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From the pages of Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine since May 2001

B-1. Stealth Bomber. Technology secured by Chinese spies. Feature. ES54, 2008
B-2. Spirit - Stealth Bomber. (Libya operations). ES73, 2011
B-2. Spirit - Stealth Bomber. Espionage. ES45, 2006
B-2. Spirit - Stealth Bomber. Technology now in the hands of foreign agents. Feature. ES37, 2005/6
Baadar, Andreas. ES47, 2007
Baadar-Meinhof Gang. Germany. ES19, 2003
Ba'ath Party. ES18, 2003
Bab el Mandeb Crossing. ES76, 2011
Bab, Azizm al. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi compound, Libya. ES81, 2012
Babar, Mohammed Junaid. ES72, 2011
Babar, Mohammed. (Operation Crevice) ES34, 2005
Babar, Mohammed. Gives evidence in court. (Operation Crevice). ES40, 2006
Babbage, Charles. ES50, 2007
Babbage, Charles. ES70, 2010
Babbage, Ross. ES64, 2009
Babchenko, Arkady. No Funeral in Kiev: Spy Games to Catch an Assassin. Major Feature. ES116, 2018
Babic, Milan. Hague. Death of. Alternative Option. Feature. ES113, 2018
Babis, Andrej. Czech Republic Prime Minister. See also ABS. Czech Security Forces Archive. ES114, 2018
Babkin, Anatoly. (See Edmond D. Pope). ES23, 2004
Babkin, Anatoly. ES9, 2002
Babodilla, Pepita. (See Sidney Reilly). ES12, 2002
Baburova, Anastasia. ES61, 2009
Babylon [Project]. Name given to Iraq supergun ES67, 2010
Babylon, Project. ES117, 2018
Babylon. Israel strike on Osirak nuclear reactor, Iraq. ES78, 2012
BAC. British Alumni Club, Moscow. (See FSB raids). ES55, 2008
Bachmann, Albert. Project 26 - Stay Behind Assassins. Feature. Swiss intel office and operation. ES75, 2011
Bachmann, Michael. Commander, SPAWAR. ES69, 2010
Backbone (and Standby) Radio Links. UK codename for communication and early warning network. ES70, 2010
Backbone. Microwave communications network. ES50, 2007
Backbone. Radar communications network. UK ES8, 2002
Backemeyer, Chris. ES103, 2016
Backer, Philip de. ES102, 2016
Backfire Bombers. Tupolev Tu22. Feature. Cold War Games. ES2, 2001
Backscatter. Intelligence in Cameras. Feature. ES66, 2010
Backster, Cleve. (See Remote Viewing). ES82, 2012
Backster, Cleve. (See Remote Viewing). ES84, 2013
Backster, Cleve. ES83, 2013
Backstops. (See Cover and Legend. Feature. The Art of Concealment. How the spy tradecraft of Cover and Legend works). ES82, 2012
Bacon Bilateral Cipher. ES1, 2001
Bacon Cipher. ES1, 2001
Bacon, Francis. ES97, 2015
Bacon, George Vaux. ES103, 2016
Bad Aibling, Germany. (See ECHELON). ES36, 2005
Bad Aibling. ES97, 2015
Bad Nenndort, Germany. ES79, 2012
Bad Rabbit. Cyber virus. ES112, 2017
Badat, Saajid. ES79, 2012
Badat, Saajid. ES91, 2014
Badat, Saajid. Plot to blow up airliner. (See also Shoe Bomber). Feature. ES32, 2005
Badat, Sajid. (See shoe bomber). ES23, 2004
Badat, Sajid. Due for release in 2012. ES74, 2011
Badawi, Jamal al. (See attack on the USS Cole). ES1, 2001
Badawi, Jamal al. See USS Cole. ES120, 2019
Badawi, Jamal. USS Cole bomb Coordinator. ES39, 2006
Baden-Powell, Robert. ES93, 2014
Badges. (See Crests). ES43, 2006
Badhwar Park, Mumbai. (Gateway to India). ES60, 2009
Badin, Dmitry. See GRU. Cyber Elements. ES118, 2018
Badio, Mohammed. Muslim Brotherhood. ES93, 2014
Badir, Sayyed. ES75, 2011
BAE Systems. ES56, 2008
Baer, Robert. CIA officer retired. ES114, 2018
Baer, Robert. ES86, 2013
Baer, Robert. Warns of Mossad attack on Iran. ES75, 2011
Bag Exchange. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES69, 2010
Bag Switch. See Tradecraft. 10 Communication Methods. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
Bageri, Gholamreza. ES84, 2013
Baggage reclaim/recovery. Airports. See Tradecraft. 10 Communication Methods. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
Baghdad CIA Field Station. ES31, 2005
Baghdad, Iraq. Biggest loss of life since ISIS conflict began. Bombing Baghdad. Feature. ES104, 2016
Baghdadi, Abu Bakr al. Admits defeat in Mosul, Iraq. Feature. ES108, 2017
Baghdadi, Abu Bakr al. Deconstructing Jihadi John. Feature. ES93, 2014
Baghdadi, Abu Bakr al. ES100, 2015
Baghdadi, Abu Bakr al. ES95, 2015
Baghdadi, Abu Bakr al. ES97, 2015
Baghdadi, Abu Bakr al. Human Intercepts. CIA closing in on ISIS leadership. Feature. ES94, 2014
Baghdadi, Abu Bakr al. ISIS leader survives assassination attempt. ES120, 2019
Baghdadi, Abu Bakr al. ISIS leader. The Hunt for Al-Baghdadi. Feature. ES92, 2014
Baghdadi, Abu Bakr al. Last Symbol of ISIS. Feature. ES112, 2017
Baghdadi, Abu Bakr al. Reports of ISIS leader's death. Feature. ES108, 2017
Baghdadi, Abu Bakr al. Russia claims he is dead. Feature. ES108, 2017
Baghdadi-al, Abu Bakr. ES114, 2018
Bagley, Tennent. CIA Soviet Counter-intelligence Desk. Interview. ES53, 2008
Bagley, Tennent. CIA. Death of. ES102, 2016
Bagley, Tennent. ES100, 2015
Bagley, Tennent. ES55, 2008
Bagley, Tennent. Interview with former head of CIA's anti-Soviet counter-intelligence desk. The SVR US-based spy ring broken in summer of 2010. ES70, 2010
Bagram Air Field. ES73, 2011
Bahari, Maziar. ES78, 2012
Bahia de Chochinos, Cuba. ES34, 2005
Bahnasawy, Abdulrahman El. ES112, 2017
Bahrain. Iranian spy infiltration. ES74, 2011
Bahrain. Qatari relations with Iran and funding of some groups cause concern. Gulf Eyes on Qatar. Feature. ES110, 2017
Baigent, Michael. ES40, 2006
Bailey Bridge. (See Mulberry). ES75, 2011
Bailey, Nick. ES119, 2019
Bailey, Nick. Police Sergeant. See Novichok. ES115, 2018
Bailey, Nick. UK police officer. See Skripal, Sergei. ES118, 2018
Bailly, Jeremy. ES82, 2012
Baird, Michael Bruce. NSW Prime Minister. ES93, 2014
Bajnai, Gordon. Hungary Prime Minister. (See Mossad - Dubai assassination). ES67, 2010
Bajolet, Bernard. DGSE Director. ES116, 2018
Bajolet, Bernard. DGSE Director-General. ES106, 2016
Bakar, Khalid Abu. Inspector General, Malaysia. ES108, 2017
Baker Street Urchins. (See Camp David). ES54, 2008
Baker Street, London. ES50, 2007
Baker Street, London. ES63, 2009
Baker Street, London. See SOE. ES91, 2014
Baker, Harley Granville. ES70, 2010
Baker, Josephine. Invisible Ink. ES51, 2007
Baker, Lord Justice Scott.
Baker, Norman. Challenge to MI5 secrecy. ES1, 2001
Bakr, Yasin Abu. ES78, 2012
Bakraoui, Khaled El. ES116, 2018
Bakraoui-el, Khalid. See Brussels Zaventem Airport, Belgium. ISIS terrorists suicide bombers strike at Brussels Airport. Burning Brussels: Europe's Achilles Heel. Major Feature. ES102, 2016
Bakri, Amine. Death of. See also Hamas. Assassination of Hamas UAV specialist in Tunisia blamed on the Mossad. Death of the Engineer. The Tunisian Sanction. Feature. ES107, 2017
Bakri, Omar. ES12, 2002
Balad AFB, Iraq. ES33, 2005
Balad, Iraq. Bomb blast at shopping centre kills 40 people. ES104, 2016
Balawi, Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al. Feature on killer of CIA officer at Chapman FOB, Afghanistan. ES66, 2010
Balawi, Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al. Triple agent? ES66, 2010
Baldwin, Stanley. Authorised bugging of King Edward VIII). ES86, 2013
Bali attack funded by AQ - CIA. ES14, 2002
Bali bomb suspect 'Tohir' arrested. ES22, 2003
Bali. Bali Bomb Mastermind Jailed. Feature. Bombmaker Umar Patek receives 20-year sentence. ES80, 2012
Bali. Bali terror attacks. Fate of each terrorist examined. ES80, 2012
Bali. Major terrorist attack. AQ strike. Feature. Paradise Lost. ES13, 2002
Bali. Terrorist attacks. ES79, 2012
Balkany, Patrick. ES52, 2007
Balloon. Agent. ES63, 2009
Balloons. An Unlikely Candidate for War. Airships, blimps in wartime. Feature. ES30 2004/5
Balloons. First recorded flight. ES86, 2013
Balloons. Use of balloons, airships and blimps in surveillance and warfare. Feature. ES30 2004/5
Balloons. Use of in Boer War. ES84, 2013
Balmoral Castle, ES100, 2015
Balmoral Castle. ES60, 2009
Balochistan Police Academy, Quetta, Pakistan. Al-Qaida attack.ES106, 2016
BALPA. British Airline Pilots Association. ES23, 2004
Baltic Fleet, Russia. ES64, 2009
Baltic. Intelligence Analysis. Horizon Threats 2016. Analysts focus on future threats and war theatres. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
Baltics. Russia. Russia and NATO countries seek platform for intelligence sharing and lessening of tensions. Intel Detente? Feature. ES108, 2017
Baltimore Sun. (See BSC). ES52, 207
Baltnews. See Propaganda. ES99, 2015
Baluch, Naved. ES107, 2017
Baluyevsky. ES41, 2006
Balzam Class. Electronic Surveillance Ship. Russia. Feature. ES8, 2002
Bamford, James. ES60, 2009
Bamford, James. ES79, 2012
BAMS. Broad Area Maritime Surveillance. ES103, 2016
Bana, Eric. (See Espionage - Spies on Screen). ES78, 2012
Bana, Eric. (See Vengeance). ES68, 2010
Banco Ambrosiano. ES117, 2018
Bandar Abbas. Interception. Tracking illegal arms' carrying vessels. Feature. ES90, 2014
Bandera, Stepan. See Assassination. ES120, 2019
Banghoo, Zakaullah. ES49, 2007
Bangkok Erawan Shrine. Terrorist attack. Bomber leaves 20 dead at famous tourist site. An Internal Affair. Feature. ES99, 2015
Bangkok, Thailand. Death of Alexandre Cazes. See AlphaBay. Feature. ES113, 2018
Bangkok, Thailand. Three Iran agents arrested in bomb plot. Feature. ES78, 2012
Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organisation. ES51, 2007
Bangladesh. ISIS terrorist attack. Dhaka Attack. Feature. ES104, 2016
Bank Job [The]. MI5. (See Michael De Freitas). ES50, 2007
Bank of England. ES63, 2009
Bank of England. ES67, 2010
Bank of England. ES78, 2012
Banksy. Graffiti artist produces new work mocking GCHQ and NSA. Feature. ES91, 2014
Banna, Jamil el. ES48, 2007
BAP. Behavioural Analysis Programme - FBI. See Spy Tradecraft. Body Language. ES97, 2015
Baqa, Khalid. ES81, 2012
Baqa'a refugee camp, Amman. ES104, 2016
Baquet, Dean New York Times Executive Editor. See also Trump Dossier. ES107, 2017
Bar code terror decoder bogus. ES66, 2010
Baradei, Mohamed el. ES18, 2003
Barajas International Airport, Madrid. 2006 ETA bombing. ES78, 2012
Barak, Ehud. ES77, 2012
Barak, Ehud. ES81, 2012
Barak, Ehud. ES88, 2013
Barak, Ehud. ES98, 2015
Barak, Ehud. Israel Defence Minister. ES80, 2012
Barak, Ehud. New York murder plot. ES12, 2001
Baraka, Nour. ES119, 2019
Baranaby, Dr Frank. (See Mordechai Vanunu). ES25, 2004
Barankov, Alexander. ES81, 2012
Barat, Dhiren. (See Gas Limos Project). ES44, 2006
Barawe offensive. Al-Shabaab countermeasures. ES96, 2015
Barayev, Mousar. ES52, 2007
Barayev, Mousar. ES89, 2014
Barbie Doll. ISIS airline bomb plot. Feature. ES111, 2017
Barbier, Bernard. DGSE. ES105, 2016
Barbier, Captain Charles. (See Napoleon, Bonaparte. Feature. Napoleon's Codes: The Art of Nightwriting). ES83, 2013
Barbier, Captain Charles. Polybius Square adapted for night writing and evolved into Braille. ES83, 2013
Barbroudi, Seyyed Shamseddin. ES84, 2013
Barcelona. ISIS terrorist (TAV) attack. Ghosts of ISIS. Major Feature. ES111, 2017
Barcenas, Luis. ES90, 2014
Barcode pub. Vauxhall. (See Gareth Williams). ES70, 2010
Barcode pub. Vauxhall. (See Gareth Williams). ES72, 2011
Barcode pub. Vauxhall. (See Gareth Williams). ES79, 2012
Bardo Museum Memorial. Tunisia. ES120, 2019
Bardo Museum. Tunis, Tunisia. See ES96, 2015
Bardo Museum. Tunis, Tunisia. Terror attack. ES100, 2015
Barents Sea. Spy operation. ES65, 2009
Baretta 418. Handgun. See Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 6. Feature. (TC) ES93, 2014
