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From the pages of Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine since May 2001

 Nabhan, Saleh Ali Saleh . ES46, 2007
 Nabhan, Saleh Ali Saleh. ES55, 2008
 Nabi, Ghail. (See Imam Rapito Affair. CIA abduction in Milan). ES86, 2013
 Nabil, Abu. A.k.a. Wissam Najm Abd Zayd al Zubaydi. ES100, 2015
 Nabizadeh, Mehdi. ES78, 2012
 Nabus, Ray. US Navy Secretary. ES98, 2015
 NAC. National Anti-Terrorism Committee, Russia. ES85, 2013
 NAC. Russian National Antiterrorism Committee. ES107, 2017
 NAC. Russian operations target ISIS cells in various neighbouring countries. The Russia Card. Feature. ES107, 2017
 Naffa, Okba Ibn. See National Bardo Museum. ISIS terror attack in Tunis, Tunisia. ES96, 2015
 Nafis, Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul. NYPD Counter-terrorist police work with FBI to trap would be al-Qaida bomber plotting to attack Federal Reserve in New York. Feature. Liberty Street Sting. ES82, 2012
 Nafis, Quazi. ES100, 2015
 Nagayeva, Amanta. (See Volga-Aviaexpress Flight 1303). ES28, 2004
 Nagie, Ibrahim Abou. ES106, 2016
 Nagma, Abu. ES89, 2014
 Nahang. Iranian nuclear submarine showcased. Feature. ES57, 2008
 Nahayan, Abdullah bin Zayed al. ES79, 2012
 Nahayan, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zaid al. UAE Information Minister. ES5, 2001
 Nahmias, Jacob. (See Mossad). ES55, 2008
 Nahshon, Emmanuel. ES107, 2017
 Nahyan, HH Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed al. ES83, 2013
 Nahyan, HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al. ES75, 2011
 Nahyan, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al. ES98, 2015
 Nahyan, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al. UAE Crown Prince. ES99, 2015
 Naief, Abdul Razak al. Mayfair, London assassination. ES34, 2005
 Naim, Bahrun. A.k.a. Muhammad Bahrun Naim Tamtomo. ISIS financier. See Clean Skins. Intelligence analysts face difficult times as lone wolf attacks around the world by non-flagged individuals increases. The Watchers. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
 Nairobi, Kenya. USA Embassy closed after terror threat. ES19, 2003
 Naji, General Reza. ES89, 2014
 Najib, Samir. ES75, 2011
 Nakhcha, Omar. ES38, 2006
 Nalyvaichenko, Valentyn. SSU Director. Ukraine. ES91, 2014
 Nalyvaichenko, Valentyn. SSU Director. Ukraine. ES92, 2014
 Nalyvaichenko, Valentyn. SSU. Ukraine Security Service Director provides evidence of Russian interference. See Ukraine Conflict. ES95, 2015
 NAM. Non-Aligned Movement. ES86, 2013
 Namazi, Baquer. See Iran. Tehran jails UK and US 'spies'. The Unspecified Estate. Feature. ES106, 2016
 Namazi, Siamak. Iran. Tehran jails UK and US 'spies'. The Unspecified Estate. Feature. ES106, 2016
 Naming Spies. (Implications). Feature. ES38, 2006
 Nano Electrics. Feature. ES29, 2004
 Nanosatellites. ES37, 2005/6
 Nanotechnology. ES75, 2011
 Naples, Italy. Police detain AQ suspects plotting to strike NATO bases. ES16, 2003
 Napley, Sir David. ES98, 2015
 Napoleon, Bonaparte. Feature. Napoleon's Codes: The Art of Nightwriting. ES83, 2013
 Napolitano, Janet. Homeland Security. ES66, 2010
 Napolitina, President Giorgio. See Imam Rapito Affair. ES87, 2013
 NARA. National Archives and Records Administration. ES42, 2006
 Naranjo, Oscar. ES55, 2008
 Naras Systems. ES79, 2012
 Nariman House. (See Mumbai terrorist attack). ES60, 2009
 Narodny Variant. Russia. See Richard Tomlinson. ES1, 2001
 Naryshkin, Sergie. SVR Director. ES107, 2017
 NASA. Computers sabotaged. ES50, 2007
 NASA. Fears of terrorist attacks may affect future projects. ES4, 2001
 NASA. NASA employee David Nozetta jailed for espionage. ES79, 2012
 NASA. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. CCTV imaging applications. ES35, 2005
 Nasar, Mustaf Setmarian. (See Madrid Bombings). ES32, 2005
 NASDAQ. ES60, 2009
 NASDAQ. Stock Exchange, New York. (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations). Cyber warnings. ES51, 2007
 Naseer, Abid. (See AQ Manchester to Abbottabad). ES74, 2011
 Naseer, Abid. See Operation Pathway. ES100, 2015
 Naseer, Abid. See Operation Pathway. ES96, 2015
 Naseer, Irfan. (See Operation Pitsford). ES84, 2013
 Naseer, Irfan. ES82, 2012
 Naseer, Khan. ES68, 2010
 Nashan Lijing Holiday Hotel. (See Neil Heywood). ES79, 2012
 Nashar, Magdy el. (See 7/7 London bombings). ES34, 2005
 Nashiri, Abd al. (See USS Cole incident). ES76, 2011
 Nashiri, Abd al-Rahim al. AQ Gulf liaison man arrested. ES14, 2002
 Nashiri, Abd al-Rahim al. ES79, 2012
 Nashiri, Abd al-Rahim al. ES97, 2015
 Nashiriast, Abd al Rahim al. ES85, 2013
 NASIC. US Defense National Air and Space Intelligence Center. ES86, 2013
 NASIC. US Defense National Air and Space Intelligence Center. Report on Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat. ES86, 2013
 Nasir, Ali ibn Hammud al. A.k.a. Abu Omar. ES60, 2009
 Nasir, Ali ibn Hammud al. ES92 2014
 Nasr, Hassan Mustafa Osama. ES100, 2015
 Nasr, Hassan Mustafa Osama. ES103, 2016
 Nasr, Hassan Mustafa Osama. ES42, 2006
 Nasr, Hassan Mustafa Osama. ES63, 2009
 Nasr, Hassan Mustafa Osama. Feature. Surveillance. Imam Rapito Affair. CIA abduction in Milan. ES86, 2013
 Nasr, Hassan Mustafa Osama. SISMI Director Nicolo Pollari jailed for 10 years. (See Imam Rapito Affair). ES84, 2013
 Nasrallah, Hassan. ES85, 2013
 Nassan, Al-Leithy. General. Egypt. Death of. Deja vu. A History of Falling Out of Windows. Feature. ES107, 2017
 Nasser, Abdel Gamel. ES50, 2007
 Nasser, Abid. (See New York City Subway Plot). ES83, 2013
