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Meet The Team


Mark Birdsall
Managing Director and Editor

Mark Birdsall has worked as an investigative journalist since 1980. With over 30 years in the industry, Mark has appeared in television documentaries on the subject, he is a regular contributor to worldwide radio broadcasts and the author of several books on espionage and intelligence.

Michael Smith
Associate Editor

Michael Smith writes on defence and security issues for the Sunday Times and New Statesman. He is an expert on special forces and intelligence with extremely good contacts inside Britain's intelligence and special forces community and author of several books.

Peter Jenkins


Peter Jenkins served in the Royal Marine Commandos and now heads the ISS Training surveillance company. His books, Advanced Surveillance, Surveillance Tradecraft and Covert Imagery are regarded as the most authoritative publications on the subject of surveillance.

Peter Matthews

Peter F. Matthews is secretary of the Foreign Press Association, columnist and broadcast consultant for CNN and the BBC on matters ranging from military intelligence to robotics and commercial intelligence. Author of the book nominated intel book of the year - SIGINT.

Nick Fielding

Nick Fielding, is a former Senior investigative reporter at The Sunday Times in London where he specialised in covering stories on terrorism and intelligence issues. He previously wrote for the Mail on Sunday and The Independent.

Rusty Firmin

SAS Blue Team back door Assault Team Leader, Iranian Embassy Siege, SAS B Squadron, HQ Squadron 23 SAS permanent staff instructor, 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery security consultant, close protection operative, security manager and advisor, author, speaker and consultant.

John Hughes Wilson

Ret Col NATO's International Political Staff Brussels, He has commentated widely on military and intelligence subjects. Associate Fellow of RUSI (Royal United Services Institute) and member of the RUSI Journal's Advisory Board, author and specialist consultant to the United Nations, European Union, MOD, universities, and businesses.

Paul Beaumont

Paul Beaumont is highly regarded in the field of amateur radio and also writes extensively on intelligence matters concerning clandestine communications. Paul was previoulsy based in Yemen and Guyana and currently produces the Enigma 2000 Newsletter.

Mike Finn

Mike Finn, former police officer, expert witness, author and Director of Consultancy for Elite International and Principal of Combative Science Institute. Mike has many years experience in civil and criminal cases dealing with martial arts, police arrest, door supervisors, accident litigation and issues involving violence and hand weapons.

Roger Howard
Associate Editor

Roger Howard, author and journalist, writes on intelligence-related issues. He has written for The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph, RUSI Journal and Jane's Information Group. His books include Operation Damocles: Israel versus Hitler's Scientists, and Terror in the Tropics, He has written extensively on the intelligence services of Israel, Iran and Pakistan.

Glenmore Trenear-Harvey

Glenmore Trenear-Harvey is well known in the intelligence community and regularly provides comment for mainstream media outlets on the subject. He heads Intel Research based in London and lectures across the globe. His involvement with the intelligence subject dates back to his days as a pilot with the Royal Air Force.

Perin Bhatt

Perin Bhatt - member of The Security Institute (ASyI). BTEC LEVEL 3 qualification Certificate in Security Management accredited by EdExcel and supported by The Security Institute. Active SIA Non - Front Line Licence for Security Management.



Danny King
Security Consultant

Danny King is a retired NYPD Detective from the Intelligence Division and senior member of the Terrorist Incident Protection Unit for Operation Hercules and liaison officer to the UN and the Dignitary Protection Unit. He was Master at Arms in the US Navy and was a responsible for port security, ship boarding, naval air station security, criminal investigations, intelligence gathering, and firearms.

Kerop Gourdikian

Associate Editor

Dr Gourdikian is Managing Director of the GIA Group Ltd - a team of unique specialists excelling in Special Forces operations, electronic intelligence, electronic countermeasures, counter-terrorism, fraud investigations and prevention, computer forensics, advanced defensive tactics, and other special operational skills. Member AFIO, ASIS, North American Society of Intelligence Professionals and AFCEA.

Kevin Coleman
Cyber Consultant

Kevin G. Coleman, author and Senior Fellow at the Technolytics Institute and an internationally recognized authority on cyber security, intelligence and warfare with significant experience in technology. He is the former Chief Strategist of Netscape and briefed U.S. Strategic Command on cyber defenses and presented at the United Nations on cyber terrorism.

Ryan Morris

Ryan Morris, Tripwire Operations Group - Supervisory Explosive Specialist, Department of Homeland Security. Security Specialist with DMORT, deployed to the Flight 93 crash site following 9/11. Former PA State Police officer, Firearms Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, Hazardous Materials Technician, trained as an FBI certified Bomb Technician and Bomb Squad Commander with Penn State.

Christopher Eger

Mr Eger is a military history authority and security consultant. Associate member of the US Naval Institute and US Navy League and author of more than 200 published articles. Contributor to CNN, History Times, Baltic Security, Defence Review, England Expects, and military history editor for several Internet historical sites. Trainer and certified NRA firearms, baton and less than lethal-weapons.


John is a retired military intelligence operator who worked with intelligence and law enforcement agencies for a number of countries. John specialised in counter-terrorism and intelligence gathering collecting and analyzing foreign intelligence related to national security threats, foreign governments and industries, as well as terrorist cells operating both in and outside of war zones.

D Anne Kohl
Associate Editor

Ms Kohl has been a research analyst in the intelligence sector for over twenty years working in communications technology, defence and systems. Previously based in 35 different locations worldwide, Ms Kohl has extensive experience in the collection, dissemination and analysis of information. Certified Small Arms/Precision Rifle Marksman, licensed pilot and certified diver.



Lynn Hodgson
Associate Editor

Lynn Hodgson is a military and espionage authority who is co-author with Alan Paul of a series of books detailing the famous Camp-X spy training school near Toronto. Director of the Scugog Historical Society, volunteer at Camp-X, Director of the Kawartha Conservation Authority, Director of the Military Heritage of Durham Region and past Director of the Scugog Township Heritage Committee. Lynn has appeared in many television documentaries.

John Nomikos
Associate Editor

John M. Nomikos (PhD) is the Director at the Research Institute for European and American Studies, Chairman of the Mediterranean Council for Intelligence Studies (MCIS), Chairman of the Greek Intelligence Studies Association (GISA), Chairman of the European Intelligence Academy (EIA) and Founding Editor, Journal of Mediterranean and Balkan Intelligence (JMBI).

Spiros Kopitsos
Associate Editor

Helenic Institute for Studies and Research.