Barkan, Zev William. ES27, 2004
Barker, Harley Granville. MI6. ES70, 2010
Barker, Nicholas. Captain. (See Falkland Islands). ES79, 2012
Barker, Nick. ES84, 2013
Barnaby, Jack. Hacker death under investigation. ES86, 2013
Barnard, Niel. Director NIS. National Intelligence Service. South Africa. ES115, 2018
Barnes, Harry G. US Deputy Chief of Mission, Bucharest, Romania. ES118, 2018
Barnham. Cold War secret missile storage base. ES44, 2006
Barnier, Michel. ES88, 2013
Barodar, Mullah. ES72, 2011
Baroness Falkner attacks MI6 Chief over statements concerning Iran. ES86, 2012
Barot, Dhiren. (See Operation Rhyme). ES49, 2007
Barot, Dhiren. ES45, 2006
Barracuda. Special Combat Group. ES53, 2008
Barret, Richard. MI6 Counter-Terrorism Directorate head. ES91, 2014
Barrett, Ken. ES11, 2002
Barron, Bob. CIA. (See Disguise Techniques). ES53, 2008
Barrosa, Jose Manuel. European Commission President. ES102, 2016
Barrow, Sir Tim. UK Ambassador to Russia. See also MI6. Russia inventing British spy operations for media exploitation. Diplomatic Spy Games. Feature. ES102, 2016
Barry, Adel Abdul. See 1998 US Embassy bombings. ES95, 2015
Barry, Stuart Milner. Bletchley Park codebreaker. See also Chess. Eye Spy investigates chess and its enduring historical and modern connection to the world of espionage. Check Mate: A Game of Intrigue and Deception. Major Feature. ES120, 2019
Barschel, Uwe. See Spies and Hotels. An indepth and fascinating feature on hotels inextricably linked to the world of intelligence and espionage - each with a dark and illuminating tale to tell. Ten: Spies and Hotels. Major Feature. ES114, 2018
Barsky, Jack. KGB. ES110, 2017
Barth, Bernd-Rainer. ES96, 2015
Bartha, Dr Nicholas. ES42, 2006
Bartholomew, Richard. ES112, 2017
Bartiste, Narseal. ES61, 2009
Bartlett, Dave. (See David Kelly). ES31, 2005
Bary, Abdel-Majid Abdel. See Beatles. ISIS British cell. Langley's Covert Kill List. Feature. ES107, 2017
Baryalei, Mohammad Ali. ES93, 2014
Barzah, Syria. See WMD. ES115, 2018
Barzun, Matthew. ES88, 2013
Basayev, Shamil. Beslan massacre planner. ES29, 2004
Basayev, Shamil. Death of. ES89, 2014
Basayev, Shamil. ES10, 2002
Basayev, Shamil. ES100, 2015
Basayev, Shamil. ES42, 2006
Basayev, Shamil. ES72, 2011
Basayev, Shamil. Plot to assassinate Tony Blair. ES29, 2004
Basescu, Traian. Romanian President. ES90, 2014
Basham, Ralph W. US Secret Service. ES22, 2003
Basheer, Abdulleh al. Brigadier General. ES91, 2014
Bashir, Abu Bakar. Feature. Underworld. ES14, 2002
Bashir, Abu Bakar. Receives jail term. ES20, 2003
Basic Element. (See Valery Pechenkin - FSB). ES59, 2008
Basij Militia. Storming of the British Embassy. Feature. ES89, 2014
Basque Police. ES1, 2001
Basque Separatists. ES50, 2007
Basra. [Port of]. Feature. Iraqi Ghost Ships or Floating Time Bombs? ES16, 2003
Bass, John. US Ambassador to Turkey. ES112, 2017
Bassem, Yousef. FBI. ES56, 2008
Bastille Day. Paris bomb plot foiled. ES82, 2012
Bastrykin, Alexander. ES64, 2009
Bastrykin, Alexander. ES89, 2014
Bastrykin, Alexander. Head of Investigative Committee. Russia. ES112, 2017
Basu, Neil. National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism Policing UK. ES109, 2017
Basu, Neil. National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism Policing UK. ES111, 2017
Basu, Neil. New Scotland Yard Assistant Commissioner. ES119, 2019
Basu, Neil. NSY Police Commissioner. ES117, 2018
Bataclan concert venue, Paris. See Paris November 2015 Terrorist Attack. ES100, 2015
Bataillon de Chasseurs Alpins (27e). Al-Qaida plot to attack French unit in Afghanistan. ES79, 2012
Bates, Ken. Chairman Leeds United Associated Football Club. ES50, 2007
Batey, Mavis. ES109, 2017
Batey, Mavis. ES65, 2009
Batey, Mavis. Famous British codebreaker dies. Feature. ES89, 2014
Bathily, Lassana. See ISIS Charlie Hebdo attack, Paris. ES95, 2015
Batirashvili, Tarkhan. ES97, 2014
Batista, Fulgencio. General. ES77, 2012
Batiste, Narseal. (See Sears Tower plot). ES42, 2006
Batons and sticks. Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 8. Feature. (TC) ES95, 2015
Bats. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Bats. Exploding bats over Tokyo. ES15, 2003
Batsh, Fadi Al. See Hamas. ES115, 2018
Battalion 202. Israel. ES2, 2001
Battle of Copenhagen. ES99, 2015
Battle of Fleurus, Holland. ES86, 2013
Battle of Jutland. ES97, 2015
Battle of Marne. ES99, 2015
Battle of Midway. ES78, 2012
Battle of Moscow. (See Napoleon, Bonaparte. Feature. Napoleon's Codes: The Art of Nightwriting). ES83, 2013
Battle of Skagerrak. ES97, 2015
Bauer, Shane. Iran jails 'suspected' US spies. ES75, 2011
Bauer, Shane. US hikers charged with espionage in Iran. ES74, 2011
Baum, Frank L. ES119, 2019
Baum, Robert. ES69, 2010
Baumel, Zachary. ES85, 2013
Bawden, Edward. See MI6 The Art of Spycraft. Paintings, Lithographs, Carvings, Artefacts and Spy Relevance. Fascinating look at the history of items which all have an intelligence relevance and adorn the walls and offices in MI6's Vauxhall headquarters. A historical walk back in time. Major Feature. Part One. ES114, 2018
Bay of Pigs. Analysis - What Went Wrong? ES34, 2005
Bay of Pigs. CIA files set for release. Feature. ES73, 2011
Bay of Pigs. CIA operations in Cuba. ES34, 2005
Bay of Pigs. Death of a CIA Operative. ES34, 2005
Bay, Michael. See Benghazi, Libya. Thirteen Hours. Stand-down order controversy. Feature. ES101, 2016
Bayard Foreign Marketing. (See Ghost Companies). ES31, 2005
Bayeux Tapestry. ES109, 2017
Bayonet. (See The Kidon and Mossad). ES22, 2003
Baza. (See Computer Viruses). ES44, 2006
Bazhanov, Boris Georgievich. MI6. ES70, 2010
Bazis, Idris. ES34, 2005
Baziyani, Umar. Senior Al Zarqawi aide captured. ES26, 2004
Bazna, Elyesa. (Agent Cicero). ES78, 2012
Bazna, Elyesa. ES101, 2016
Bazoft, Farzad. ES67, 2010
BBC Monitoring. See also Caversham Park. Famous location closes its door. Sun Sets at Caversham Park. Feature. ES109, 2017
BBC Persia. ES113, 2018
BBC World Service. Communications intercepted on Cyprus relating to the operation to kill former GRU officer and MI6 agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, UK. The Package Has Been Delivered. Feature. ES115, 2018
BBC. 1980s documentary on MI5 and MI6 was cut after intelligence concerns. ES77, 2012
BBC. Accused over anti-British reporting over Iraq war. ES17, 2003
BBC. British Broadcasting Corporation. ES67, 2010
BBC. British Broadcasting Headquarters. Terrorist bomb attack. ES1, 2001
BBC. Broadcasts to North Korea. ES99, 2015
BBC. China. (See MI6 Intelligence Wars). ES73, 2011
BBC. China. Uranium-carrying cargo ship incident. (See also Libya) ES23, 2004
BBC. Clashes with Downing Street over Iraq's WMD. Feature. ES18, 2003
BBC. Commentary on AQ attacks in Britain heavily criticised. ES34, 2005
BBC. Former reporter named as MI6 spy (allegation). ES57, 2008
BBC. Investigation uncovers Cold War spy. Feature. Roulette to Espionage. ES80, 2012
BBC. Iran alleges MI6 and BBC liaising in Tehran. ES60, 2009
BBC. Iran arrests corporation contacts. ES84, 2013
BBC. MI5 D-G Andrew Parker interviewed by BBC Radio. ES99, 2015
BBC. Newsweek. ES110, 2017
BBC. Pashto Service. (See al-Qaida telephone numbers). ES73, 2011
BBC. Radio Voices of the Clandestine Services. Feature. ES75, 2011
BBC. Secret BBC spy broadcasts. Agent contact, guidance, instructions and propaganda broadcasts played by the corporation. Including leading players and new endeavours. Legacy. Feature. ES99, 2015
BBC. See OSINT. Secret Intelligence in the Media. Feature. (TC) ES91, 2014
BBC. Wales. Documentary on death of MI6 officer Gareth Williams. ES73, 2011
BC38. (See Enigmas). ES30 2004/5
BCDU. Bomber Command Development Unit. UK. ES115, 2018
BCRA. French Bureau Central de Renseignements et d'Action. ES97, 2015
B-Dienst. Beobachtungsdienst. German Kriegsmarine intercept service. ES88, 2013
Beale AFB. 1st Reconnaissance Squadron. ES73, 2011
Beale, Marcus. (See Operation Pitsford). ES84, 2013
Beale, Marcus. Assistant Chief Constable. ES76, 2011
Bear, Sir Michael. See Trent Park. ES105, 2016
Bearden, Mike. CIA Station Chief, Berlin. (See Operation Rosewood). ES2, 2001
Beardon, Milton. ES52, 2007
Bear's Den. (See Camp David). ES54, 2008
Beast of Kandahar. (See Sentinel Incident). ES77, 2012
Beatles, The. Counter-Terrorism. Notes. Major Digest of international events from ISIS to arrest and prosecution of terrorists. Race Against the Clock. Major Feature. ES120, 2010
Beatles, The. UK ISIS cell captured following CIA operation. Feature. ES114, 2018
Beatles. ISIS - British terror cell involved with film propaganda. Feature. ES93, 2014
Beatles. ISIS British cell. Langley's Covert Kill List. Feature. ES107, 2017
Beatles. Pop group. Music helped end Cold War. Feature. ES1, 2001
Beaulieu Abbey, Hampshire. SOE memorial. ES100, 2015
Beaulieu Manor. See SOE. ES15, 2003
Beaumanor Hall. (See Y Service). ES86, 2013
Beaune, Augustin de Romanet de. See Airport Security. Red Badge Dilemma. Feature. ES103, 2016
Beaupere, Christian. Liege Police Chief. ES116, 2018
Beau-Rivage Palace. See Cyber. Cyber eavesdropping at Iran nuclear talks. ES98, 2015
Beaverbrook, Lord. See William Maxwell Aitken. Minister of Information and a minister of disinformation. ES97, 2015
Bechtel, William. See Assassination: Murder Most Foul. ES120, 2019
Becker, Eugene J. ES40, 2006
Beckett, Margaret. ES45, 2006
Beckett, Margaret. ES49, 2007
Beckwith, Charles. Delta Force. ES89, 2014
Beddington, John. Chief Scientific Officer. UK. ES62, 2009
Bedford, Peter. Coroner. ES96, 2015
Bedford, Peter. Coroner. See Boris Berezovsky. Death of. Suicide or Assassinated: A Murky Ending. Feature. ES91, 2014
Beeman, Stan. See Americans, The. Television series. A Little Fact Mixed with Fiction. Feature. ES104, 2016
Be'ery, Tal. ES98, 2015
Bees. (See Micro Espionage). ES31, 2005
Beeston Hill Y Station. ES86, 2013
Beeston, Leeds. (See 7/7 London bombings). ES48, 2007
Beethoven's 5th Symphony. See Secret BBC spy broadcasts. Legacy. Feature. ES99, 2015
Beg, Aslam. (See Colonel Imam). ES72, 2011
Begg, Moazzam. The Strange Case of Moazzam Begg. MI5 documents. Feature. ES93, 2014
Beghal, Djamel. ES10, 2002
Beghal, Djamel. ES95, 2015
Begin, Manachem. Israel Prime Minister. ES78, 2012
Begin, Menachem. ES18, 2003
Begin, Menachem. Israel Prime Minister. ES104, 2016
Begum, Ruksana. ES81, 2012
Begum, Shamima. ES120, 2019
Behar, George. (See George Blake). ES44, 2006
Behaviour. See Spy Tradecraft. Body Language. ES97, 2015
Beidatz, Yossi. ES63, 2009
Bejerot, Nils. ES62, 2009
Bekaa Valley. ES85, 2013
Bekhterev, Vladimir. Feature. Stalin's hand in death of. ES84, 2013
Bekraoui-el, Ibrahim. See Brussels Zaventem Airport, Belgium. ISIS terrorists suicide bombers strike at Brussels Airport. Burning Brussels: Europe's Achilles Heel. Major Feature. ES102, 2016
Bekri, Nur. ES55, 2008
Bel, Alan. ES59, 2008
Belaid, Chokri. Opposition leader assassinated by al-Qaida. ES86, 2013
Belarus. KGB counter-intelligence arrests over espionage. ES81, 2012
Belarusian Polish Spy Ring exposed. ES51, 2007
Belfrage, Cedric Henning. See Cambridge Spy Ring. ES99, 2015
Belgium. Brussels Central Station terrorist attack. Feature. ES110, 2017
Belgium. Brussels support US counter-espionage officers who detained alleged Chinese spy seeking aviation and technology secrets. Feature. China Spy Games. ES118, 2018