 Nasser, Gamal. ES75, 2011
 Nasser, Gamel Abdel. ES65, 2009
 Nasser, Gamel Abdel. President of Egypt. See Poison. Use of in assassination. An Easy Option. The Art of Elimination. Feature. ES101, 2016
 Nasser, Gamel. ES86, 2013
 Nasser, Hussein Abu. Suicide bomber. ES2, 2001
 Nasser, Irfa. ES76, 2011
 Nasser, Jamal Abdel. ES58, 2008
 Nassif, Leithy al. ES50, 2007
 Nassiri, Nematollah. SAVAK. ES89, 2014
 Natale, Rear Admiral. (See Operation Ocean Shield. Feature. International Pirates. Counter-measures against pirates and al-Qaida in and around the Horn of Africa. ES84, 2013
 Natalegawa, Marty. ES88, 2013
 Natanz Uranium Enrichment plant, Iran. ES24, 2004
 Natanz Uranium Enrichment plant, Iran. ES69, 2010
 Natanz Uranium Enrichment plant, Iran. ES78, 2012
 Natanz Uranium Enrichment plant, Iran. ES86, 2013
 Natanz Uranium Enrichment plant, Iran. ES97, 2015
 National Academy of Sciences. (See Polygraphs). ES13, 2002
 National Air and Space Museum. ES72, 2011
 National Archives. UK. Bogus MI6 material on Himmler assassination plot. Feature. ES35, 2005
 National Archives. UK. MI6 and Himmler documents. ES35, 2005
 National Archives. UK. Release of Jack the Ripper files. ES42, 2006
 National Bardo Museum. Attacker arrested. Feature. ES97, 2015
 National Bardo Museum. ISIS terror attack in Tunis, Tunisia results in 50 deaths - many tourists. The Bardo Incident. Feature. ES96, 2015
 National Council of Resistance in Iran. ES20, 2003
 National Crisis Management Centre, Moscow. Feature. ES106, 2016
 National Cryptologic Museum. Feature. ES40, 2006
 National History Museum. AQ terror target. ES55, 2008
 National Hotel, Moscow. House of Windsor. Released KGB dossier reveals spy operations against Royal Family. Feature. Bugs and Spies: KGB V The House of Windsor. ES83, 2013
 National HRO communication receiver. (See Y Service). ES86, 2013
 National Institute of International Strategy of China Academy of Social Sciences. ES97, 2015
 National Joint Terrorism Task Force. Feature. ES27, 2004
 National Missile Defence and Echelon. Features. ES2, 2001
 National Missile Defence Shield. Feature. Hit to Kill. ES11, 2002
 National Missile Defence. ES15, 2003
 National Missile Defense Shield. ES2, 2001
 National Missile Defense. China warns US. ES27, 2004
 National Missile Defense. Sites chosen in Poland and Czech Republic. ES47, 2007
 National Museum of the Marine Corps, Virginia. ES98, 2015
 National Petrochemical and Refiners Association. AQ attack concerns. Feature. ES25, 2004
 National Presidential Emergency Operations Center. ES27, 2004
 National Press Building, Washington DC. ES44, 2006
 National Press Building, Washington DC. ES82, 2012
 National Security Council. US. ES20, 2003
 National Security Education Day. China. MSS intelligence services launches bizarre espionage countermeasures' programme using propaganda directed at its own people. Espionage Countermeasures. Feature. ES104, 2016
 National Vigilance Park, Fort Meade, Maryland. ES21, 2003
 National War Memorial, Canada. ES94, 2014
 NATO. Agent Steklov. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg - KGB target. Feature. ES106, 2016
 NATO. Airborne Early Warning and Control Force. ES57, 2008
 NATO. Alleged Portuguese double agent arrested in Rome. Russian Agent Contact. Feature. ES103, 2016
 NATO. Black Sea. US and Russian air forces - contact. ES101, 2016
 NATO. Candid. Codename for Chinese surveillance aircraft. ES41, 2006
 NATO. Charger. Codename for Russia's Tu-144. Based on UK-French Concorde. Feature. ES74, 2011
 NATO. Cold War. Spy Ripples from the Cold War. Feature. NATO aircraft engage Russian warplanes and ships as Moscow increases military operations around the world. ES94, 2014
 NATO. Cyber threats to organisation. ES84, 2013
 NATO. Defending Cyber Space. ES57, 2008
 NATO. ES64, 2009
 NATO. France. ES68, 2010
 NATO. Ilyushin IL-20 Coot Russian spyplane intercepts. ES97, 2015
 NATO. Intelligence on Russian tank manoeuvres in Ukraine. Feature. ES92, 2014
 NATO. ISAF. International Security Assistance Force. Afghanistan. ES66, 2010
 NATO. ISAF. International Security Assistance Force. ES83, 2013
 NATO. ISAF. International Security Assistance Force. Raids lead to AQ CodeMaker. Naeen Noor Khan. (See Gas Limos Project).
 NATO. NATO Resolute Support Mission. ES105, 2016
 NATO. New Cyber Defence Centre. ES57, 2008
 NATO. New Secretary General appointed. Feature. ES93, 2014
 NATO. Notes on US Election. Intelligence and Security - Winds of Change. Major Feature. ES106, 2016
 NATO. Operation Ocean Shield. Feature. International Pirates. Counter-measures against pirates and al-Qaida in and around the Horn of Africa. ES84, 2013
 NATO. Organisation hits back in propaganda dispute. See Propaganda. All media platforms. ES97, 2015
 NATO. Organisation removes 40 Russian liaison staff suspected of intelligence collection activities from Brussels headquarters. Person Non Grata. Feature. ES97, 2015
 NATO. RAF Aird Uig, Isle of Lewis. Former Cold War base set for new role. Cold War Legacy. Feature. ES101, 2016
 NATO. Russia Security Council. ES91, 2014
 NATO. Russian Council. ES97, 2015
 NATO. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warns of conflict between Russia and the West. Cold to Hot. Feature. ES103, 2016
 NATO. Russians spies inside NATO. Our Man in Tallinn. Feature. ES95, 2015
 NATO. Secret intel report reveals ISIS fighters using refugees to travel undercover. Masking the Movement. Feature. ES102, 2016
 NATO. Secrets stolen by SVR spies Andreas and Heidrun Anschlag, ES83, 2014.
