietnam. ES6, 2001
 Johnson, Marion. ES83, 2013
 Johnson, Mark. ES77, 2012
 Johnson, Randy. Sergeant. US Army. ES97, 2015
 Johnson, Sam. ES85, 2013
 Johnson, Thomas. (See Origins of US Intelligence). ES58, 2008
 Johnson, Tori. ES95, 2015
 Johnston, Atholl. (See Diana Inquest). ES54, 2008
 Johnston, Richard C. ES51, 2007
 Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. ES102, 2016
 Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System. Feature. ES62, 2009
 Joint Information Operations Center. ES33, 2005
 Joint Services Language School. ES50, 2007
 Joint Signals Intelligence aircraft. ES93, 2014
 Joint Special Operations Command. USA. ES93, 2014
 Joint Terrorism Task Force. ES63, 2009
 Jolie, Angelina. (See The Good Shepherd). ES47, 2007
 Jonas, George. ES68, 2010
 Jonathan, President Goodluck. ES91, 2014
 Jones, Baroness Neville. ES62, 2009, ES72 2011
 Jones, Candy. ES79, 2012
 Jones, Cynthia. ES49, 2007
 Jones, Dr Isaac. See Marie Chilver. A Spy Called Fifi. The 96 Hour Scheme. Feature. The secret life of an agent provocateur. ES93, 2014
 Jones, Evelyn. KGB agent. ES97, 2015
 Jones, Howard. See Hess, Rudolf. Enduring Mystery Surrounding Death of Hess. Feature. ES87, 2013
 Jones, Jack. ES65, 2009
 Jones, Jack. General Secretary TGWU. (Transport and General Workers Union). KGB agent ES97, 2015
 Jones, Lady Neville. ES69, 2010
 Jones, Martin Furnival. MI5 Director-General. ES65, 2009
 Jones, Parker. ES87, 2013
 Jones, Pauline Neville. ES76, 2011
 Jones, R.V. ES105, 2016
 Jones, Reginald Victor. Scientist. ES60, 2009
 Jones, Richard Rhys. ES81, 2012
 Jones, Sally-Anne. See MI5. Five British terrorists named and sanctioned by United Nations. ES99, 2015
 Jones, Sian Lloyd. (See Gareth Williams). ES72, 2011
 Jones, Sian Lloyd. Comments on death of MI6 officer Gareth Williams. ES73, 2011
 Jones, Sir John. MI5 Director-General. ES38, 2006
 Jones, Sir Martin Furnival. MI5 Director-General. ES38, 2006
 Jones, Sir Martin. MI5 Director-General warns of Russian interception of MI6 signals. ES70, 2010
 Jones-Neville, Pauline. Minister of State Security and Counter Terrorism. On cyberspace. ES105, 2016
 Jong-un, Kim. ES95, 2015
 Jong-un, Kim. ES99, 2015
 Jong-un, Kim. North Korea Supreme Leader. 60th Anniversary Armistice Parade. Insightful study of reaction. ES86, 2013
 Jong-un, President Kim. ES90, 2014
 Jordan, Bill. ES80, 2012
 Jordan, Steven. ES27, 2004
 Jordan. Colonel Hassen Hammadeh Syrian officer defects to Jordan flying MiG-21. ES80, 2012
 Jordan. ISIS attacks GID (Jordan Intelligence Department) building Amman. ES104, 2016
 Jordan. Osama bin-Laden's former 'spokesman' Suleiman Abu Ghaith arrested. ES84, 2013
 Jordan. Three US trainers (Special Forces Group) shot dead in Jordan. ES106, 2016
 Jordanian [The]. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. ES26, 2004
 Jordanian Intelligence. (See GID). ES25, 2004
 Joretzko, Nobert. ES29, 2004
 Josephs, Morris. ES97, 2015
 Journalists. As embedded spies. Feature. See also Fourth Estate. ES42, 2006
 Jovanovic, Zvezdan. ES18, 2003
 Joyal, Paul. Shooting in Washington DC. Feature. Ripples or Simple Coincidence. (See Litvinenko). ES47, 2007
 Joyce, Sean. FBI. ES89, 2014
 Joyce, William (Lord 'Haw Haw'). Feature on his wife - Margaret. ES1, 2001
 Joyce, William. ES63, 2009
 Joyce, William. ES97, 2015
 Joyce, William. See Secret BBC spy broadcasts. Legacy. Feature. ES99, 2015
 JSFAW. Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing. ES73, 2011
 JSG. Joint Support Group. (See Sunatra Deployed). ES73, 2011
 JSO. Jamahariya Security Organisation (Libyan Intelligence Service). (See Lockerbie). ES64, 2010
 JSO. Jamahariya Security Organisation (Libyan Intelligence Service). Defunct. ES100, 2015
 JSO. Libyan agents exposed in the UK. Feature. ES73, 2011
 JSOC. Joint Special Operations Command. USA. ES91, 2014
 JSSL. Joint Service School of Linguists. Spy training schools. Cold War Spy Training Schools. Peter Matthews reflects on spy classrooms in Berlin. Spy Games. Feature. ES103, 2016
 JSTPO. Joint Strategic Target Planning Center. USA. ES85, 2013
 JTAC. Intelligence estimates warn of major AQ threats. ES48, 2007
 JTAC. Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre. New technology sought for GCHQ. UK. Feature. ES55, 2008
 JTAC. Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre. UK. ES80, 2012
 JTAC. Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre. UK. Feature. ES39, 2006
 JTAC. Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre. UK. Feature. ES48, 2007
 JTF. Joint Task Force. (See Guantanamo Bay). ES61, 2009
 JTTF. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 10). ES86, 2013
 JTTF. ES101, 2016
 JTTF. Joint Terrorism Task Force. FBI. ES40, 2006
 JTTF. Joint Terrorism Task Force. FBI. ES76, 2011
 JTTF. Joint Terrorism Task Force. FBI. ES80, 2012
 Jubeir, Adel bin Ahme al. ES100, 2015
 Jubeir, Adel bin Ahme al. ES78, 2012
 Judd, James. CSIS Director. ES41, 2006
 Judd, James. CSIS. ES45, 2006
 Judicial Watch. ES41, 2006
 Judicial Watch. ES89, 2014
 Juknevicien, Rasa. ES81, 2012
 Juliet Golf Oscar. (See CIA Ghost Flights). ES39, 2006
 Juliette Class submarine. ES82, 2012
 Julius Caesar Cipher. (Substitution Ciphers). Feature. ES50, 2007
 Juncker, Jean-Claude. ES86, 2013
 Jung, Carl. ES83, 2013
 Junud Al Shaam. Soldiers of Damascus. Terrorist group. ES94, 2014
 Jupiter. Missile programme. ES77, 2012
 Juretzko, Werner. ES7, 2002
 Justic4Jean Campaign. (See Jean Charles De Menezes Inquest). ES60, 2009
 Justus Lipsius Building. ES86, 2013
 Jutland. Battle of. ES1, 2001
 JWICS. Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System. ES88, 2013