Belgium. Rue Berge, Schaerbeek, Brussels. See Paris November 2015 Terrorist Attack. ES101, 2016
Belgium. Security Raids. Response to November Paris terrorist attack. ES100, 2015
Belgium. Spy fears following China and Russia espionage activity. ES120, 2019
Belgrano, General. Argentinean battleship posed 'no danger' when she was sunk. ES11, 2002
Belhadj, Abdel Hakim. ES78, 2012
Belhadj, Abdel Hakin. See also British Intelligence. Spying on Lawyers. Feature. ES94, 2014
Belhaj, Abdel Hakim. MI6 threads to alleged CIA abduction operation to be heard in court. Deep Black. Feature. ES108, 2017
Belhaj, Abdel Hakin. See Extraordinary Rendition. Deep Black Central Exchange. Feature. ES92, 2014
Belhaj, Abdel Hakin. UK officially apologies to extraordinary rendition victims without referencing its role or that of British Intelligence. Feature. The Telephone Call. ES116, 2018
Belitskiy, Anton. ES102, 2016
Belkacemi, Soraya. ES116, 2018
Belkaid, Mohamed. Belgian security services shoot dead terrorist - wanted in connection with 13 November ISIS attacks in France. The Running Man. Major Feature. ES102, 2016
Bell Laboratories. ES65, 2009
Bell Telephone Company. ES108, 2017
Bell, Alexander Graham. ES49, 2007
Bell, Jamie. 1980 Iranian Embassy siege. 6 Days. Major Feature. ES110, 2017
Bell, John. ES82, 2012
Bellingcat. ES118, 2018
Bellingcat.com. ES118, 2018
Bellingcat.com. ES120, 2019
Bellinger, John b. ES61, 2009
BellSouth. ES41, 2006
Belly Buster hand-crank audio drill. CIA. ES73, 2011
Belmarsh High Security Prison. ES25, 2004
Belmarsh High Security Prison. ES49, 2007
Belmokhtar, Mokhtar. ES105, 2016
Belmokhtar, Mokhtar. ES98, 2015
Belmokhtar, Mokhtar. Feature. End Game for Mr Marlboro. Intel effort to capture AQ leader. ES84, 2013
Belmokhtar, Mokhtar. Former leader of AQIM leaves Mali. ES83, 2013
Belmokhtar, Mokhtar. See In Amenas. Gas complex attack in Algeria. ES94, 2014
Belmokhtar, Mokhtar. Terror leader is alive - reports. ES86, 2013
Belorussky Station, Moscow. ES84, 2013
Belovai, Istvan. ES10, 2002
Belovai, Istvan. Feature. The Spy Who Saved the World. ES10, 2002
Beltrame, Arnaud. ES116, 2018
Ben Gurion Airport, Israel. ES66, 2010
Bence, Christopher. ES62, 2009
Bending Light. (See invisibility projects). ES58, 2008
Benghazi, Libya. (See Sunatra Deployed). ES73, 2011
Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. Feature. The Perfect Platform: MI6 Warning Ignored. ES82, 2012
Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. Feature. Top Secret Benghazi. UAV footage revealed. ES83, 2013
Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. Obama's Watergate: The Smoking Gun? Creating a firewall of untruths. Feature. ES89, 2014
Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. Resignations. ES83, 2013
Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. Security homeland security committee report: Flashing Red: A Special Report on the Terrorist Attack on Benghazi. ES85, 2013
Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. Stand Down. Dissecting intelligence. Fall out and aftermath. Feature. ES93, 2014
Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. The Missing Benghazi Documents. Feature. ES93, 2014
Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. White House non-action. Benghazi Stand Down. Feature. ES87, 2013
Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. Witnesses testify before House Oversight Committee. ES83, 2013
Benghazi, Libya. CIA officers give evidence in trial of prime suspect involved in killing of US diplomatic and security staff in 2012. ES112, 2017
Benghazi, Libya. Thirteen Hours. Stand-down order controversy. Feature. ES101, 2016
Benghazi, Libya. US Consulate attack 2012. Trial concludes of operational planner. Feature. ES113, 2018
Ben-Gurion, David. ES88, 2013
Benhall. (See GCHQ). ES1, 2001
Benina Airfield, Libya. ES64, 2009
Benitzes, Justitiano Torres. ES84, 2013
Benn, Anthony Neil Wedgewood. English Minister of Technology. ES115, 2018
Benn, Tony. ES95, 2015
Bennet, Eugene and Marguerite. (See FBI). ES4, 2001
Bennet, John. New head of CIA Clandestine Service. ES69, 2010
Bennett, Alan. See also JSSL. ES103, 2016
Bennett, Graham. See DNV GL. RAF Spadeadam. ES105, 2016
Bennett, Jack O. (See Berlin Air Lift). ES4, 2001
Bennett, John Wheeler. MI6 (alleged) plot to assassinate Heinrich Himmler. ES35, 2005
Benotman, Noman. ES73, 2011
Bensakhria, Mohammed. (See also The Meliani). ES3, 2001
Bentley State Limousine. ES77, 2012
Bentov, Cheryl. (See Mordechai Vanunu). ES25, 2004
Benyok, Gennadi. ES75, 2011
Berezovskaya, Elizaveta. See Boris Berezovsky. Death of. Suicide or Assassinated: A Murky Ending. Feature. ES91, 2014
Berezovsky, Boris. (See Litvinenko). ES45, 2006
Berezovsky, Boris. Accused of Litvinenko murder. ES52, 2007
Berezovsky, Boris. Assassination attempt revealed in court. ES67, 2010
Berezovsky, Boris. Death of and toxicology mystery. ES88, 2013
Berezovsky, Boris. Death of. Suicide or Assassinated: A Murky Ending. Feature. ES91, 2014
Berezovsky, Boris. ES100, 2015
Berezovsky, Boris. ES101, 2016
Berezovsky, Boris. ES115, 2018
Berezovsky, Boris. ES47, 2007
Berezovsky, Boris. ES49, 2007
Berezovsky, Boris. ES61, 2009
Berezovsky, Boris. Feature. From Russia With Love. Assassin caught by NSY and MI5. ES50, 2007
Berezovsky, Boris. Former Yeltsin National Security Advisor. ES55, 2008
Berezovsky, Boris. Information supplied on nuclear components. ES30 2004/5
Berezovsky, Boris. Russia targets industrialist. ES1, 2001
Berezovsky, Boris. Russian allegations MI6 and CIA were involved in his death. The Secret Coup. Feature. ES96, 2015
Berezovsky, Boris. See Yuri Felshtinsky - Death of a Spy. Interview. Part 1. ES90, 2014
Berezovsky, Rear Admiral Denys. See Ukraine Conflict. ES90, 2014
Berg, Daniel Domscheit. (See Bradley Manning). ES73, 2011
Berg, Moe. Clandestine operations for the OSS. ES51, 2007
Berg, Morris. New movie planned featuring OSS agent Morris (Moe) Berg - famous American baseball player. Feature. ES103, 2016
Berg, Nick. (See The Hunt for Al-Zarqawi). ES26, 2004
Berg, Roger. PST Norway. ES78, 2012
Bergdahl, Bowe. ES100, 2015
Bergdahl, Bowe. US Army. The Strange Case of Bowe Bergdahl. Feature. ES96, 2015
Berge, Frode. ES118, 2018
Bergen, Peter. ES100, 2015
Bergen, Peter. Interview with CNN reporter who met OBL. ES12, 2002
Bergen, Peter. Interview. ES12, 2002
Berger, Sandy. ES1, 2001
Bergersen, Gregg W. ES56, 2008
Bergersen, Gregg William. ES54, 2008
Berghof Berchtesgaden. See Enigma B207. Hitler's Cipher Machine. Feature. ES91, 2014
Bergman, Ronen. ES107, 2017
Bergman, Ronen. ES117, 2018
Bergman, Ronen. ES72, 2011
Beria, Lavrenti Pavlovich. (See SVR). ES69, 2010
Beriev A-50 Mainstay. Surveillance aircraft. Russia. ES8, 2002
Bering Straight. Feature. Road to Nowhere. Russia plans 60 mile underground tunnel. ES1, 2001
Berkut. Ukraine Domestic Security Force. ES90, 2014
Berlin Air Lift. ES103, 2016
Berlin Air Lift. First pilot to break siege dies. ES4, 2001
Berlin Air Lift. See Strange But True. Feature. ES117, 2018
Berlin Airlift Monument. ES103, 2016
Berlin Blockade. See Gehlen Spy Organisation. Feature. ES91, 2014
Berlin Chaos Communication Congress 2009. ES73, 2011
Berlin Funkturm. See Propaganda. Radio Propaganda Past and Present. ES97, 2015
Berlin night club bombing (La Bella). Libya. ES69, 2010
Berlin Poison water attack thwarted. ES20, 2003
Berlin Spy Tunnel Project. Feature. ES58, 2008
Berlin Spy Tunnel. (See Colonel Vadim Goncharov). ES83, 2013
Berlin Spy Tunnel. (See Operations Stopwatch and Gold). ES2, 2001
Berlin Spy Tunnel. Code of Silence. The tradecraft of government in either rejecting involvement in an intelligence operation when it is exposed or falters or simply remaining silent. Major Feature. (TC) ES119, 2019
Berlin Spy Tunnel. ES44, 2006
Berlin Spy Tunnel. Feature. US admits Russians knew of spy tunnel under Berlin. ES2, 2001
Berlin Wall. 50th anniversary of building of Berlin Wall. Feature. ES75, 2011
Berlin Wall. ES74, 2011
Berlin Wall. Fact file. ES75, 2011
Berlin, Germany. Breitscheidplatz Christmas market terrorist attack, 19 December 2016, kills 12 people. Nice Take Two. Major Feature. ES107, 2017
Berlin. Cold War images. Feature. Reflections. ES74, 2011
Berlin. Demonstrations against NSA surveillance programme Prism. ES86, 2013
Berlin. Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. ES107, 2017
Berlin. MI6 Field Station. ES60, 2008
Berlin. MI6 Station Chief. ES62, 2009
Berlin. Teufelsberg. NSA Field Station Berlin. Opens as a Cultural Space. Feature. ES112, 2017
Berlin. West Alliierte Museum. ES74, 2011
Berlusconi, Silvio. ES17, 2003
Berlusconi, Silvio. ES36, 2005
Berlusconi, Silvio. Italian Prime Minister. See WikiLeaks publish more stolen NSA files. Espionage Elysee. Major Feature. ES102, 2016
Berlusconi, Silvio. Italy Prime Minister. (See Propaganda Due or P2). ES72, 2011
Bernhard. WWII German counterfeit programme. ES78, 2012
Berni, Sergio. Argentina Security Secretary. ES95, 2015
Bernstein, Carl. ES75, 2011
Bernstein, Carl. ES94, 2014
Bernstein, Carl. See Watergate. ES34, 2005
Bernstorff, Count Johann von. (See Zimmerman Telegram). ES10, 2010
Berrios, Eugenio. ES120, 2019
Berthelot, Jean-Michel. A.k.a. Bartelo - see Rainbow Warrior. ES3, 2001
Bertrand, General Gustave. ES82, 2012
Bertuzzi, Imerio. ES72, 2011
Besim, Sevdet. See Anzac Day Plot. ES99, 2015
Beslan, North Ossetia. School Massacre. ES100, 2015
Beslan, North Ossetia. School Massacre. ES42, 2006
Beslan, North Ossetia. School Massacre. ES72, 2011
Beslan, North Ossetia. School Massacre. Feature. Beyond Belief. Terrorists attack school in North Ossetia. ES28, 2004
Beslan, North Ossetia. School Massacre. Reflections from world leaders. Feature. ES28, 2004
Beslan, North Ossetia. School Massacre. Siege and atrocity. ES89, 2014
Best, Robert Henry. See Strange But True. ES97, 2015
Best, Sigismund Payne. Minimax Fire Extinguisher Company. ES60, 2008
Beth, Hans Josef. Director International Terrorism Dept. BND. ES14, 2002
Bethell Letter. ES99, 2015
Bethell, Alexander. Rear Admiral. NID. ES99, 2015
Bethell, Emma Louise. ES100, 2015
Bethell, Richard. ES100, 2015
Betrayal. Forty British agents exposed by traitor. ES44, 2006
Bettaney, Michael John. Would-be KGB agent passes. Feature. ES118, 2018
Bettaney, Michael. ES108, 2017
Bettany, Michael. ES66, 2010
Between Silk and Cyanide. ES63, 2009
Bevan, Michael. ES16, 2003
Bevin, Ernest. ES114, 2018
Bevin, Ernest. ES18, 2003
Bevington, Chris. ES109, 2017
Bezhuashvili, Gela. Director - Georgian GIS - General Intelligence Service. ES72, 2011
Bezlar, Igor. ES92, 2014
Bezrukov, Andrei. ES104, 2016
Bezrukov, Andrei. ES81, 2012
Bezrukov, Andrey. See also Operation Ghost Stories. ES110, 2017
BfV. 15th Symposium of BfV. Berlin. All security subjects covered including mid-2018 intelligence overview on the current status of the war with ISIS and cooperation between governments to defeat its military fighting forces and ideology - this as terrorist activities continue. ISIS/DAESH. Major Feature. ES116, 2018
BfV. Agency foils al-Qaida model aeroplane plot. ES86, 2013
BfV. British Intelligence warn European counterparts not to block access to security platforms. War of Words. Feature. ES116, 2018