 NATO. Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA). ES107, 2017
 NATO. Suspends Russia Cooperation. Feature. ES91, 2014
 NATO. Tensions rise between Russia and West as NATO installs a variety of countermeasures. AEGIS Ashore. Feature. ES103, 2016
 NATO. Warnings organisation risks being divided. ES54, 2008
 Natynczyk, Walt. ES81, 2012
 Naujocks, Alfred. Minimax Fire Extinguisher Company. ES60, 2008
 Navajo Code Talkers. Congressional Gold Medal Award. ES18, 2003
 Navajo Code Talkers. The Code. Feature. ES18, 2003
 Navajo Code Talkers. Whispers from the Canyon. Feature. ES18, 2003
 Naval Intelligence. ES65, 2009
 Naval Intelligence. Feature. UK Spy Story. ES42, 2006
 Naval Ocean Surveillance Information Center. (See Capturing Jonathan Pollard. ES43, 2006
 Naval School of Mechanics, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (See Dirty War Argentina and Alfredo Astiz). ES84, 2013
 Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. ES83, 2013
 Naval Weapons Station Earle. Feature. ES61, 2009
 Navarro, Joe. See Body Language. (TC) ES98, 2015
 Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command. ES61, 2009
 Navy Information Operations Command, Fort Meade. ES61, 2009
 Navy Intelligence Division. (Room 39). See also NID. ES62, 2009
 Nawaz, Hamza. ES94, 2014
 Nawaz, Mohommod Hassin. ES94, 2014
 Nawrot, Kaz. ES20, 2003
 Nawz, Gul. ES38, 2006
 Nayef, Muhammad bin. ES81, 2012
 Nayef, Prince bin Abdul Aziz. Assassination attempt. (See Syringe Bombers). ES66, 2010
 Nayef, Prince Mohammed bin. ES79, 2012
 Nayyouf, Nizar. ES23, 2004
 Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act. (See CIA-Nazi operatives). ES26, 2004
 Nazi. Nazi spies in America. See Strange But True. ES97, 2015
 NBAA. National Bureau of Air Accidents. Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. ES92, 2014
 NBH. National Security Office. Hungary. ES43, 2006
 NCA. National Crime Agency UK. ES106, 2016
 NCCIC. National Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Center. USA. ES107, 2017
 NCCIC. National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center. USA. ES106, 2016
 NCDOC. US Navy Information Systems and Computer Networks. (See Cyber Weapons). ES73, 2011
 NCE. National Counterintelligence Executive. ES46, 2007
 NCIC. National Criminal Intelligence Service. UK ES40, 2006
 NCIS. National Criminal Intelligence Service. UK. See also SOCA. ES1, 2001
 NCIS. Naval Criminal Investigative Service. (See FBI - Selling US Secrets and Bryan Minkyu Martin). ES74, 2011
 NCIS. Naval Criminal Investigative Service. ES43, 2006
 NCIS. Naval Criminal Investigative Service. USA. Feature. ES90, 2014
 NCIS. Naval workers jailed for Port espionage. Feature. ES101, 2016
 NCIS. Navy Criminal Investigative Service. ES53, 2008
 NCIS. Navy Criminal Investigative Service. ES93, 2013
 NCIS. Navy Criminal Investigative Service. Probe over possible security breaches. ES95, 2015
 NCIS. Navy Criminal Investigative Service. USA. Agency exposes China operation against NSA facility. Feature. ES53, 2008
 NCIS. US Navy. Edward Chieh-Liang Lin. US Navy officer charged with espionage. Innocent Liaisons or Espionage. Major Feature. ES103, 2016
 NCM. NATO Central Mediterranean. (Libya operations). ES73, 2011
 NCMF. National Cryptologic Museum Foundation. ES97, 2015
 NCS. National Clandestine Service name change to Directorate of Operations. ES96, 2015
 NCS. National Clandestine Service. (CIA). ES37, 2005/6
 NCS. National Clandestine Service. Feature. CIA Spymasters in from the Cold. ES51, 2007
 NCS. New chief of espionage section appointed. ES85, 2013
 NCTC National Counterterrorism Center (USA). ES104, 2016
 NCTC. National Counter Terrorism Center. Join the Dots. (Detroit airline plot). ES66, 2010
 NCTC. National Counterterrorism Center. [FBI]. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 10). ES86, 2013
 NCTSO. National Counter Terrorism Security Office (UK). ES77, 2012
 NDB. Nachrichtendienst des Bundes (Federal Intelligence Service), Switzerland. ES83, 2013
 NDS. National Directorate of Security. Afghanistan. Assassination attempt on Asabullah Khalid, head of Service. ES83, 2013
 NDS. National Directorate of Security. Afghanistan. ES83, 2013
 NDS. National Directorate of Security. Afghanistan. ES98, 2015
 NEADS. Northeast Air Defense Sector (NORAD). ES27, 2004
 Neave, Airey. ES66, 2010
 Nechiporenko, Oleg. KGB. ES18, 2003
 Negev Desert, Israel. ES72, 2011
 Negroponte, John. Director of National Intelligence. NID. ES31, 2005
 Negroponte, John. ES33, 2005
 Negroponte, John. NID steps down. ES46, 2007
 Negus, Tony. ES64, 2009
 Nehoshtan, Ido. Major. Chief of the Israeli Air Force. ES65, 2009
 Nehoshtan, Ido. Major. Chief of the Israeli Air Force. ES77, 2012
 Nejad, Fowzi Badavi. ES59, 2008
 Nejad, Fowzi. (See Iranian Embassy siege). ES68, 2010
 Nekrasov, Andrei. ES49, 2007
 Nellis AFB. ES1, 2001
 Nellis AFB. ES30 2004/5
 Nellis Air Force Range. ES77, 2012
 Nelson, Brendan. ES47, 2007
 Nelson, Brian. ES1, 2001
 Nelson, Horatio. ES99, 2015
 Nelson, Sir Frank. ES63, 2009
 NEMA. Swiss NEue Machine. (Cipher machine). ES50, 2007
 Nemec, Jaroslav. Major. ES97, 2015
 Nemmouche, Mehdi. ES91, 2014
