Many famous individuals from a variety of industries aided in the mobilization for war and contributed as spies, combatants, propagandists, documentary and newsreel makers, educators, fund-raisers, entertainers, and morale-boosters. Hundreds of celebrities eagerly answered the 'call to arms' and brought their talents and patriotism to the intelligence services, military, combat, and war information offices. Many worked directly as operatives or even agents, and even more assisted the war effort by participating in, producing, directing or supporting propaganda films.

Did you know?

Cary Grant was a spy hunter

Frank Sinatra lent the CIA his jet for rendition flights

Marilyn Monroe assembled drones during WWII

Dr. Seuss produced propaganda instructional cartoons for the US Army Signal Corps

Lucky Luciano, head of the mafia crime family, worked with the CIA

The US Secret Service and Scotland Yard hired Harry Houdini to train agents in escapology

Alfred Hitchcock was an MI6 contact man

Walt Disney became an undercover spy for the FBI

Miles Copeland Jr, the father of drummer Stewart Copeland, of the band 'Police', worked for the CIA

Thubten Norbu, the older brother of the Dalai Lama, worked for the CIA as a translator in the 1960s?

The e-books in this series feature true stories, filmographies and biographies with the intelligence connection from 'real-life' spies. Celebrity Spies covers forty-three professions and industries whose famous members 'spied for the side' and include fascinating trivia and hundreds of images.

A fascinating, entertaining and informative read - I couldn't put it down. I read it cover to cover in one sitting and I am looking forward to reading more.

- Peter Matthews / Writer and historian

In the series:
Actors, Actresses, Adventurers, Archaeologists, Artists, Astronauts, Astronomers, Authors, Businessman, Cartoons, Chefs, Clergy, Cowboys and Indians, Criminals, Dancers, Directors, Engineers, Entertainers, Explorers, Fashion, Groups, Historians, Inventors, Journalists, Movie Producers, Musicians, Mystics, Naturalists, Patriots, Photographers, Physicians, Playwrights, Poets, Politicians, Producers, Royalty, Scholars, Scientists, Sculptors, Singers, Sons and Daughters, Sportsman and 'The Watched'.

Book I - Actors. Features over fifty actors who actively participated in or with the intelligence services.


Hollywood and history


Little known facts and trivia


Real stories about real celebrities

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