BfV. Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschultz. Germany. ES1, 2001
BfV. Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz. Germany's domestic intelligence service. ES84, 2013
BfV. Chinese MIT operations targeting social and business sites. Cover and Legend. Electronic Infiltration. Feature. ES113, 2018
BfV. CIA and BfV identify operation by Iran to install and recruit translators within Alliance forces in Afghanistan and Middle East theatres. Lost in Translation. Feature. ES120, 2019
BfV. Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. ES80, 2012
BfV. German counter-intelligence operations launched across country to identify Iranian MOIS operations throughout Europe. Spy Games: Controllers of Iran's Spy Network Exposed. Feature. ES114, 2018
BfV. German Intelligence surveilling far right groups. Feature. Warning from History. ES117, 2018
BfV. Germany arrests Jordanian GID (General Intelligence Department) operative. ES117, 2018
BfV. ISIS supporter detained in Cologne, Germany, for attempt to purchase Ricin and launch a biological attack. ES116, 2018
BfV. Munich Security Conference 2018. Heads of Western Intelligence discuss array of topics. Deep Impact. Feature. ES114, 2018
BfV. Nuclear secrets secured by North Korean spies using embassy in Germany. ES114, 2018
BfV. Operations following Berlin Breitscheidplatz Christmas market terrorist attack. ES107, 2017
BfV. Plot to strike Cologne headquarters. ES107, 2017
BfV. Project 6. Secret liaison between CIA and Germany's BfV and BND. ES87, 2013
BfV. Protection of the Constitution. Internal domestic spying operations. Leaks: Sanctioned Spy Games. Feature. ES107, 2017
BfV. Report on alleged NSA-GCHQ targeting of German and European governments. NSA-GCHQ Operations. Feature. ES112, 2017
BfV. Service blames Russia for cyber attacks. Cyber Games. Feature ES103, 2016
BGAN. Broadband Global Area Network. (See Sunatra Deployed). ES74, 2011
BGAN. Broadband Global Area Network. ES119, 2019
BGAN. Broadband Global Area Network. Feature. ES91, 2014
Bhailok, Yousef. Secretary General Muslim Council of Great Britain. ES1, 2001
Bhatti, Mohammed Naveed. ES49, 2007
Bhutto, Benazir. Death of. ES107, 2017
Bhutto, Benazir. ES73, 2011
Bhutto, Benazir. ES79, 2012
Bhutto, Benazir. Pakistan Prime Minister. AQ assassinate former Pakistan president. ES53, 2008
BIA. MI6 Chief Alex Younger visits Serbia. Building Bridges. Feature. ES114, 2018
BIA. New Director appointed (Bratislav Gasic). See also. MI6. Chief Alex Younger visits Serbia. Building Bridges. Feature. ES114, 2018
BIA. Serbia. Security Information Service. ES51, 2007
Bias, Rabah Chehaj. ES14, 2002
Bible Code. Pentagon examine new book. ES22, 2003
Bicain, Lt-Commander. ES84, 2013
Bickford, David. ES100, 2015
Bickford, David. MI6/5 Legal Director. Interview. ES26, 2004
BICOM. British Israel Communications. ES78, 2012
Bid Ganeh, Iran. IRGC base. (See Major General Hassan Tehrani-Moghadam). ES77, 2012
Biden, Joe. ES89, 2014
Biden, Joe. US Vice President forced to apologise over Syria remarks. Feature. ES93, 2014
Biden, Joe. Vice President USA. ES117, 2018
Bieler, Daniel Alfred. See Camp X. ES95, 2015
Biernacki, Marek. Polish Intelligence Committee. ES94, 2014
Big Ben, London. Security concerns. ES27, 2004
Big Bird. See Hexagon KH-9 reconnaissance satellite. ES94, 2014
Big Blu. ES40, 2006
Big Breach, The. See Richard Tomlinson. ES1, 2001
Big Foot. See US Naval Air Station Key West. ES104, 2016
Bigelow, Kathryn. (See Zero Dark Thirty). ES84, 2013
Bijleveld-Schouten, Ank. Netherlands Defence Minister. ES118, 2018
BIKINI System. Defunct UK Government alert system. Feature. ES80, 2012
Bilal town, Abbottabad. ES73, 2011
Biles, Colonel Christopher. (See Chinook Flight ZD576 disaster). ES86, 2013
Bilgen, Ibrahim. ES88, 2013
Bin Laden Front. Terrorist group. ES92, 2014
Bin Laden's Bookshelf. See CIA. CIA and Pentagon release a plethora of documents discovered in bin-Laden's Abbottabad compound. The Letters of Osama bin-Laden. Feature. ES97, 2015
Bin, Su. A.k.a. Stephen Subin. ES119, 2019
Bin, Su. A.k.a. Stephen Subin. See China. Red Espionage. Bogus Front Companies. Feature. ES92, 2014
Binalshibh, Ramzi. Capture of. ES16, 2003
Binalshibh, Ramzi. CIA films of interrogation destroyed. ES53, 2008
Bingaman, Jeff. ES13, 2002
Bingham, David James. Sub-Lt. ES83, 2013
Bingham, John Jack. See MI5. ES94, 2014
Bingham, Peter. Secret under MI5 officer 'Jack King' inspiration behind a legendary spy character. Feature. ES90, 2014
Bin-Laden, Hamza. New AQ leader? Feature. ES112, 2017
Bin-Laden, Hamza. See Bin-Laden. Groomed to lead al-Qaida. In Father's Footsteps. Feature. ES107, 2017
Bin-Laden, Mohammed. ES107, 2017
Bin-Laden, Saad. Death of. Feature. ES107, 2017
Bin-Laden, Saad. ES16, 2003
Binney, William. America's Black Box. Feature. Former NSA employee claims Agency collecting US-based communications. ES79, 2012
Binney, William. ES81, 2012
Binney, William. ES86, 2013
Binori Madrasa of Karachi. ES45, 2006
Binyam, Mohamed. The Case of. Feature. ES61, 2009
BioExplorers. ES72, 2011
Biological Attack. ES41, 2006
Biological Attack. Guidance sent to UK doctors. Feature. ES26, 2004
Biological Attack. New York tests on city streets. Feature. Where the Wind Blows. ES35, 2005
Biological Warfare. ES19, 2003
Biological Warfare. Feature. ES2, 2001
Biological Weapons. (Combatting). ES60, 2009
Biological Weapons. Countermeasures and detection. New developments. ES31, 2005
Biological Weapons. Tracking. ES27, 2004
Biomedical Technologies. ES43, 2006
Biometric Intelligence. ES31, 2005
Biometric Passports. (See E-Passports). ES39, 2006
Biometric Scanning. Feature. Securing the Skies. ES23, 2004
Biometric Security. ES38, 2006
Biometric Technology. Eye Spy examines recent technology breakthroughs and systems which are impacting on traditional tradecraft and forcing intelligence agencies to reconsider how spy operations are conducted and countered. Current, emerging and future technologies will enable the intelligence and security world to detect 'persons of interest' and surveillance targets around the world using imagery and collected biometric data. (TC) Major Feature. ES119, 2019
Biometrics. Feature. ES31, 2005
Bion, Nicolas. ES65, 2009
Bioshield. (See Project Bioshield). ES39, 2006
Birch, John. See Clergy. Religious figures who have featured in the world of intelligence. Clergy Spies. Major Feature. ES104, 2016
Birdlip Radio Station. (See GCHQ). ES49, 2007
Birley, Geoffrey. (See Operation Tracer). ES47, 2006
Birmingham, UK. ISIS bomb factory discovered. ES112, 2017
Birmingham, UK. Police detain several terror suspects in city raids (September 2011). ES76, 2011
Birnstingl, Martin. (See David Kelly). ES66, 2010
Birstein, Vadim. Dr Birstein's SMERSH (Death to Spies) wins inaugural St Ermin's Hotel Intelligence Book of the Year Award. Feature. ES80, 2012
BIS. Czech Security Information Service. (Czech Intelligence). ES80, 2012
BIS. Czech Security Information Service. Bezpecnostni Informacni Sluzba. ES80, 2012
BIS. Czech Security Information Service. Warning of Russian spy activity. Feature. ES94, 2014
Bishop, Julie. Australian Foreign Minister. ES113, 2018
Bishop, Vaughn F. New Deputy Director CIA. ES117, 2018
Bishop, Vaughn. DD/CIA. ES118, 2018
Bissell, Richard. CIA - Directorate of Planning. ES67, 2010
Bissell, Richard. ES34, 2005
Bissell, Richard. ES58, 2008
Bissonnette, Matt. ES95, 2015
Bissonnette, Matt. See Operation Neptune Spear. ES94, 2014
Bissonnette, Matthew. As Mark Owen, US Navy SEAL. ES105, 2016
Bitcoin. Crypto currency. See also DarkWeb. ES109, 2017
Bitcoin. North Korea Bitcoin currency hack. Feature. ES111, 2017
Bitcoin. See Cryptocurrencies. A Primary Tool of Espionage. Major Feature. ES111, 2017
Bjornland, Benedicti. PST. ES100, 2015
Bjornland, Marie Benedicte. PST Norway. ES88, 2013
Bjornland, Marie. PST Director. ES118, 2018
BKA. Federal Crime Office. (Bundesskriminalamt). Germany. Warning of major terror attack. ES54, 2008
BKA. Federal Criminal Police. Germany. ES43, 2006
BKA. Forensic Science Institute, Wiesbaden, Germany. ES84, 2013
BKA. German Intelligence detains two Russians suspected of spying for SVR. ES76, 2011
BKA. Ripples of Russian Spy Ring. Arrests made connected to the collapsed SVR spy ring in USA. Feature. ES80, 2012
BKGB. Belarus Intelligence Service. ES51, 2007
Black Bag Operations. See Tradecraft. ES89, 2014
Black Beach Prison, Equatorial Guinea. ES72, 2011
Black Box. See also Communication and Espionage. Part 2. Major Feature. (TC) ES111, 2017
Black Box. Surveillance and interception programme. ES63, 2009
Black Box. Total electronic surveillance project for UK moves closer as funds granted to GCHQ. ES59, 2008
Black Box. UK examines major electronic communications storage. ES84, 2013
Black Box. UK plans total surveillance programme on the Internet. ES56, 2008
Black Boxes. Tapping the Internet. Feature. UK plans to collect and store electronic data from public. ES79, 2012
Black Cats. (See Indian Special Forces). ES60, 2009
Black Chamber [The American]. Feature. (See Origins - NSA). ES23, 2004
Black Falcon. See Harry G. Barnes Jr. US Deputy Chief of Mission, Bucharest, Romania. ES118, 2018
Black Fatima. (See Angel of Death). ES20, 2003
Black Hand, The. ES117, 2018
Black Hat Conference 2013. ES89, 2014
Black Hat hacking conference. ES79, 2012
Black Hat Show. Las Vegas, 2010. ES74, 2011
Black Hawk Down. See Operation Gothic Serpent. ES109, 2017
Black Hawk, MH-60 helicopters. [Modified for raid on OBLs compound]. ES73, 2011
Black Hawks. ES38, 2006
Black Hornet. UAV (helicopter). ES112, 2017
Black List One. Codename for Saddam Hussein. Feature. ES27, 2004
Black Operations. ES30 2004/5
Black Sea Fleet, Russian. ES90, 2014
Black Sea. ES49, 2007
Black Sea. US and Russian air forces - contact. ES101, 2016
Black September. (See Operation Wrath of God). ES22, 2003
Black September. ES68, 2010
Black September. ES93, 2014
Black September. IAF strike against Syrian nuclear weapons plant. Feature. ES52, 2007
Black September. LTTE. ES79, 2012
Black Sites. (See Extraordinary Rendition). ES37, 2005/6
Black Sites. CIA internal inspectors lose top secret 6,700pp report on interrogation centres. ES103, 2016
Black Sites. ES108, 2017
Black Sites. Poland dismisses CIA prison site reports. ES41, 2006
Black Sites. UK officially apologies to extraordinary rendition victims without referencing its role or that of British Intelligence. See also Belhaj, Abdel Hakin. Feature. The Telephone Call. ES116, 2018
Black Stations. Feature. ES54, 2008
Black Tornado. (See Mumbai terrorist attack). ES60, 2009
Black Widow. (See Micro Espionage). ES31, 2005
Black Widow. ES20, 2003
Black Widows. Attacks by. ES89, 2014
Black Widows. ES100, 2015
Black Widows. Recruited to engage in terror attack at Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Feature. ES89, 2014
Black Widows. Spider. See Strange But True. ES97, 2015
Black, Bryan. Staff Sergeant. Green Beret. US. ES112, 2017
Black, Crispin. Comments on death of MI6 officer Gareth Williams. ES73, 2011
Black, Crispin. ES79, 2012
Blackberry Groups. (See Cell Phone Tracking and Interception). ES77, 2012
Blackberry Messenger. ES75, 2011
Blackfriars Bridge, London. (See Roberto Calvi). ES72, 2011
Blackhawk. Modified helicopter (stealth). ES75, 2011
Blackshirts. See Oswald Mosley. ES93, 2014