 Nemtsov, Boris. Critical report of Kremlin interference in Ukraine revealed. Putin War: Pay Back. Feature. ES97, 2015
 Nemtsov, Boris. ES100, 2015
 Nemtsov, Boris. Former Deputy Prime Minister and Kremlin critic assassinated in Moscow. Midnight Sanction. Feature. See also Assassination List. ES96, 2015
 Neptune Spear. Mark Kelton, CIA Station Chief. Death of. Scent of an Assassin? Major Feature. ES103, 2016
 Neptune Warrior. Russian surveillance of Royal Navy exercise. ES51, 2007
 Neptune. ES56, 2008
 Neptunium-237. ES45, 2006
 Nesterets, Vladimir. Lt. Colonel. (See Bulava missile programme). Feature. ES80, 2012
 Netanyahu, Benjamin. ES101, 2016
 Netanyahu, Benjamin. ES75, 2011
 Netanyahu, Benjamin. ES84, 2013
 Netanyahu, Benjamin. ES88, 2013
 Netanyahu, Benjamin. ES92, 2014
 Netanyahu, Benjamin. Israel Prime Minister blames Hezbollah for bomb plots against Israeli embassies. ES78, 2012
 Netanyahu, Benjamin. Israel Prime Minister. ES100, 2015
 Netanyahu, Binyamin. The Russian List. ES65, 2009
 NetFlights, London. (See Anna Chapman). ES69, 2010
 Netherlands. Edwin Ruis reveals a plethora of intelligence operations, espionage and covert action in World War One Holland. Holland - A Spy's Playground. Major Feature. ES103, 2016
 Neubronner, Julius. ES86, 2013
 Nevada Test and Firing Range. ES72, 2011
 Neville-Jones, Baroness. ES85, 2013
 Neviot. Mossad unit specialising in surveillance and surreptitious entry. (See Mossad's Kensington Trojan). ES74, 2011
 Nevsky Express. Train attack. ES89, 2014
 New American Foundation. Data on UAV strikes - casualties. Feature. ES88, 2013
 New Eurasia Foundation. ES78, 2012
 New Haven Joint Terrorist Task Force. ES55, 2008
 New Jersey Turnpike. (See Operation Lemon-Aid). ES41, 2006
 New York 9/11 Memorial Museum. ES105, 2016
 New York City. Air incidents lead to confusion (post 9/11). ES27, 2004
 New York City. Anti-Terrorist Unit. ES46, 2007
 New York City. Ground Zero Plus Ten. Feature. A look at the many terrorist plots foiled against the city since 9/11.
 New York City. How Real is the Subway Plot? Feature. ES36, 2005
 New York City. Manhattan's Ring of Steel. Dirty Bomb - preventive measures. Feature. ES47, 2007
 New York City. Nazi Germany - nuclear device - target was New York. ES32, 2005
 New York City. New threats emerge. Feature. ES93, 2014
 New York City. Pressure cooker bomb attacks. See New York City. Surveillance and Security 2016. ES105, 2016
 New York City. Security. Photo essay. ES23, 2004
 New York City. Subway Plot. Extradition request from US to UK for suspect. ES83, 2013
 New York City. Surveillance and Security 2016. An indepth look at the security of America's most iconic city, from CCTV to special undercover units. Major Feature. ES105, 2016
 New York City. Terror attack foiled. ES63, 2009
 New York City. Terrorist reconnaissance. ES32, 2005
 New York City. The Bogus Airline Plot. (See Hemant Lakhani). Feature. ES28, 2004
 New York City. Tracking Manhattan. Plot to strike tunnels and subway. Feature. ES42, 2006
 New York City. Transit system opts for CCTV. ES36, 2005
 New York City. Transportation security meeting following Madrid bombing. ES32, 2005
 New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority and photography. ES61, 2009
 New York Navy Yard. ES58, 2008
 New York State troopers. See New York City. Surveillance and Security 2016. ES105, 2016
 New York Stock Exchange targeted by AQ. ES28, 2004
 New York Stock Exchange. (See Gas Limos Project). ES44, 2006
 New York Stock Exchange. ES82, 2012
 New York Times. (See British Security Coordination - MI6 operations). ES52, 2007
 New York Times. ES34, 2005
 New York Tribune. (See British Security Coordination - MI6 operations). ES52, 2007
 New Yorker. ES31, 2005
 New Zealand. Spy row with Israel of forged passports. ES27, 2004
 Newark International Airport. ES20, 2003
 Newitt, Michael. ES59, 2008
 Newman, Michael. ES49, 2007
 News of the World. Phone hacking. See Operation Weeting. ES79, 2012
 News of the World. See Operation Weeting. ES73, 2011
 News of the World. Undercover operation. ES29, 2004
 Newspaper intelligence conduits. ES42, 2006
 Newspaper monitored by intelligence services. ES52, 2007
 NFIU. NATO Force Integration Unit. ES101, 2016
 NGA. Director testifies for first time before US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. ES106, 2016
 NGA. Mapping. See Counter Intelligence (Spycraft). ES106, 2016
 NGA. National Geospacial Intelligence Agency. Interception. Tracking illegal arms' carrying vessels. Feature. ES90, 2014
 NGA. Study of pattern of life activity helped locate Osama bin-Laden. ES77, 2012
 NGI. Next Generation Identification. See Minority Report. New counter-terrorist facial recognition technology. Feature. ES93, 2014
 NGIA. Intelligence imagery chief to step down. ES38, 2006
 NGIA. Iraq WMD convoys photographed. ES30 2004/5
 NGIA. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. ES28, 2004
 NGIA. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. ES38, 2006
 NGO. Non-Government Organisation. (See MI6 spying operation, Russia). ES39, 2006
 NGO. Non-Government Organisation. Feature on liaisons with MI6 and CIA. ES78, 2012
 NIC. National Intelligence Center, Spain. ES50, 2007
 NIC. National Intelligence Council. Evaluation of Iran. ES47, 2007
