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Washington Under Pressure to Reveal More on the Israeli Spy Ring and its Relevance to 11 September 2001.


Art, Espionage and Cover-Up's

Who Knew What, and When?


From Eye Spy Issue Nine 2002

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One hundred and twenty Israeli 'Art Students' were quietly deported from the USA, and with them went the answer to a disturbing secret. The all powerful Israeli lobby in Washington insist that the men and women were not deported for spying, and point to the fact that none were ever charged. They had apparently merely over-stayed their student visas, and had not been doing their art homework. Few believed this was true. Many of these mature students were known Israeli intelligence officers. They were regarded as experts in bomb disposal, intelligence and many other disciplines not readily associated with the art world. When questioned by law
enforcement some of them did not even know the name of their respective art school, nor its address.

According to the official US Government report on the spy affair, the students were organised into teams under the control of an experienced team leader, with transportation, accommodation and assigned 'target areas'. Some of these just happen to be next to key defence installations and defence contract companies. They avoided areas of artistic beauty and those where they could easily sell paintings to the local community. The fact that these students were widely dispersed around key military and manufacturing facilities and were stealing every secret they could find, is not the real issue or purpose of this feature. Spying, even on one's closest ally goes on all the time and the Israelis have been blatantly spying on the United States and 'friendly countries' for years, that is how you grow a nation. Of more serious concern is the fact, as sources report, when you compare the FBI list of wanted al-Qaida terrorists and the leaked list of 120 Israeli mature art students.

The addresses are only yards apart.

This raises the highly controversial conclusion that the Israelis were shadowing the terrorists who carried out the attack on the World Trade Center, and had advance information, which, according to intelligence sources close to the White House, was not shared with the United States. Equally of concern, was the rapid release of the students and silence from the authorities as they were whisked away back to Israel. No publicity and a campaign to silence those who requested an investigation followed. Dozens of fake stories were sent to newspapers from activists and officials to label the arrests as a storm in a teacup. There has been an orchestrated campaign to make this story go away. Unfortunately it won't.

Many officers and staff working for US government agencies are disgusted at the political interference and clamp-down on ongoing investigations. This affair has far-reaching implications. Normally tight-lipped law enforcement officers are complaining, and some have even dared to leak official reports to independent media.

Eye Spy learned from the French intelligence report that originally broke the story:
"According to the FBI list, the Arab terrorist and suspect cells lived in the same neighbourhoods as the Israeli cells in Irving, Texas, Hollywood and Miami, Florida from December 2000 to April 2001. In the case of Irving, the Israeli cell used a rented mailbox in a shopping center just one block away from an Arab suspect's apartment. In Hollywood, the terrorists, including lead hijacker Mohammad Atta, the Egyptian who piloted American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, used a rented mailbox drop two blocks from an apartment rented by an Israeli 'art student' team leader."

The original report goes on to say:    read more.....



the targets



    The devastated Pentagon building after the September 11 attack. 189 people died





    11 April 2002 - six months after the attack, New Yorkers see a laser tribute to the dead and injured