Blackwater. ES73, 2011
Blackwater. Private security company. Contractors. ES51, 2007
Blaco, Ernesto. (See Anthrax attacks). ES38, 2006
Blagojevic, Colonel Vidoje. (See SAS). ES4, 2001
Blaine, David. ES100, 2015
Blair, Dennis. (See ODNI). ES60, 2009
Blair, Dennis. Director [Office] National Intelligence (See ODNI). ES68, 2010
Blair, Dennis. ES61, 2009
Blair, Dennis. ODNI. ES63, 2009
Blair, Euan. ES42, 2006
Blair, Ian. ES34, 2005
Blair, Sir Ian. ES39, 2006
Blair, Sir Ian. ES52, 2007
Blair, Sir Ian. ES56, 2008
Blair, Tony. Assassination plot. ES3, 2001
Blair, Tony. ES100, 2015
Blair, Tony. ES104, 2016
Blair, Tony. ES76, 2011
Blair, Tony. Knew 45 minute WMD launch capability was wrong. ES21, 2003
Blair, Tony. NSA project file codename Anchory. Feature. ES60, 2009
Blair, Tony. Prime Minister believes AQ attack is imminent. ES14, 2002
Blair, Tony. Response to 7/7 attacks. ES34, 2005
Blair, Tony. RIRA assassination plot - gunman named. ES20, 2003
Blair, Tony. See MI5 London Night Games. Feature. ES94, 2014
Blair, Tony. Sniper plot foiled. ES36, 2005
Blair, Tony. Steps down from office. ES50, 2007
Blair, Tony. United Kingdom Prime Minister. Assassination plot. ES29, 2004
Blake, Alison. UK High Commissioner to Bangladesh. ES104, 2016
Blake, George. (Born George Behar). ES42, 2006
Blake, George. (See Berlin Tunnel Project). ES58, 2008
Blake, George. Celebrates 90th birthday. ES82, 2012
Blake, George. ES100, 2015
Blake, George. ES105, 2016
Blake, George. ES107, 2017
Blake, George. ES83, 2013
Blake, George. ES9, 2002
Blake, George. Feature. A Spy's Blood Money. ES44, 2006
Blake, George. Former MI6 officer and KGB spy. 95th birthday. No Regrets. Feature. ES113, 2018
Blake, George. Legacy. ES44, 2006
Blanco, Luis Carrero. Admiral. ES78, 2012
Blanco, Luis Carrero. ES81, 2012
Blanco, Luis Carrero. Prime Minister Spain. See also Assassination: Murder Most Foul. ES120, 2019
Blanshard, Christine. ES115, 2018
Blasio, Bill de. Mayor of Paris. ES93, 2014
Blasio, Bill de. Mayor, New York City. ES105, 2016
Blaszczak, Mariusz. See also Wprost. ES101, 2016
Blattmann, General Andre. Switzerland. ES83, 2013
Bleach, Peter. ES1, 2001
Blears, Hazel. See Female Spies. Women in the intelligence world. Trading Places. Feature. ES99, 2015
Bledsoe, Carlos Leon. (aka Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad). ES63, 2009
Bleka, Marek. Governor of Central Bank, Poland. See also Wprost. ES101, 2016
Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire. (See MI5). ES62, 2009
Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire. ES63, 2009
Blenkinsop, David. Animal activist jailed. ES4, 2001
Bleriot, Louis. ES84, 2013
Bletchley Park Chess Society. Eye Spy investigates chess and its enduring historical and modern connection to the world of espionage. Check Mate: A Game of Intrigue and Deception. Major Feature. ES120, 2019
Bletchley Park Petition. ES59, 2008
Bletchley Park Story. Part 1. ES25, 2004
Bletchley Park Story. Part 2. ES26, 2004
Bletchley Park Story. Part 3. ES27, 2004
Bletchley Park. 100th anniversary of legendary Bletchley Park codebreaker Bill Tutte. A Codebreaker Remembered. Feature. ES109, 2017
Bletchley Park. British Intelligence seeks young cyber talent. Feature. New Recruiters. Announcement made at Bletchley Park. ES82, 2012
Bletchley Park. Codebreakers honoured with service medal. ES64 2009
Bletchley Park. Codebreaking centre. ES6, 2001
Bletchley Park. ES100, 2015
Bletchley Park. ES55, 2008
Bletchley Park. Feature. Colossus to be rebuilt. Feature. ES35, 2005
Bletchley Park. Feature. ES20, 2003
Bletchley Park. Feature. MI6 Station X. ES60, 2009
Bletchley Park. Feature. Ruse, Cover and Action. Deception operation prior to D-Day landings and intel connections with Chanticleer in Pennsylvania. ES74, 2011
Bletchley Park. New museum refurbishment. Photo feature. ES103, 2016
Bletchley Park. Queen dedicates codebreaking memorial. Feature. ES75, 2011
Bletchley Park. Salute to two codebreaking legends. Feature. ES74, 2011
Bletchley Park. Secret hand-written papers made by codebreaker Alan Turing go on show. Feature. ES79, 2012
Bletchley Park. See The Black Code Book and the Keys of Cairo. How the loss of a code book almost gifted Egypt to the Germans in WWII. Feature. ES90, 2014
Bletchley Park. Sinkov Mission - 75th Anniversary. Cornerstone. Remembering the Sinkov Mission. UK and US intelligence officials meet at Bletchley Park, Major Feature. ES102, 2016
Bletchley Park. Sir Roger Moore in appeal for restoration funds. Feature. ES59, 2008
Bletchley Park. Statue honours codebreaker. Feature. ES50, 2007
Bletchley Park. The Codebreaker. Feature. ES119, 2019
Bletchley Park. UK codebreaker's revealing lost letters. Feature. ES111, 2017
Bletchley Park. WWII Code Controversy. Feature. Pigeon carrying code discovered in chimney linked to D-Day and Montgomery. ES83, 2013
Blimps. Airships used again as counter-terrorist aides. See also balloons. ES18, 2003
Blimps. Spy blimps used to counter terrorists at military and civil posts in Afghanistan. ES83, 2013
Blinken, Tony. Deputy Secretary of State USA. ES104, 2016
Blinkgerat. See Strange But True. Feature. ES99, 2015
Blinov, Sergie. FSB. ES89, 2014
Blix, Hans. Feature. Iraq's WMD - intelligence criticised. ES21, 2003
Blix, Hans. United Nations. ES15, 2003
Bloch, Felix. ES1, 2001
Blond Angel of Death. Feature. (See Al redo Astiz and Dirty War, Argentina). ES84, 2013
Bloom, Harold. ES50, 2007
Bloom, Harold. ES59, 2008
Bloomberg, Michael. ES16, 2003
Bloomberg, Michael. ES36, 2005
Bloomberg, Michael. ES42, 2006
Bloomberg, Michael. ES77, 2012
Bloomsbury Set. (See Profumo Affair). ES14, 2002
Bloque de Busqueda. Colombia paramilitary force (See also SAS). ES39, 2006
Blowing Up Russia. (See Litvinenko). ES45, 2006
Blue Crystal. (See NRO top secret project. ES2, 2001
Blue Danube. ES44, 2006
Blue Diver. ECM. Electronic Counter Measure. Project Blue Diver. ES115, 2018
Blue Mosque, Istanbul. ES104, 2016
Blue on Green attacks. ES100, 2015
Blue on Green attacks. ES81, 2012
Blue Steel Missile. ES44, 2006
Blue Streak. Missile. See RAF Spadeadam. Feature. ES105, 2016
Blueboy. (See MOP. Massive Ordnance Penetrator. GBU-57A/B). ES77, 2011
Bluetooth technology. ES74, 2011
Bluewater Shopping centre, Kent. (See Operation Crevice). ES48, 2007
Bluewater Shopping Centre. ES70, 2010
Blumkin, Yakov. Assassin. ES70, 2010
Blunkett, David. Home Secretary UK. ES19, 2003
Blunt, Anthony. (See Cambridge Spy Ring). ES9, 2002
Blunt, Anthony. 1960s - A Decade of Espionage. Feature. ES80, 2012
Blunt, Anthony. ES100, 2015
Blunt, Anthony. ES56 2008
Blunt, Anthony. ES57, 2008
Blunt, Anthony. ES7, 2002
Blunt, Anthony. ES83, 2013
Blunt, Anthony. Feature. The Cambridge Spy. ES64, 2009
Blythe House, London. See Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. ES120, 2019
BM-21 Grad. Rocket launch system. ES92, 2014
BMDO. Ballastiv Missile Defense Organisation. (See NMD). ES11, 2002
BMEWS. Ballistic Missile Early Warning System. ES105, 2016
BND. (Bundesnachrichtendienst). Federal Intelligence Service. Germany. Agency moves into new Berlin headquarters. BND: Trading Places. ES120, 2019
BND. (Bundesnachrichtendienst). Federal Intelligence Service. Germany. ES1, 2001
BND. Agents exposed. ES96, 2015
BND. Assassination fear for top German spy. Feature. ES59, 2008
BND. Bundesnachrichtendienst. ES42, 2006
BND. Bundesnachrichtendienst. Feature. CIA and Agent Curveball. ES59, 2008
BND. Celebrate 60th anniversary. ES105, 2016
BND. Countermeasures. Aftermath. Berlin, Germany. Breitscheidplatz Christmas market terrorist attack. ES107, 2017
BND. Double Agents. Suspected CIA spies arrested. CIA Station Chief Departs Berlin. Feature. ES92, 2014
BND. Eye Spy Intelligence Review. A comprehensive overview of all the major intelligence events and related incidents from 2001 to 2015 in this special 100th anniversary edition. ES100, 2015
BND. Feature. ES91, 2014
BND. German Intelligence and NSA spying operations. Turning a Blind Eye. Feature. ES97, 2015
BND. German Intelligence suffer more data loss as breach of new headquarters revealed. Berlin Spy Games. Feature. ES96, 2015
BND. Intelligence on Iranian computers used in Tehran's nuclear bomb programme. ES75, 2011
BND. Liaisons. NSA/GCHQ. Internal domestic spying operations. Leaks: Sanctioned Spy Games. Feature. ES107, 2017
BND. Markus Reichael - CIA agent within BND outed. The Disgruntled Spy. Feature. ES100, 2015
BND. MI6 Chief Alex Younger meets with fellow intelligence chiefs of the BND (President Bruno Kahl) and DGSE(Director General Bernard Emie) at the Munich Security Conference, ES120, 2019
BND. Munich Security Conference 2018. Heads of Western Intelligence discuss array of topics. Deep Impact. Feature. ES114, 2018
BND. New changes ahead for world's intelligence services as focus drawn to New Cold War and combatting international terrorism. The New Recruiters. Major Feature. ES105, 2016
BND. New Director. Bruno Kahl. ES103, 2016
BND. New laws passed on intelligence collection. ES106, 2016
BND. NSA and BND intelligence targets examined by lawmakers. ES98, 2015
BND. Project 6. Secret liaison between CIA and Germany's BND and BfV. ES87, 2013
BND. Report on alleged NSA-GCHQ targeting of German and European governments. NSA-GCHQ Operations. Feature. ES112, 2017
BND. Security payments to bogus agents. German Security Service Blunder. ES1, 2001
BND. Snowden, FSB and Surveillance. BND believes covert collaboration. Feature. ES103, 2016
BND. Use of contractors. ES51, 2007
BND. Worldwide Surveillance. Tracking and surveillance of sleeper, active lone wolf terrorists by international intelligence agencies. Major Feature. ES107, 2017
BNF. British Non-Ferrous Metals Research Association. See also National Archives. Atomic Programmes. ES120, 2019
BNF. British Nuclear Fuels. ES88, 2013
BOAC. British Overseas Airways Corporation. ES115, 2018
Boal, Mark. (See Zero Dark Thirty). ES83, 2013
Bobadilla, Pepita. ES106, 2016
Bober, Mikhail. ES120, 2019
Bochud, Francois. Dr. ES80, 2012
Bodansky, Yossef. ES23, 2004
Bodnar, Zsolt. ES67, 2010
Body Armour. (Adaptive). ES34, 2005
Body Language. (Counter-Terrorism). ES33, 2005
Body Language. (See Disguise Techniques). ES53, 2008
Body Language. Part One. Eye Spy examines the fascinating subject of body language and why more intelligence services are becoming less reliant on observation. Would I Lie to You? Feature. (TC) ES97, 2015
Body Language. Part Two. Eye Spy examines the fascinating subject of body language and why more intelligence services are becoming less reliant on observation. Would I Lie to You? Feature. (TC) ES98, 2015
Body Language. See Tradecraft. ES90, 2014
Body Leads Project. See Spy Tradecraft. Body Language. ES97, 2015
Body, Lady Marion. ES97, 2015
Bodyguard tactics of a Russian Special Forces operative. ES18, 2003
Bodyguards. Feature. ES28, 2004
Bodyguards. History of. ES30, 2004/5
Boeing 727. International search effort to trace aircraft. ES20, 2003
Boeing 727. Missing airliner sparks alert. ES19, 2003
Boeing 727. Missing airliner. Feature. ES35, 2005
Boeing 747. ES42, 2006
Boeing 757. (See Flight 77 Crash Demystified. ES41, 2006
Boeing Missile Defense System. ES41, 2006
Boeing Satellite Systems. ES112, 2017
Boeing X-45C. UAV. ES37, 2005/6
Boeing X-48B. Super plane. Feature.