 NIC. National Intelligence Council. USA. ES98, 2015
 Nicaragua. Contras. ES94, 2014
 Nice, France 2016 terrorist attack. See also Surveillance. Worldwide Surveillance. Tracking and surveillance of sleeper, active lone wolf terrorists by international intelligence agencies. Major Feature. ES107, 2017
 Nice, France. Promenade des Anglais terrorist attack using a truck kills 80 people. ISIS responsible. Terror in Nice. Feature. ES104, 2016
 Nice, Geoffrey. (See Hague). ES51, 2007
 Nice. ES60, 2009
 Nichols, Terry. Oklahoma bombing. ES13, 2002
 Nichols, Terry. Oklahoma bombing. ES3, 2001
 Nicholson, Arthur D. Major. (See Cold War). ES74, 2001
 Nicholson, Harold J. (Lie Detector Test). ES49, 2007
 Nicholson, Harold J. Cash for Agent Identities. 1994 CIA spy case. Feature. ES61, 2009
 Nicholson, Harold J. CIA officer continues to contact FSB from inside prison. ES70, 2010
 Nicholson, Harold J. ES100, 2015
 Nicholson, Harold J. FSB agent. Feature. Russia and American Spy Games. ES61, 2009
 Nicholson, Nathaniel. ES64, 2009
 Nicholson, Nathaniel. ES70, 2010
 Nicholson, Nathaniel. Son of former CIA officer and contact with FSB. ES61, 2009
 Nicholson, Terri. SO15. ES94, 2014
 Nicoletti, Maximo. ES11, 2002
 NID. Intelligence Directorate. Chile. ES43, 2006Nidal, Abu. (Sabri-El-Bana). Feature. The End Game. ES12, 2002
 NID. Naval Intelligence Division. UK. Documents released on MI6 diver and 1956 operation targeting Russian warship the Ordzhonikidze. See Crabb, Lionel 'Buster'. ES100, 2015
 NID. Naval Intelligence Division. UK. ES61, 2009
 NID. Naval Intelligence Division. UK. ES82, 2012
 NID. Naval Intelligence Division. UK. ES99, 2015
 NID. Naval Intelligence Division. UK. See Spy Sites. Spy locations used by agents in London in the run-up to the invasion of Europe. VE Day & The D-Day Spies. Feature. ES97, 2015
 Nidal, Abu. ES100, 2015
 NIE. National Intelligence Agency. South Africa. ES43, 2006
 NIE. National Intelligence Estimate. Feature - The Jackals Have Landed. AQ in America. ES50, 2007
 NIE. Terrorist Threat to the US Homeland. Feature. ES50, 2007
 Nielson, Ken. (See Gaul MV). ES21, 2003
 Nielson, Ken. ES94, 2014
 Nieto, Brazil President Enrique Pena. NSA spy claims. ES87, 2013
 Niger Delta Avengers. ES105, 2016
 Niger Embassy, Italy. ES27, 2004
 Niger uranium hoax. Document analysis. ES40, 2006
 Niger uranium hoax. Money incentive for elaborate hoax. ES40, 2006
 Niger yellowcake affair. ES86, 2013
 Niger yellowcake documents. Feature. ES37, 2005
 Niger. Fools Gold? Bad intelligence on uranium deal with Iraq. Feature. ES19, 2003
 Niger. Iraq nuclear links. ES18, 2003
 Niger. Iraq uranium deal documents. ES19, 2003
 Niger. The Truth Behind Niger's Uranium. Feature. ES27, 2004
 Nigeri, Abdul Rahman al. ES84, 201
 Nigeria. Internet fraud. ES33, 2005
 Nigeria. Terror group Boko Haram kidnap over 200 children in Nigeria. Feature. ES91, 2014
 Nigerian Civil War. ES99, 2015
 Night Stalkers. (See Task Force 160). ES73, 2011
 Night Vision Technology. ES45, 2006
 Nighthawk. F-117 Stealth fighter. ES58, 2008
 Nighthawk. F-117 Stealth fighter. ES77, 2012
 Nighthawk. F-117 Stealth fighter. Serbian shootdown, 1999. ES72, 2011
 Nightingdale, Danny. ES87, 2013
 Nikiforov, Mikhail. ES78, 2012
 Nikitin, Alexander. ES25, 2004
 Nikolayev, Andrei. General. Russia. ES77, 2012
 Nikon Coolpix. ES59, 2008
 NIMA. National Imagery and Mapping Agency. USA. Langley's Spies and NIMA's Eyes. Feature. ES102, 2016
 Nimda. (See Computer Viruses). ES44, 2006
 Nimr-al, Sheikh Nimr. ES101, 2016
 Nimrod MRA2. ES16, 2003
 Nimrod R1. ES73, 2011
 Ninja. (See Feudal Intelligence Gathering). ES56 2008
 Ninja. (See Feudal Intelligence Gathering). ES57 2008
 Ninja. (See Feudal Intelligence Gathering). ES58 2008
 Ninja. Covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. ES90, 2014
 Ninja. Japan's Feudal Spies. Feature. Feudal Intelligence Gathering. Part 1 ES55, 2008
 Nino, Gustavo. AKA Alfredo Astiz. ES84, 2013
 Ninth Division of Terror. (See SMERSH). ES50, 2007
 Nirdeen, William. ES17, 2003
 NIRF. Neutralizing Improvised Explosive Devices. IED countermeasures. ES32, 2005
 NIS. National Intelligence Service of South Korea - operations against North Korea spy ring. ES76, 2011
 NIS. National Intelligence Service, Bulgaria. ES81, 2012
 NIS. National Intelligence Service, Kenya. See Westgate Shopping Mall. ES93, 2014
 NIS. National Intelligence Service. Bulgaria. ES51, 2007
 NIS. National Intelligence Service. Greece. ES43, 2006
 NIS. National Intelligence Service. Kenya. ES88, 2013
 NIS. National Intelligence Service. South Korea. ES51, 2007
 NIS. National Intelligence Service. South Korea. ES98, 2015
 Nisman, Alberto. Argentine prosecutor is assassinated just weeks before he was due to present his investigative findings on the AMIA bomb attack in Buenos Aires in 1994. ES95, 2015
 Nisman, Alberto. See AMIA bombing. ES89, 2014
 Nitsch, Robert. Brigadier. UK. See Norgrove, Linda. ES107, 2017
 Nixon, Richard. ES34, 2005
 Nixon, Richard. ES78, 2012
 Nixon, Richard. President. ES97, 2015
 Nixon, Richard. USA President (Lie Detectors). ES49, 2007
 Nixon, Richard. USA President. ES68, 2010
 NJTTF. National Joint Terrorism Task Force, USA. ES80, 2012
 NKAF. North Korean Air Force. ES17, 2003
 NKVD. ES58, 2008
 NKVD. ES84, 2013
 NKVD. ES97, 2015
 NKVD. History, changes, organisation and structure. Feature. ES31, 2005
 NKVD. People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. Counter-intelligence operations. (See Counterspy). ES31, 2005
 NKVD. People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. ES64, 2009
 NMD. National Missile Defense [system]. ES1, 2001
 NNSA. National Nuclear Security Administration. ES76, 2011
 NNSA. Nuclear bomb. US dismantles last B53 bomb. Feature. ES76, 2011
 No Dong. (North Korean missile. ES57, 2008
 No Fly Lists. ES66, 2010
 NOAH. Canadian communications and intelligence system. Feature. ES15, 2003
 Noah's Ark. Secret CIA files on mystery. ES6, 2001
 Noble, Ron. ES103, 2016
 Noble, Ronald. Director Interpol. ES70, 2010
 NOC. Non Official Cover (CIA).See Tradecraft. ES82, 2012
 NOC. Non Official Cover (MI6). ES82, 2012
 NOC. Non Official Cover. See HUMINT. Spy Tradecraft. ES101, 2016
 Nodong rocket facility, North Korea. Feature. Photo essay. ES15, 2003
 Nogai Brigade. ES72, 2011
 Nohl, Karsten. (See Cell Phone Espionage). ES74, 2011
 Nohl, Karsten. ES66, 2010
 Nohl, Karsten. ES75, 2011
 Nomikos, John. See RIEAS. ES87, 2013
 Non Ferrous Metals Research Association. See Melita Norwood. ES92, 2014
 Nontechnical Transitional Council (Libya). Feature - Spy Games and Libya. ES76, 2011
 Noor, Mohammed Naeem. Codemaker (AQ) arrested in Pakistan. ES28, 2004
 Noor, Mohammed Naeem. Profile. ES28, 2004
 NORAD. ES107, 2017
 NORAD. First female chief in the person of USAF General Lori J. Robinson announced. Trading Places. Feature. ES103, 2016
 NORAD. North American Aerospace Defense Command. (See Image Interpretation. Feature) Tradecraft. ES86, 2013
 NORAD. North American Aerospace Defense Command. Chief warns of maritime AQ plots. ES28, 2004
 NORAD. North American Aerospace Defense Command. ES43, 2006
 NORAD. North American Aerospace Defense Command. Feature. ES54, 2008
 NORAD. Russia spy flights monitored. ES51, 2007
 NORAD. Security overflights for US events. Feature. ES54, 2008
 NORAID. Irish Northern Aid Committee. (USA). ES10, 2002
 Norfolk House, London. WWII HQ of SHAEF. ES64, 2009
 Norfolk House, St James's Square, London. ES56, 2008
 Norfolk Naval Base, Virginia. (See FBI - Selling US Secrets). ES74, 2011
 Norgaard, Finn. See Copenhagen. Terror Attack. ES96, 2015
 Norgrove, Linda. Allegations she was an MI6 agent. See Anstruther. US Navy SEALs operations. Afghanistan Tales. Feature. ES107, 2017
 Noriega, General Manuel. ES3, 2001
 Norman John Worthington. MI5 file on Prime Minister Harold Wilson. ES65, 2009
 Norman, Chris. See Thalys train attack. ES99, 2015
 Normandy. See also FUSAG. First US Army Group. See Spycraft. Counter Intelligence. The Secret World of. Part 3 (TC). Major tradecraft feature by Dr Chris Northcott. ES107, 2017
 North Africa. Intelligence Analysis. Horizon Threats 2016. Analysts focus on future threats and war theatres. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
 North Carolina AQ sleeper cell dismantled by FBI. ES64, 2009
 North Caucasus. A History of Violence. Feature. Examination of unrest, terrorist attacks and government operations in region. ES89, 2014
 North Caucasus. CIA attempt to glean intelligence in region on Boston Marathon bombers. (See Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev). ES85, 2013
 North Caucasus. FSB foil Moscow terror plot by al-Qaida operatives. ES85, 2013
 North Face sports bag. (See Gareth Williams). ES70, 2010
 North Face sports bag. (See Gareth Williams). ES79, 2012
 North Field, US Air Base, Tinian. ES98, 2015
 North Fleet. Russian Navy. ES54, 2008
 North Korea. Accuse CIA of conducting 130 U-2 spy plane operations in 12 months over its territory. ES8, 2002
 North Korea. Agent jailed for espionage. ES59, 2008
 North Korea. Arms supplies to Hamas. Feature. ES92, 2014
 North Korea. Complains of 2,250 CIA spy flights. ES53, 2008
 North Korea. Delivery system for nuclear bomb sought. ES44, 2006
 North Korea. Espionage. Seventh Bureau of the Defense Security Command. ES53, 2008
 North Korea. Feature - Opening Pandora's Box - Again. ES16, 2003
 North Korea. In secret talks with Iran. ES19, 2003
 North Korea. Intelligence Analysis. Horizon Threats 2016. Analysts focus on future threats and war theatres. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
 North Korea. Intelligence collection. ES17, 2003
 North Korea. Major cyber attack against Sony entertainment company. Cyber Puzzle. Feature. ES95, 2015
 North Korea. Missile and rocket facility. ES86, 2013
 North Korea. Nuclear programme restarted. ES15, 2003
 North Korea. Nuclear programme. ES63, 2009
 North Korea. Pilot defects and flies aircraft to China. ES70, 2010
 North Korea. Relations with Iraq. ES21, 2003
 North Korea. Spy hangs himself after admitting spy operation in South Korea. ES77, 2012
 North Korea. UN Human Rights report compares regime to the Nazis. Feature. ES90, 2014
 North Korea. US journalists charged with espionage. ES62, 2009
 North Waziristan. US operations against AQ and Taliban. ES54, 2008
 North, Colonel Oliver. See Fourth Estate, The. A Most Dangerous Liaison? The intelligence and media world. Feature ES94, 2014.