Boemelburg, Karl. (SD counterintelligence). ES5, 2001
Boemelburg, Karl. Head of German WWII SD counter-intelligence. ES73, 2011
Boente, Dana. See Benghazi, Libya. US Consulate attack 2012. ES113, 2018
Boer War. Balloon deployment. ES84, 2013
Boer War. ES61, 2009
Boettcher, Dr Alfred. ES13, 2002
Bogachev, Evgeniy Mikhailovich. ES106, 2016
Bogdanov, Mikhail. ES106, 2016
Bogdanov, Mikhail. KGB. ES65, 2009
Boggs, Andrew Otto. See CWA. Cyber hacking group. Hackers target offices of several US intelligence agencies. Crackas With Attitude. Feature. ES110, 2017
Bogomolets, Olga. ES90, 2014
Bogota, Colombia. ES42, 2006
Boisseau, Frederic. See ISIS Charlie Hebdo attack, Paris. ES95, 2015
Boissevan, Frederick. ES21, 2003
Bojinka [Project]. (See also Operation Overt). ES43, 2006
Bojinka. Plot to blow up 12 airliners over Pacific. ES10, 2002
Bojinka. Terror operation. ES14, 2002
Boka Haram. ES100, 2015
Boko Haram. Al-Qaida franchise in Africa. ES83, 2013
Boko Haram. Terror group kidnap over 200 children in Nigeria. ES91, 2014
Boko Haram. The Wanted. Special Forces Join Intelligence Group to Hunt Down Boko Haram. Feature. ES91, 2014
Boko Haram. Western Education is Forbidden or a Sin. Or Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'Awati Wal-Jihad (People Committed to the Prophet's Teachings
Bolle, Catherine De. Commissioner of Belgium Federal Police. ES102, 2016
Bollier, Edwin. (See Lockerbie) ES40, 2006
Bollier, Edwin. (See Lockerbie). ES2, 2001
Bolotov, Valery. ES95, 2015
Bolschwing, Otto Von. (See CIA-Nazi agents). ES26, 2004
Bolshoy Moscvoretsky Bridge, Moscow. Spy Series 10. Bridges of Theatre and Danger. An engaging article examining well and little known bridges and their association with important international spy and intelligence events. Major Feature. ES117, 2018
Bolton, John. ES116, 2018
Bolton, John. National Security Advisor. USA. The Hawk Returns. Feature. ES115, 2018
Bolton, John. US National Security Advisor. China cyber warning. ES120, 2019
Bolton, John. US National Security Advisor. ES118, 2018
Bomb Disposal. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 7 - Spy Tradecraft). ES83, 2013
Bombe. (See codebreaking) ES74, 2011
Bombe. Bletchley Park. ES25, 2004
Bombe. ES82, 2012
Bombes. ES40, 2006
Bombes. ES78, 2012
Bombs in Mail. (Countermeasures). See Spy Tradecraft. ES44, 2006
Bonad Research Centre, Iran. ES69, 2010
Bonaparte, Napoleon. Poison plot. Feature. ES34, 2005
Bond, James. 007 a useful but troublesome recruiting tool - MI6. Feature. ES116, 2018
Bond, James. New posters created by artist James Hart Dyke to celebrate '50 Years of James Bond'. Collection called 'Everything or Nothing'. ES82, 2012
Bond, James. See Camp X. ES98, 2015
Bondar, Mikhail. ES111, 2017
Bondarev, Viktor. Chairman of the Defence and Security Committee, Russia. ES114, 2018
Bondarev, Viktor. Russian Air Force Commander. ES100, 2015
Bonham Auction House. See Spy Memorabilia. Spy Artefacts. Eye Spy examines some interest intelligence and espionage related artefacts making international news and lots of money. Feature. Spies and Deception: Cameras, Pencils, Vehicles and Espionage. ES117, 2018
Bonighton, Ron. DSD Director. ES13, 2002
Bonneville, Hugh. The Quiet Englishwomen. Feature on Hugh Bonneville and family connections to MI6. ES102, 2016
Bonnie and Clyde. (See FBI) ES46, 2006
Bonsall, Sir Arthur. ES75, 2011
Bonsall, Sir Arthur. GCHQ. ES109, 2017
Booby-trapped case. ES63, 2009
Boodle's Club. ES60, 2008
Book of Genesis. (See The Bible Code). ES22, 2003
Book of Honour. See CIA. CIA Stars (carvings). Honouring fallen agents. Feature. ES112, 2017
Boone, David Sheldon. ES3, 2001
Boorda, Mike. ES57, 2008
Boothby, Lord. ES100, 2015
Booz Allen Hamilton. ES86, 2013
Booz Allen Hamilton. NSA contractor charged with biggest theft of intelligence material in US history. Prime Suspect. Major Feature. ES110, 2017
Bor-5. Russia's unmanned Space Shuttle sold in America (photo essay). ES8, 2002
Border Security. AQ infiltration from Canada and Mexico. ES50, 2007
Border Security. See Tradecraft. Technological Spycraft. (TC) Major Feature. ES119, 2019
Borene, Andrew. ES78, 2012
Borges, Julio Andre. ES117, 2018
Borghild Project. Feature. ES75, 2011
Borglum Abbey. ES82, 2012
Borisov, Boyko. ES81, 2012
Borisov, Yuri Ivanovich. Russia Deputy Defence Minister for Defence and Space Industry. ES117, 2018
Borodai, Alexander. ES92, 2014
Borodin, Maxim. Journalist murdered. Feature. ES115, 2018
Borodin, Pavel. Spy Exchange. Feature. ES1, 2001
Borodin, Pavel. Spy Exchange. Feature. ES4, 2001
Borough Market. See London Bridge terrorist attack. Eight dead as ISIS terror cell strikes. Anatomy of a Terrorist Attack. Major Feature. ES110, 2017
Boroujerdi, Alaeddin. ES97, 2015
Bortko, Vladimir. ES119, 2019
Bortnikov, Aleksander. FSB Director. Kremlin considers merging intelligence agencies. Feature. Intelligence Service of Russia. ES117, 2018
Bortnikov, Alexander. ES112, 2017
Bortnikov, Alexander. ES82, 2012
Bortnikov, Alexander. ES85, 2013
Bortnikov, Alexander. ES96, 2015
Bortnikov, Alexander. FSB Director on expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats and spies from Russian Embassy in USA. ES107, 2017
Bortnikov, Alexander. FSB Director. (See Domodedovo Airport bombing). ES72, 2011
Bortnikov, Alexander. FSB Director. ES100, 2015
Bortnikov, Alexander. FSB Director. ES101, 2016
Bortnikov, Alexander. FSB Director. ES109, 2017
Bortnikov, Alexander. FSB. Sanctions. ES92, 2014
Bortnikov, Alexander. US and Russian intelligence meet in Washington. Operations against ISIS discussed. ES114, 2018
Borynski, Henry. See Clergy. Religious figures who have featured in the world of intelligence. Clergy Spies. Major Feature. ES104, 2016
BOS. Black Operations Section. ES67, 2010
Bosch, Hieronymus. ES108, 2017
Boscobel Airport, Jamaica. ES72, 2011
Boscombe Down. Secret UK research facility. ES34, 2005
Boshirov, Ruslan. A.k.a. GRU Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga. See Skripal, Sergei. ES118, 2018
Bosnia. ES62, 2009
Bosnia. Praljak, Slobodan. General. Death of. Alternative Option. Feature. ES113, 2018
BOSS. South African Bureau and State Security. ES8, 2002
Bossard, Frank. ES65, 2009
Bossenmaier, Greta. Head of Canada's Communications Security Establishment - CSE. ES105, 2016
Boston Harbor. ES31, 2005
Boston Marathon Bombing. Attackers had support. Third Party. Feature. ES96, 2015
Boston Marathon Bombing. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev appears in court. ES86, 2013
Boston Marathon Bombing. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sentenced to death. ES97, 2015
Boston Marathon Bombing. ES100, 2015
Boston Marathon Bombing. Feature. Anatomy of the Boston Marathon Bombing. ES85, 2013
Boston Marathon Bombing. Feature. Bizarre fascination with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. ES86, 2013
Boston Marathon Bombing. Feature. Warning Provided: Tamerlan Tsarnaev. ES85, 2013
Boston. Terror target. ES65, 2009
Boswell, Eric. ES83, 2013
Botnets. (See Cyber Weapons). ES73, 2011
Botnets. (See Cyber). ES68, 2010
Botox. (See Rakhman). ES67, 2010
Botulinum. Use of chemicals (multi-variety and deadly) by Intelligence organisations. Poison Deduction: The Assassins Playground. Major Feature. ES115, 2018
Botulism. (See Rakhman's Botox - FSB). ES67, 2010
Botulism. (See Super Terrorism). ES5, 2001
Boucher, Jon. Chief Constable, PSNI. ES114, 2018
Bouchikhi, Ahmed. See Assassination: Murder Most Foul. ES120, 2019
Bouchiki, Ahmed. (See Wrath of God). ES68, 2010
Bouchoucha, Mokhtar. ES8, 2002
Boudchar, Fatima. MI6 threads to alleged CIA abduction operation to be heard in court. Deep Black. Feature. ES108, 2017
Boudchar, Fatima. UK officially apologies to extraordinary rendition victims without referencing its role or that of British Intelligence. See also Belhaj, Abdel Hakin. Feature. The Telephone Call. ES116, 2018
Bought Journalists. See Fourth Estate. A Most Dangerous Liaison? The intelligence and media world. Feature ES94, 2014.
Bouhadjar, Mounir Rarmoul. ES94, 2014
Bouhlel, Mohamed Lahouaiej. ES107, 2017
Bouhlel, Mohamed Lahouaiej. See Nice, France. Promenade des Anglais terrorist attack using a truck kills 80 people. ISIS responsible. Terror in Nice. Feature. ES104, 2016
Boular, Rizlaine. ES116, 2018
Boular, Safaa. ES116, 2018
Bouman, Gerard. AIVD Director - Dutch Intelligence) ES69, 2010
Boumeddiene, Hayat. See ISIS Charlie Hebdo attack, Paris. ES95, 2015
Boundless Informant. (See Prism Surveillance). ES86, 2013
Bourgass, Kamel ES84, 2013
Bourgass, Kamel. (See AQ Manchester to Abbottabad). ES74, 2011
Bourgass, Kamel. (See Operation Salt). ES33, 2005
Bourgass, Kamel. Cheetham Hill, Manchester. (See also - Operation Pathway). ES33, 2005
Bourgass, Kamel. ES79, 2012
Bourgass, Kamel. ES89, 2014
Bourgass, Kamel. ES96, 2014
Bourgass, Kamel. ES98, 2015
Bourgass, Kamel. pseudonyms - listing). ES33, 2005
Bourget, Jacques-Marie. ES116, 2018
Bourne Identity. See Spies on Screen. Feature. ES99, 2015
Bourne, Ruth. Bletchley Park codebreaker meets Queen Elizabeth as she unveils plaque at former HQ building in London commemorating 100 years of operations. Heads of GCHQ, MI6 and MI5 attend ceremony. Feature. ES120, 2019
Boutrab, Abbas. (aka Yocef Djafari). Feature - The Identity Man. ES38, 2006
Boutrab, Abbas. (See Operation Seagram). ES60, 2009
Boutrab, Abbas. ES51, 2007
Bouvier Des Flandres. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Bouyeri, Mohammed. ES30 2004/5
Bowditch, David. FBI Deputy Director. ES115, 2018
Bowen, Bob. Commanding Officer USS Decatur. ES118, 2018
Bower, Christopher. ES57, 2008
Bowers, Jim. ES60, 2009
Bowers, Robert. See Pittsburgh, USA. Snag terror attack. ES119, 2019
Bowers, Veronica. (See Peru aircraft shoot-down). ES2, 2001
Bowers, Veronica. ES60, 2009
Bowmanville, Camp 30. German POW camp in Canada. Feature. ES18, 2003
Bowser, Mary Elizabeth. ES49, 2007
Bowser, Mary Elizabeth. Feature. Union Spy in the Confederate White House. ES56, 2008
Bowser, William. ES56, 2008
Box 500. MI5 wartime address. ES93, 2013
Box. See MI5. ES7, 2002
Boxcar. ES9, 2002
Boyce, Ernest. MI6. ES4, 2001
Boyce, Ralph. ES14, 2002
Boyce, Sir Michael. ES16, 2003
Boyd, Daniel Patrick. ES64, 2009
Boyd, Douglas. Former British intelligence operator recounts his work and reveals a Stalin programme resulting in thousands of deaths. Cold War and Daughters of the KGB. Feature. ES96, 2015
Boysen, Harro Schultz. Red Orchestra. The building and operations of Russia's Europe-wide spy network in WWII. Secret History. Major Feature. ES120, 2019
Bozdag, Bekir. Turkey Justice Minister. ES107, 2017
Bozhenov, Sergei. ES89, 2014
Bozhok, Yehor. SZRU Chairman. ES119, 2019
BP Norway Statoil. (See Ain Amenas Gas Field) ES84, 2013.