 North, Oliver. Colonel. ES7, 2001
 North, Rachel. ES41, 2006
 Northcliffe, Lord. (Alfred Charles Harmsworth). ES70, 2010
 Northcliffe, Lord. ES61, 2009
 Northern Alliance. Afghanistan. ES72, 2011
 Northern Alliance. ES100, 2015
 Northern Alliance. Leader Massoud assassinated. ES8, 2002
 Northern Alliance. The Kashif. CIA liaison against AQ. ES5, 2001
 Northern Bank, Belfast. Robbery. (See IRA). ES32, 2005
 Northern Fleet, Russia. ES64, 2009
 Northern Ireland. Country placed on high alert due to new terrorism fears. ES103, 2016
 Northern Ireland. The Troubles. Terror suspects received 'Comfort Letters' causing outrage. Feature. ES91, 2014
 Northern Project. Al-Qaida endeavour to infiltrate Europe now operated by ISIS. ES100, 2015
 Northern Project. AQ establish widespread network in Europe. Feature. ES65, 2009
 Northern Project. AQ in Europe. Infiltration and targets. ES66, 2010
 Northern Project. Europe-wide arrests led by Italian Intelligence. Feature. ES100, 2015
 Northern, Richard. ES73, 2011
 Northrop Grumman B-2 Stealth Bomber. ES77, 2012
 Northrop Grumman Corp. (See Colombia hostage rescue). ES57, 2008
 Northrop Grumman X-47B UAV makes first aircraft carrier landing on USS George H.W. Bush. ES86, 2013
 Northrop Grumman. Flying Wing projects. ES77, 2012
 Northrop YB-49. ES77, 2012
 Northrop, Jack. ES77, 2012
 Northrop, Jack. Feature on the 'flying wing'. ES1, 2001
 Northwest Airline Flight 253. ES102, 2016
 Northwest Airlines Flight 253. (See Detroit airliner plot). ES66, 2010
 Northwest Airlines Flight 253. ES100, 2015
 Northwest Airlines Flight 253. ES76, 2011
 Norway. Government reports huge surge in foreign spies. ES54, 2008
 Norway. PST intel chief Janne Kristianson resigns. ES78, 2012
 Norway. PST. Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste. Police Security Service. See PST. ES54, 2008
 Norway. Terrorist attack 22 July 2011. (See Anders Behring Breivik). ES75, 2011
 Norway. Westgate Shopping Mall, Nairobi, Kenya. The Norwegian Terror Pipeline. Investigation into attack. Feature. ES88, 2013
 Norwegian Independent Company 1. ES80, 2012
 Norwood, Melita. ES92, 2014
 Norwood, Melita. Feature. ES16, 2003
 Norwood, Melita. Soviet Spy in MI5 Protected? Feature. ES58, 2008
 Nosenko, Yuri Ivanovich. ES10, 2002
 Nosenko, Yuri Ivanovich. ES100, 2015
 Nosenko, Yuri Ivanovich. ES42, 2006
 Nosenko, Yuri Ivanovich. Feature. Suspected KGB Mole Dies in US. ES58, 2008
 Nosenko, Yuri Ivanovich. Interview with CIA spycatcher on famous KGB defector. ES53, 2008
 Nosenko, Yuri Ivanovich. KGB plant double agent inside USA. ES53, 2008
 Noshkay, David. ES72, 2011
 Nossenko, Yuri. ES65, 2009
 Notorantonio, Francisco. ES18, 2003
 Notre Dame Cathedral, France. ISIS plot to attack using Black Widow operatives. Feature. ES106, 2016
 Nott, John. ES84, 2013
 Nour, Abdul Hakeem. Feature. Brooklyn to New York. US military infiltrated by AQ operative. ES56, 2008
 Novak, Robert. Cold case. ES21, 2003
 Novak, Robert. Cold case. ES41, 2006
 Novarg. (See Computer Viruses). ES44, 2006
 Novaya Gazeta. ES61, 2009
 Novaya Gazeta. ES90, 2014
 Novaya Zemla. ES1, 2001
 November 17. Alliance against terror group. ES2, 2001
 November 17. ES100, 2015
 November 17. Focus on Greek terrorist group. ES1, 2001
 November 17. Greek Intelligence brings down active terror group. Feature. The Domino Effect. ES11, 2001
 November 17. Operation Diver. ES12, 2002
 November 17. Sixteen terror operatives in court. ES11, 2002
 Novosti (RIA). ES53, 2008
 Nowill, Robert. See Cyber Security Challenge UK. GCHQ participation in challenge to find new cyber specialists. Talent Spotting. Feature. ES106, 2016
 Nozetta, David. NASA man jailed for espionage. ES79, 2012
 Nozette, Stewart. Scientist sought out Mossad to sell US secrets. ES65, 2009
 NPA. National Police Agency. Japan. ES96, 2015
 NPIA. National Policing Improvement Agency. ES49, 2007
 NRC. Nato-Russian Council. ES51, 2007
 NRL. Naval Research Laboratory. ES46, 2007
 NRO. Hexagon KH-9 reconnaissance satellite. ES94, 2014
 NRO. National Reconnaissance Office, Chantilly, Virginia. Employee convicted of espionage. Feature. The Deadly American Spy Fantasy. ES16, 2003
 NRO. National Reconnaissance Office, Chantilly, Virginia. ES35, 2005
 NRO. National Reconnaissance Office.