BP. (See Lockerbie). ES69, 2010
BPA. British Polygraph Association. ES96, 2015
BPPA. British Press Photographers' Association. ES67, 2010
Braak, Willem Ter. Operation Lena Spy. German WWII pre-invasion plan to insert spies into Britain. Feature. ES110, 2017
Brabazon, Reginald. 12th Earl of Meath. ES100, 2015
Bracken Brendon. On fake news. ES110, 2017
Bracken, Brendan. Minister of Information. See BBC. Secret BBC spy broadcasts. Legacy. Feature. ES99, 2015
Bracken, Brendan. PWE. ES35, 2005
Bracks, Steve. ES37, 2005
Bradford University. (See Katia Zatuliveter). ES72, 2011
Bradley, Ben. ES34, 2005
Bradley, James F. Operation Ivy Bells. ES65, 2009
Bradley, Omar. General. US. See also FUSAG. First US Army Group. See Spycraft. Counter Intelligence. The Secret World of. Part 3 (TC). Major tradecraft feature by Dr Chris Northcott. ES107, 2017
Bradley, Omar. Lt. General. (See Chanticleer). ES74, 2011
Braham, Philippe. See ISIS Charlie Hebdo attack, Paris. ES95, 2015
Brahim, Ahmed. AQ banker in Spain arrested. ES9, 2002
Brahmi, Mohamed. Opposition leader assassinated by al-Qaida. ES86, 2013
Braille, Louis. (See Napoleon, Bonaparte. Feature. Napoleon's Codes: The Art of Nightwriting). ES83, 2013
Brain Drain. CIA programme lures Iran's nuclear specialists. Feature. ES53, 2008
Brainwashing. See Manchurian Candidates. ES99, 2015
Branch Davidian. Cult. ES2, 2001
Branch, Ted. US Navy Rear Admiral. See US Navy. Corruption probe. Strange but True. Feature. ES101, 2016
Brandon, Marine Lieutenant. ES61, 2009
Brandt, Willy. ES84, 2013
Brandt, Willy. German Chancellor. ES115, 2018
Brandt, Willy. West Germany Chancellor. ES101, 2016
Bratton, Bill. New York City Police Commissioner. ES94, 2014
Bratton, Bill. NYPD Commissioner. ES113, 2018
Brauer, USAF Colonel Richard. ES87, 2013
Braun, Eva. ES75, 2011
Bravo Two Zero. ES1, 2001
Bravo, Rafael Juan. Espionage case. ES4, 2001
Bravo, Rafael Juan. Security guard faces prison. ES7, 2002
Breach. (See Hollywood/Intelligence Movies). ES47, 2007
Breach. (See Spying and the Movies). ES47, 2006
Breach. Intelligence and Media. When intelligence services engage with film and television. Feature. ES120, 2019
Brebera, Stanislav. Inventor of Semtex. ES10, 2002
Brecon Beacons, Wales. See SAS. ES110, 2017
Breedove, Philip. USAF General. ES102, 2016
Breen, Timothy. ES62, 2009
Bregman, Ahron. ES50, 2007
Bregman, Ahron. ES59, 2008
Bregman, Ahron. ES69, 2010
Breguet, Bruno. ES4, 2001
Breguet, Bruno. ES62, 2009
Breivik, Anders Behring. Echoes of Oklahoma. Feature on terrorist who killed 77 people in attack in Norway. ES75, 2011
Breivik, Anders Behring. ES79, 2012
Breivik, Anders. ES100, 2015
Breivik, Anders. Intel failures - PST intelligence service could have prevented Oslo terrorist attack. ES81, 2012
Breivik, Behring. ES105, 2016
Bremer, Paul. ES20, 2003
Brennan, John. Announces new Mission Centers at Langley. Feature. ES96, 2015
Brennan, John. Appoints new NCS chief. ES85, 2013
Brennan, John. CIA accused of spying on Senate. Feature. ES90, 2014
Brennan, John. CIA Director. ES66, 2010
Brennan, John. CIA Director. ES87, 2013
Brennan, John. D/CIA and National Security Advisor. See also TS/SCI. President Trump ponders removing security clearance of several high profile intelligence figures. Major Feature. Intelligence Games: Security Clearance Conundrum. ES117, 2018
Brennan, John. D/CIA on President Trump. ES107, 2017
Brennan, John. Diversity in Leadership Study. CIA. ES99, 2015
Brennan, John. E-mail account hacked. ES100, 2015
Brennan, John. ES105, 2016
Brennan, John. ES110, 2017
Brennan, John. ES113, 2018
Brennan, John. ES60, 2009
Brennan, John. ES91, 2014
Brennan, John. Extraordinary Rendition. ES95, 2015
Brennan, John. New CIA Director appointed. ES84, 2013
Brennan, John. Secret trip to Moscow. ES86, 2013
Brennan, John. Speaking on ISIS communications. ES102, 2016
Brennan, John. The ISIS Caliphate. CIA Director's misreading of terror group. ES93, 2014
Brennan, John. Tipped as new Director of CIA. ES83, 2013
Brenner, Joel. Counter Intelligence Chief. ODNI. ES62, 2009
Brenton, Sir Michael. ES78, 2012
Brenton, Tony. Former UK ambassador to Russia. ES106, 2016
Brenton, Tony. UK Ambassador to Russia. ES104, 2016
Brenton, Tony. UK Ambassador to Russia. ES119, 2019
Breslau, Jeff. ES39, 2006
Brexit. Former Chief of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove on intel-sharing following UK exit from EU. ES120, 2019
Brexit. GCHQ Director Jeremy Fleming and key NATO officials warn that political events such as Brexit must not destabilise security and intelligence sharing. Feature. The Alliance: Genuine Fear of Fracture. ES116, 2018
BREXIT. Glenmore Trenear-Harvey examines implications for intelligence collection and sharing should Britain vote to leave European Union. Feature. ES102, 2016
Brexit. Intelligence chiefs on European security and liaisons. ES103, 2016
Brexit. Intelligence sharing implications. Brexit Spies and the Poker Game. Feature. ES111, 2017
Brezhnev, Leonid. ES3, 2001
Brick Lane, London. ES93, 2014
Bridge Of No Return. DMZ, Korea. ES63, 2009
Bridge of Spies. (See also Glienicke Bridge, Berlin and Major Arthur D. Nicholson). ES74, 2011
Bridge of Spies. Intelligence and Media. When intelligence services engage with film and television. Feature. ES120, 2019
Bridge of Spies. See Spies on Screen. Feature. ES99, 2015
Bridge to China Town. (AQ surveillance). ES44, 2006
Bridges, Edward. Permanent Secretary to the Treasury. ES113, 2018
Bridges, Sir Edward. Investigation into authorisation of Lionel Crabb mission. ES46, 2006
Bridges. See Espionage. Spy Series 10. Bridges of Theatre and Danger. An engaging article examining well and little known bridges and their association with important international spy and intelligence events. Major Feature. ES117, 2018
Bridgewire detonator. ES75, 2011
Briggens, Stanstead Abbots. (See SOE Station 14). ES8, 2002
Bright, Martin. See also Katherine Gun. ES101, 2016
Brighton Bombing. See Grand Hotel, Brighton. ES108, 2017
Brigitte. (See ASIO). ES22, 2003
Brinkley, Douglas. ES110, 2017
Brinkmann, Professor Bern. ES91, 2014
Brinsolaro, Franck. See ISIS Charlie Hebdo attack, Paris. ES95, 2015
Brisson, Richard. ES79, 2012
Britani-al, Abu Abdullah. ES105, 2016
British Airways Call Centre employee charged with terror offences. ES67, 2010
British Airways Flight 223. AQ deception operation targeted White House. Feature. ES23, 2004
British Airways. Airliner targeted by AQ. ES41, 2006
British Airways. Anti-missile technology. ES20, 2003
British Airways. ES107, 2017
British Armed Forces. Green light for females to join elite UK Special Forces. ES119, 2019
British Army Marines. Video shows bravery. ES46, 2007
British Army. 29 Commando Royal Engineers [29]. ES110, 2017
British Army. 59 Commando Royal Engineers. ES110, 2017
British Army. Soldiers killed by terrorists in Northern Ireland. ES62, 2009
British Army. Translator accused of spying for Iran. Feature. Code and Spies. ES59, 2008
British Army. Translator charged with espionage. ES46, 2007
British Army. UK forces in joint manoeuvres with Polish counterparts. ES94, 2014
British Consulate, La Marsa, Tunis. See MI6 The Art of Spycraft. Paintings, Lithographs, Carvings, Artefacts and Spy Relevance. Fascinating look at the history of items which all have an intelligence relevance and adorn the walls and offices in MI6's Vauxhall headquarters. A historical walk back in time. Major Feature. Part One. ES114, 2018
British Consulate, New York 2007 terror attack. ES86, 2013
British Consulate, New York. Attack. ES35, 2005
British Council. Russia accuses organisation as front for MI6 espionage activities. ES54, 2008
British East Indian Company. ES77, 2012
British Embassies increase security over AQ attack fears. ES23, 2004
British Embassy, Berlin. ES88, 2013
British Embassy, Moscow. ES39, 2006
British Embassy, Moscow. ES42, 2006
British Embassy, Moscow. ES57, 2008
British Embassy, Moscow. ES70, 2010
British Embassy, Moscow. Russia inventing British spy operations for media exploitation. Diplomatic Spy Games. Feature. ES102, 2016
British Embassy, Moscow. Tested for Polonium-210. ES49, 2007
British Embassy, Skopje, Macedonia. AQ plot to attack embassy foiled. ES8, 2008
British Embassy, Tehran. Basij Militia and MI6. Storming of the British Embassy. Feature. ES89, 2014
British Embassy, Tehran. Compound stormed as Iran search for intelligence backfires. ES77, 2012
British Film Studios, Denham, Buckinghamshire. ES101, 2016
British Forces, Gibraltar. ES59, 2008
British Government rules out intelligence services merger. ES37, 2005
British Government. Feature. Mind Games. Plot to bring down the Government. ES40, 2006
British Government. Launch of biometric passports. ES39, 2006
British Government. The Al-Qaida-Taliban Dossier. Major 70-Point Feature. ES5, 2001
British Intelligence aware of OBL threat prior to 9/11/ Feature. ES10, 2010
British Intelligence chiefs take delivery of new specially built vehicles. ES60, 2009
British Intelligence papers found on a Waterloo-bound train. ES57, 2008
British Intelligence security minister warns of a 'great AQ plot forming'. ES59, 2008
British Intelligence. 500 Spy Sites of London. Feature. ES91, 2014
British Intelligence. A Dilemma. Implications of an independent Scotland. Feature. ES91, 2014
British Intelligence. Documents released on secret MI6 bank accounts, UK intelligence front companies, Profumo affair and suspected foreign agents and Communists. Dark Money, Communists and Nazi Spies. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
British Intelligence. Major release of intelligence files from National Archives. Feature. ES58, 2008
British Intelligence. Operational Improvement Review (OIR). UK. ES113, 2018
British Intelligence. Recruiting Clubs of Pall Mall, London. ES92, 2014
British Intelligence. Spying on Lawyers. Feature. ES94, 2014
British Marine Aircraft Ltd. ES100, 2015
British military agents appeal in Irish courts. ES9, 2002
British military intelligence collusion in paramilitary killings in Northern Ireland. ES17, 2003
British Museum, London. ES83, 2013
British Muslim Soldier - kidnap plot foiled by MI5. ES46, 2006
British Psychological Society. Division of Forensic Psychology. ES110, 2017
British soldier jailed for abuse. ES48, 2007
British Telecommunications System 4. ES77, 2012
British Transport Police. ES34, 2005
British-Russian relations. ES72, 2011
Brittan, Leon. ES98, 2015
Britten, Douglas. Submarines, Spies and Cables. Feature on espionage and intelligence topics on the island of Cyprus. ES87, 2013
Britton, Maxwell. Dr. (See Operation Coldfeet). ES80, 2012
Brixmis Headquarters, Potsdam. ES39, 2006
Brixmis. British Commander-in-Chief Mission to Soviet Union in West Germany. Intelligence collection and disruption. ES34, 2005
Brixmis. Cold War defections. ES43, 2006
Brixmis. ES103, 2016
Brixmis. May Day Buccaneers. Feature. (Soviet tank details plundered). ES39, 2006
BRN. Barisan Revolusi Nasional. ES99, 2015
BRN-C. Barisan Revolusi Nasional Cordinate. ES99, 2015
Broadwater III, Colby. Commander NATO forces in Europe. ES16, 2003
Broadway Buildings. MI6. ES57, 2008
Broadway, London. MI6 HQ. ES117, 2018
Broadwell, Paula. (See General David Patraeus). ES82, 2012
Broadwell, Paula. ES106, 2016
Broadwell, Paula. ES95, 2015
Brochardt. SS Colonel General. ES111, 2017
Brock, Walter De. ES15, 2003
Brocoli, Barbara. ES82, 2012
Broda, Engelbert. (See KGB's Atomic Recruiters). ES47, 2007
Broda, Hildegarde. (See KGB's Atomic Recruiters). ES47, 2007
Brodie, Laurie. ES45, 2006
Brodsky, Uri. ES70, 2010
Broekhoff, Kurt. See Holland. A Spy's Playground ES103, 2016.
Broidy, Elliott. See Qatar. Qatar Cyber Games. Feature. ES118, 2018
Brokaw, Tom. (See Anthrax attacks). ES38, 2006
Brokaw, Tom. ES58, 2008
Brokenshire, James. ES92, 2014
Brompton Oratory. ES56 2008
Brompton Oratory. ES97, 2015
Brompton Oratory. KGB dead letter drops. Feature. ES27, 2004
Brompton Road Station. Use of by intelligence, military and government bodies. Ghost Stations. Feature. ES97, 2015
Brooke, Gerald. ES115, 2018
Brookes, Commander (MI6 recruiter). See Gaul. ES2, 2001
Brookes, Commander. (See MV Gaul). ES70, 2010
Brookes, Commander. MI6. See Submarine. Contact: Submarines and Espionage. Feature. An indepth look at the use of submarines in intelligence collection and warfare. ES94, 2014
Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). ES118, 2018
Brooklands race track. ES100, 2015
Brooklyn AQ terror cell. (See Able Danger). ES46, 2006
Brooklyn Bridge, New York. Spy Series 10. Bridges of Theatre and Danger. An engaging article examining well and little known bridges and their association with important international spy and intelligence events. Major Feature. ES117, 2018
Brooklyn Bridge. Plot to bring down iconic New York bridge. Feature. ES18, 2003
Brooklyn Bridge. Terrorist plot. ES75, 2011
Brooks, Elizabeth. ES85, 2013
Brooks, Leonard. ES109, 2017
Brooks, Linton F. ES13, 2002
Brooks, Vincent. ES17, 2003
Brooks's Club, London. Feature. ES99, 2015
Brosnan, Pierce. ES117, 2018
Brosnan, Pierce. See Spy Films. ES93, 2014
Brothers to the Rescue. Pro-US Cuban group. ES104, 2016
Browder, Bill. ES116, 2018
Brown, Dan. ES30 2004/5
Brown, Dan. ES40, 2006
Brown, Gordon. Assassination plot. Feature. ES58, 2008
Brown, Gordon. ES52, 2007
Brown, Gordon. Prime Minister UK. ES64, 2009
Brown, Tommy. (See Enigma). ES8, 2002
Browne, Coral. ES100, 2015
Browne, Des. ES42, 2006
Browne, John. ES15, 2003
Brownell, George. ES24, 2004
Bruce, David K. E. (See The Room). ES42, 2006
Brucia, Carlile. ES44, 2006
Brudzinski, Joachim. Internal Affair Minister. Poland. ES120, 2019
Brunn, James V. NKVD. ES63, 2009
Brunner, Alois. (See Adolf Eichmann). ES18, 2003
Brunner, Alois. ES82, 2012
Bruno, Emilio. ES91, 2014
Brush Pass. See Tradecraft - Origins of the Brush Pass. Feature. ES29, 2004
Brush Pass. See Tradecraft. 10 Communication Methods. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
Brussel, James. (See Profiling a Terrorist). ES38, 2006
Brussel, James. See TAP. Terrorist Attack Profile. Primary dimensions. ES110, 2017
Brussels Zaventem Airport, Belgium. ISIS terrorists suicide bombers strike at Brussels Airport. Burning Brussels: Europe's Achilles Heel. Major Feature. ES102, 2016
Brussels, Belgium. ISIS lone wolf attacks troops. Feature. ES111, 2017
Brussels, Belgium. Maelbeek Metro Station. ISIS suicide bomber kills four people. See also Brussels Zaventem Airport, Belgium. ES102, 2016
Brussels, Belgium. Security services arrest Salah Abdeslam and shoot dead terrorists - wanted in connection with 13 November ISIS attacks in France. The Running Man. Major Feature. ES102, 2016
Brussels. Counter-terrorist summit targeted by AQ. 12 raids across Belgium thwarts major attack. ES60, 2009
BRUSU Agreement. ES86, 2013
Bryans, James Lonsdale. ES58, 2008
Bryant, Chris. (See Hacking). ES73, 2011
Brynes, James. US Secretary of State. ES103, 2016
Brzeinski, Mark. US Ambassador to Sweden. ES112, 2017
Brzezinski, Zbigniew. ES33, 2005
BSC. British Security Coordination. British Intelligence. 500 Spy Sites of London. Feature. ES91, 2014
BSC. British Security Coordination. ES101, 2016
BSC. British Security Coordination. ES103, 2016
BSC. British Security Coordination. ES12, 2002
BSC. British Security Coordination. Feature - MI6 Organisation and Operations in USA. ES52, 2007
BSC. ES82, 2012
BSC. See Fourth Estate, The. A Most Dangerous Liaison? The intelligence and media world. Feature ES94, 2014.
BSC. See Propaganda. All media platforms. ES97, 2015
BSC. See Spy Sites. Spy locations used by agents in London in the run-up to the invasion of Europe. VE Day & The D-Day Spies. Feature. ES97, 2015
BSO. British Security Organisation. ES60, 2008
BSU. Behavioural Science Unit. MI5. ES107, 2017
BT Laboratories Martlesham. ES58, 2008
BT Tower, London. Feature. Towering Interception. MI6 signals intercepted. ES70, 2010
BT Tower. Location 23. See Counter Intelligence (Spycraft). ES106, 2016
Bubanov, Yuri. ES61, 2009
Bubay, Tuncay. (See Mossad - Toronto). ES47, 2007
Bubble, The. See CIA headquarters. ES102, 2016
Bubble. (See Signals Jamming). ES74, 2011
Bubbles. SCIF. Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities. Origins, development and use of. Major Feature. TC. ES118, 2018
Bubonic Plague. (See Super Terrorism). ES5, 2001
Buchan, John. The Thirty Nine Steps. ES51, 2007
Buchan, Stefan. See Project 6. ES87, 2013
Buchanan, Jessica. ES78, 2012
Buck, Oliver. FBI. See Waldorf Astoria Hotel. ES94, 2014
Buckchiki, Ahmed. ES86, 2013
Buckeye. (See Camp David). ES54, 2008
Buckie, Scotland. See Vera Schalburg. ES94, 2014
Buckingham Palace. ES85, 2013
Buckingham Palace. ISIS lone wolf attacks police. Feature. ES111, 2017
Buckingham Palace. Security and SO14. ES21, 2003
Buckingham University Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies. ES75, 2011
Buckinghamshire, England. Espionage, operations, spies and intelligence figures linked to county of Buckinghamshire. Buckinghamshire Spies: 600 Years of Spies, Villains and Spycatchers. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
Buckler's Hard, Hampshire. ES100, 2015
Buckley, David. CIA Inspector General. ES95, 2015
Buckmaster, Maurice. Head of French Section SOE. ES93, 2014
Budapest, Hungary. Siege of. 1945. See also Wallenberg, Raoul. ES112, 2017
Bude Station, Cornwall. Royal visit. GCHQ. ES103, 2016
Budiansky, Stephen. ES61, 2009
Budyonnovsk. Hospital siege. ES89, 2013
Buenos Aires. ES52, 2007
Buenos Aires. Officials voice fear of AQ attacks in Argentina. ES5, 2001
Buenos Aries. ES79, 2012
Bug Awareness. (See Listening Devices). ES44, 2006
Bug Deactivator. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES41, 2006
Bug Detection. ES38, 2006
Bug Location. (See Bugs - Spy Tradecraft). ES48, 2007
Bug. First reference to 'bug' in relation to espionage and computers. ES75, 2011
Bugging. MI5 operations against IRA. ES32, 2005
Bugs. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES48, 2007
Bugs. See Cell Phone Interception Countermeasures. See Tradecraft - Targets and Opportunity. Feature. (TC) ES92, 2014
Bugs. See Tradecraft. ES87, 2013
BUK-M missile system. NATO reporting name SA-6 GAMEFUL. ES92, 2014
Bulanov, Vladimir. (See Brixmis). ES34, 2005
Bulava missile programme. NATO reporting name - SS-NX-30. Feature. ES80, 2012
Bulava missile system. ES77, 2012
Bulavin, Vladimir Ivanovich. ES49, 2007
Bulgaria. Bulgarian intelligence liaise with MI6 over previous attack linked to Novichok. The Third Man. Feature. ES120, 2019
Bulgaria. Burgas Israeli tourist bus bombers identified. ES84, 2013
Bulgaria. Zayed, Omar Nayef. See also Hamas. Assassination of Hamas UAV specialist in Tunisia blamed on the Mossad. Death of the Engineer. The Tunisian Sanction. Feature. ES107, 2017
Bulgarian (DS) - KGB. (See Georgi Markov). ES34, 2005
Bulgarian bus bombing. Hezbollah agents attack Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. Feature. The Anniversary Bomber. ES81, 2012
Bulgarian Intelligence. ES33, 2005
Bulgarian radio transmissions. ES72, 2011
Bulgarov, Rakim. See Ataturk Airport, Istanbul. ES104, 2016
Bull, Gerald. Iraq Super Gun. See Eye Spy Intelligence Review. ES100, 2015
Bull, Gerald. Project Babylon assassination. ES81, 2012
Bull, Gerald. Supergun creator assassination story. ES67, 2010
Bull, Gerald. Was Super Gun Engineer Assassinated by Mossad? Feature. ES15, 2003
Bull, Gerland. ES117, 2018
Bull, Thomas Tollemache Jackson Dr. See Cavell, Edith. ES99, 2015
Buller, Eliza Manningham. Director-General MI5 - The Security Service. Comments on Iraq. ES75, 2011
Buller, Eliza Manningham. Doubts over Iraq intelligence. ES69, 2010
Buller, Eliza Manningham. ES100, 2015
Buller, Eliza Manningham. ES103, 2016
Buller, Eliza Manningham. ES38, 2006
Buller, Eliza Manningham. Feature - MIT Warning [AQ]. ES45, 2006
Buller, Eliza Manningham. Honoured. ES67, 2010
Buller, Eliza Manningham. MI5 stepping down. ES46, 2007
Buller, Eliza Manningham. New Director-General of MI5. ES10, 2002
Buller, Eliza Manningham. Photo essay. ES24, 2004
Buller, Eliza Manningham. Rejects 42 day holding period for suspected terrorists. ES57, 2008
Buller, Eliza Manningham. Warns impossible to stop every terrorist attack. ES11, 2002
Buller, Eliza Manninghan. Former MI5 Director-General honoured. ES47, 2007
Buller, Elizabeth Manningham. ES108, 2017
Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham. ES76, 2011
Bullrun. See The Holy Grail. Encryption security protocols of Internet broken by NSA and GCHQ. Feature. ES87, 2013
Bunch, Jim. ES44, 2006
Bundesstelle fur Fernmeldestatistik (Federal Bureau of Telecommunications Statistics), See also Gehlen Organisation. ES88, 2013
Bunker Busting Bombs. ES32, 2005
Buns, William. (Liaisons with Musa Kusa). (See Lockerbie). ES7, 2002
Buqali-al, Muhammad al-Ahmad. ES101, 2016
Burba, Elisabetta. (See Iraq-Niger document affair). ES28, 2004
Bureau of Diplomatic Security. USA. Security at existing and new US Embassy in London. Feature. ES90, 2014
Bureau of Diplomatic Security. USA. Weapons Training. Feature. ES90, 2014
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. State Department. ES99, 2015
Bureau of Ships. US. See Strange But True. Feature. ES117, 2018
Burevestnik missile. Storm Petral. ES118, 2018
Burgas International Airport, Bulgaria. ES81, 2012
Burger, Adolf. ES78, 2012
Burger, Ernest Peter. ES73, 2011
Burger, Ernst Peter. See Long Island. The Spies of Long Island. Major Feature. ES118, 2018
Burgess, Bruce. See Litvinenko. ES96, 2015
Burgess, Guy. (See Cambridge Spy Ring). ES9, 2002
Burgess, Guy. ES5, 2001
Burgess, Guy. ES82, 2012
Burgess, Guy. Rare material discovered on infamous Cambridge Spy Ring member. Feature. ES96, 2015
Burgess, Guy. Received UK money whilst in Russia. ES2, 2001
Burgess, Guy. Release of new files. Stalin's Englishman. Feature. ES100, 2015
Burgess, Guy. See also Mitrokhin Archive. ES92, 2014
Burgess, Guy. See Garlic Memo. Strange But True. Feature. ES99, 2015
Burgess, Howard Benjamin. Feature - The Strange Demise of -. ES15, 2003
Burgess, Michael. ES32, 2005
Burgess, Mike. Director-General ASD. Australia. ES119, 2019
Burgess, Ronald. DIA Director. ES73, 2011
Burke, Arliegh. Admiral. US Navy. ES119, 2019
Burke, David. ES58, 2008
Burke, Frank. ES46, 2007
Burkina Faso. AQIM terrorists attack Splendid Hotel and Cappuccino restaurant in Ouagadougou killing 29 guests and staff. See Clean Skins. Intelligence analysts face difficult times as lone wolf attacks around the world by non-flagged individuals increases. The Watchers. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
Burkino Faso troops trained by AFRICOM. ED83, 2013
Burley, Leeds. (See 7/7 bomb factory). ES34, 2005
Burley, Leeds. (See 7/7 London bombings). ES48, 2007
Burlingame III, Charles. (Flight 77). ES53, 2008
Burnett, Ian. QC. (See Diana Inquest). ES54, 2008
Burnford House, Bramshore, New Forest. See Cumming, Sir George Mansfield Smith. Ghosts of Mansfield Cumming. Feature. Part Two. ES100, 2015
Burnham, Forbes. President of Guyana. ES94, 2014
Burning Book Memorial, Bebelplatz, Berlin. ES119, 2019
Burr, Richard. Chairman US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. ES111, 2017
Burr, Richard. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman. ES113, 2018
Burrell, Paul. Diana Death Letters. Feature. (See Princess of Wales). ES22, 2003
Burrows, Benjamin. (See Ben Zygier). ES84, 2013
Bursledon Lodge, Hampshire. See Cumming, Sir George Mansfield Smith. Ghosts of Mansfield Cumming. Feature. Part Two. ES100, 2015
Bursledon, Hampshire. ES99 and ES100, 2015
Burt, Alistair. UK Foreign Office Minister. ES119, 2019
Burt, Alistair. Warns of dirty bomb threat to UK. ES82, 2012
Burundi. ES72, 2011
Buryakov, Evgeny. Feature. See also Espionage. Russia espionage in West surpasses Cold War levels. Spymaster: The New Illegals. Major Feature. ES110, 2017
Buryakov, Evgeny. See FBI. FBI dismantle SVR spy ring. The Casino Sting. Feature. ES95, 2015
Busby, Adam. ES91, 2014
Bush House. BBC departs famous London building used by intelligence services, including propaganda elements during WWII and Cold War. Feature. ES81, 2012
Bush House. ES34, 2005
Bush House. See also Caversham Park. Famous BBC Monitoring Station closes its door. Sun Sets at Caversham Park. Feature. ES109, 2017
Bush House. See BBC. Secret BBC spy broadcasts. Legacy. Feature. ES99, 2015
Bush, George H.W. (See The Wilson Plot). ES41, 2006
Bush, George H.W. Director CIA. ES41, 2006
Bush, George H.W. Former D/CIA passes. Feature. ES119, 2019
Bush, George H.W. See CIA. Time capsules buried at CIA headquarters in Virginia. Secret History: Hidden Treasures. Feature. ES114, 2018
Bush, George W. ES104, 2016
Bush, George W. ES72, 2011
Bush, George W. United States of America President. ES100, 2015
Bush, George. Alleged spy recording system worn by President. ES29, 2004
Bush, George. ES28, 2004
Bush, George. ES62, 2009
Bush, George. Faked military service record documents. Feature. A Dirty Business. ES29, 2004
Bush, George. President Bush in State visit to UK. Massive security. Photo essay. ES22, 2003
Bush, George. Visit to London. ES34, 2005
Bush, Irving T. ES81, 2012
Bushehr nuclear plant model at EXPO 2010 Shanghai. ES72, 2011
Bushehr Nuclear Reactor plant, Iran. ES24, 2004
Bushehr Nuclear Reactor plant, Iran. ES69, 2010
Bushehr Nuclear Reactor plant, Iran. ES75, 2011
Bushehr Nuclear Reactor plant, Iran. ES97, 2015
Busic, Bruno. ES120, 2019
Business Round Table. Russia. ES120, 2019
Butcher, Ellie. ES110, 2017
Butchka, Joseph. See Red Eye Sting. ES115, 2018
Butina, Maria. ES120, 2019
Butina, Maria. Russian charged with espionage in the USA. Infiltration and Persuasion. Feature. ES117, 2018
Butkov, Mikhail. ES31, 2005
Butler Report. Scathing 179 page report on the quality of intelligence used in lead up to invasion of Iraq. ES27, 2004
Butler, James. See Tommy Flowers. ES88, 2013
Butov, Mikhail. (See MI6). ES11, 2002
Butt, Haleema. ES110, 2017
Butt, Khuram Shazzad. A.k.a. Abu Zaitun. See London Bridge terrorist attack. Eight dead as ISIS terror cell strikes. Anatomy of a Terrorist Attack. Major Feature. ES110, 2017
Butterfly. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Buttons. (On clothing). See Communication and Espionage. Adventure in Time. Part 3. Major Feature. (TC) ES113, 2018
Buzina, Oles. ES116, 2018
Buzzfeed. See The Skeleton Brief. The Trump Dossier. President Trump's alleged links to Russia and plethora of controversial incidents, conversations and activities produced by former MI6 officer Christopher Steel. Major Feature. ES107, 2017
BWB. Blended Wing Body. Advanced aircraft. ES43, 2006
Byrd, Admiral. ES42, 2006
Byrne, Andrew. ES111, 2017
Byrne, John F. ES70, 2010
Byrne, Malcolm. US National Security Archive. ES87, 2013
Bziyani, Umar. ES26, 2004