 NRO. National Reconnaissance Office. ES100, 2015
 NRO. National Reconnaissance Office. ES107, 2017
 NRO. National Reconnaissance Office. ES73, 2011
 NRO. National Reconnaissance Office. Satellite launches. ES87, 2013
 NRO. New Director announced. ES35, 2005
 NRO. New satellites launched to track terrorists. ES48, 2007
 NRO. New spy satellite launched. ES104, 2016
 NRO. New spy satellite launched. ES42, 2006
 NRO. Pentagon spy satellite targeted. Feature - Incoming. ES54, 2008
 NRO. Recruits 25,000 people for top secret project (See Blue Crystal). ES2, 2001
 NRO. Satellite launch. ES72, 2011
 NRO. Spy satellites photographed Syrian nuclear sites. ES56, 2008
 NRO. Ukraine Conflict. Ukraine and the Secret Intelligence War. Feature. ES91, 2014
 NRO. USA-193 spy satellite. Feature. Hit to Kill. ES80, 2012
 NRO. Warns of China's 'killer' satellite programme. ES72, 2011
 NROL. National Reconnaissance Office Launch. Spy Satellite NROL-36. Feature. ES91, 2014
 NROL. National Reconnaissance Office Launch. Spy Satellite NROL-38. Feature. ES92, 2014
 NROL. National Reconnaissance Office Launch. Spy Satellite NROL-39. Feature. ES91, 2014
 NROL-37. ES104, 2016
 NROL-37. See Spycraft. Counter Intelligence. The Secret World of. Part 3 (TC). Major tradecraft feature by Dr Chris Northcott. ES107, 2017
 NSB. National Security Branch. FBI. ES85, 2013
 NSB. National Security Bureau. Syrian intelligence service. ES97, 2015
 NSC. Israel. See also Mossad. No Mission Impossible. New Mossad Director announced - Yosi Cohen. Feature. ES101, 2016
 NSC. National Security Council. Japan. ES96, 2015
 NSC. National Security Council. UK. Established in UK to deal with broad range of intelligence and security threats. ES68, 2010
 NSC. National Security Council. UK. Support for UAV targeted programme - elimination of key terror suspects. ES99, 2015
 NSDC. National Security and Defense Council. Real-time intel tracking centre. ES97, 2015
 NSDC. National Security and Defense Council. Ukraine, Evidence of GRU operations revealed. ES97, 2015
 NSO. National Signals Organisation, Netherlands. ES87, 2013
 NSPA. NATO Support and Procurement Agency. ES107, 2017
 NSRB. National Security Resources Board. USA. ES2, 2001
 NTC. National Transitional Council. Libya. ES75, 2011
 NTC. National Transitional Council. Libya. ES91, 2014
 NTSB. National Transportation Safety Board. Comments on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. ES92, 2014
 NTSB. National Transportation Safety Board. ES23, 2004
 NTV. Russian television broadcaster. ES100, 2015
 Nucera, Anonio. (See Niger uranium document hoax). ES40, 2006
 Nuclear Bomb. Iran acquires nuclear warhead blueprint. ES37, 2005/6
 Nuclear Bomb. US dismantles last B53 thermonuclear bomb. Feature. ES76, 2011
 Nuclear Cargo. Worldwide seizures of illegal nuclear cargo. Report. ES47, 2007
 Nuclear Football (Russia). Case carrying nuclear missile launch number. Photo essay. ES19, 2003
 Nuclear Football (United States). Case carrying nuclear missile launch number. Photo essay. ES22, 2003
 Nuclear Football. (See Air Force One). ES42, 2006
 Nuclear Grade Zirconium. Purchased by Iran. ES47, 2007
 Nuclear Security Summit 2016. The Darkest Fear. Feature. ES102, 2016
 Nuclear Smuggling. US border security. ES35, 2005
 Nuclear Stations. Russia thwarts attack on power plants. ES34, 2005
 Nuclear Suitcase Bomb. Feature. Warm Sun - Dark Skies. Intelligence world discusses nuclear suitcase bombs. ES49, 2007
 Nuclear Traffickers. Types of nuclear material being shipped across the world. Feature. ES47, 2007
 Nuclear Trafficking. ES100, 2015
 Nuclear Trafficking. Feature. Tracking the Nuclear Traders. ES47, 2007
 Nuclear Triggers. ES47, 2007
 Nuclear Weapons. The Real Doctor No. Feature on Dr Abdul Qadeer. ES24, 2004
 Nuevera International. (See CIA front companies and Iran). ES74, 2011
 NUJ. National Union of Journalists. ES61, 2009
 Nukhayev, Khozh-Akhmed. ES57, 2008
 Nuland, Victoria. Assistant Secretary of Stare for European and Eurasian Affairs (USA). ES104, 2016
 Nuland, Victoria. ES75, 2011
 Nuland, Victoria. ES90, 2014
 NUM. National Union of Mineworkers. MI5 operations against. ES65, 2009
 NUM. National Union of Mineworkers. UK. ES104, 2016
 Number Stations. ES91, 2013
 Number Stations. Feature. The Numbers Game: Radio as an intelligence Tool. ES3, 2001
 Number Stations. V02a. ES85, 2013
 Nunes, Devin. Chairman US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee. ES105, 2016
 Nunn, Alan. See also David Greenglass. Death of a Spy. Feature. ES94, 2014
 Nur, Abdel. ES49, 2007
 Nur, Abdul. (See JFK fuel line terror plot). ES69, 2010
 Nurhasyim, Amrozi bin. ES80, 2012
 NUS. National Union of Students. Extremism on university campuses. Feature. ES36, 2005
 Nusaybah, Abu. (See Woolwich, London. Terrorist attack). ES85, 2013
 Nutting Squad. (See IRA). ES18, 2003
 Nuza, Martin. (See Operation Tracer). ES74, 2011
 Nuza, Martin. ES59, 2008
 Ny, Marianne. ES96, 2015
 NYPD Port Authority. See New York City. Surveillance and Security 2016. ES105, 2016
 NYPD. Commissioner James P.O. Neill. See New York City. Surveillance and Security 2016. ES105, 2016
 NYPD. Counter Terrorism Bureau. See New York City. Surveillance and Security 2016. ES105, 2016
 NYPD. Counter Terrorism Initiative. Feature. Jack in the Box. ES39, 2006
 NYPD. Counter-terrorist operations. ES63, 2009
 NYPD. ES33, 2005
 NYPD. Intelligence Division foil al-Qaida lone wolf terrorist as FBI distances itself from operation. Feature. 60 Minutes. ES77, 2012
 NYPD. Liaison team arrives in London. (See 21/7 London attacks). ES35, 2005
 NYPD. Najibullah Zazi goes on trial for his part in New York subway plot. FBI. ES96, 2015
 NYPD. New York Police Department. Front company to test security on biological weapons purchases. Feature. ES54, 2008
 NYPD. Officers go undercover to catch AQ surveillance operators. ES16, 2003
 NYPD. Operation Nexus. ES49, 2007
 NYPD. Response to Chicken Farm Plot. ES49, 2007
 NYPD. See New York City. Surveillance and Security 2016. ES105, 2016
 NYPD. Strategic Response Group (SRG). See New York City. Surveillance and Security 2016. ES105, 2016
 NYPD. Terrorist attacks officer. See ISIS. ES94, 2014
 NYPD. Terrorist Incident Prevention Unit. ES39, 2006
 Nzette, Stewart. ES100, 2015