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From the pages of Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine since May 2001

G-2. Irish Intelligence. ES8, 2002
G-2. US Counter Intelligence Corp. ES91, 2014
G20 Summit, China. MI5/MI6 counterintelligence warning to delegates. ES105, 2016
G20 Summit, Hangzhou, China. See also Tradecraft. Entrapment and Compromise. ES108, 2017
G20 Summit, London. Event was bugged. ES86, 2013
G8 Summit 2013, Camp David. ES88, 2013
GAAS. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems. ES1, 2001
Gabeik, Jozef. ES97, 2015
Gabriel, Sigmar. German Foreign Minister. ES110, 2017
Gadahn, Adam Yahiye. Al-Qaida's Video Recruiter. Feature. ES61, 2009
Gadahn, Adam. American AQ terrorist charged with treason. ES44, 2006
Gadann, Adam. ES87, 2013
Gaddafi, Colonel Muammar. Alleged MI6 assassination attempt. ES2, 2001
Gaddafi, Colonel Muammar. Condemns 9/11 attacks. ES4, 2001
Gaddafi, Colonel Muammar. ES100, 2015
Gaddafi, Colonel Muammar. ES73, 2011
Gaddafi, Colonel Muammar. ES91, 2014
Gaddafi, Colonel Muammar. Inglorious End. The death of Colonel Gaddafi. ES76, 2011
Gaddafi, Colonel Muammar. Libya agrees to help fight AQ. ES11, 2002
Gaddafi, Colonel Muammar. Several Gaddafi intelligence figures detained and returned to Libya for trial. Senior Service. Feature. ES98, 2015
Gaddafi, Colonel Muammar. The Secret MI6 War. Feature on MI6 operations in Libya, Gaddafi's fall and spy chief Musa Kusa's secret liaisons with Service. ES75, 2011
Gaddafi, Hanna. Mystery of. ES81, 2012
Gaddafi, Muammer. ES108, 2017
Gaddafi, Mutassim. ES69, 2010
Gaddafi, Saadi. Escape to Niger. ES76, 2011
Gaddafi, Saadi. Son of fallen leader threatens to attack Libya. ES78, 2012
Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam. ES73, 2011
Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam. ES98, 2015
Gaddahn, Adam. ES100, 2015
Gade, Soren. ES65, 2009
Gadzhiyev, Pakrudin. ES89, 2014
Gaede, Bill. See Cuba. Cuban spy exchange. ES95, 2015
Gaertner, Lisel. ES9, 2002
Gaffney, Frank. ES15, 2003
Gagarin, Yuri. Famous cosmonaut honoured in London. Feature. ES75, 2011
Gahagan, Daniel. ES46, 2007
Gaidar, Yegor. See Yuri Felshtinsky - Death of a Spy. Interview. ES90, 2014
Galan, Yusef. A.k.a. Luis Jose Galan Gonzalez. ES9, 2002
Galeotti, Mark. ES112, 2017
Galienberg, Germany. ES17, 2003
Galileo. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). See also British Intelligence warn European counterparts not to block access to security platforms. War of Words. Feature. ES116, 2018
Galizia, Daphne Caruana. Maltese journalist assassinated. The Panama Papers. Feature. ES112, 2017
Galizia, Daphne Caruana. The Panama Papers. Feature. ES113, 2018
Galizia, Matthew. ES112, 2017
Gallagher, Gino. ES2, 2001
Galli, Davide. NATO. ES112, 2017
Gallium Nitride. (See Shane Todd). ES84, 2013
Galloway, George. ES17, 2003
Galloway, George. ES30 2004/5
Galloway, George. ES78, 2012
Galloway, George. Fund under scrutiny. ES19, 2003
Galloway, George. MP sues over Iraq intelligence document forgeries. Feature. ES19, 2003
Galloway, George. Voices support for Julian Assange. ES81, 2012
Galtieri, Leopoldo. Argentina General and President. (See Falkland Islands). ES79, 2012
Galtieri, Leopoldo. Argentina General and President. ES28, 2004
Galtieri, Leopoldo. Argentina General and President. ES84, 2013
Gamaleya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. Moscow. ES51, 2007
Gang Warfare. ES58, 2008
Gang, Qin. ES57, 2008
Gangchuan, Cao. Chinese Minister of Defence. ES54, 2008
Gantz, Benny. Lt. General. ES88, 2013
Gantz, Benny. Lt. General. ES92, 2014
Gantz, Benny. Lt. General. IDF Chief of General Staff. Feature. Iran The Red Line. ES77, 2012
GAO. General Accounting Office. ES21, 2003
Garaar, Adnan. ES100, 2015
Garaar, Adnan. See Westgate Mall. ES96, 2015
Garb, Jonathan. See MI6. Cables leaked by alleged mole in SSA expose CIA operation to open dialogue with Hamas. Intel Breach. Feature. ES96, 2015
Garcia, Anthony. ES41, 2006
Garcia, Anthony. ES44, 2006
Garcia, Florez. ES50, 2007
Garcia, Juan Pujol. ES106, 2016
Garcia, Lucile. ES116, 2018
Garda. See also Executive Protection. The Insider Threat. Feature. ES107, 2017
Gardam. Rear-Admiral. ES78, 2012
Garde. ES2, 2001
Garden State Car Rental, Newark International Airport. (See Ziad Jarrah). ES43, 2006
Garden State Rental, Newark. ES43, 2006
Gardiner, Bonnie Magness. Art Theft Programme. FBI. ES99, 2015
Gardiner, Nicholas. Oxfordshire Coroner. (See Dr David Kelly). ES74, 2011
Gardner, Ava. ES89, 2014
Garford, Roger. (See Brixmis). ES34, 2005
Gargash, Anwar Mohammed. Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. UAE. ES98, 2015
Gargash, Anwar Mohammed. UAE Foreign Minister. ES93, 2014
Gargash, Anwar, Dr. UAE Minister for State and Foreign Affairs. ES119, 2019
Gargash, Anwar. UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. ES116, 2018
Gargash, Anwar. UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. ES118, 2018
Gargash, Anwar. UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. ES118, 2018
Garland, Texas. ES97, 2015
Garlic Memo. The. See Strange But True. Feature. ES99, 2015
Garratt, Julia. See China. MSS brand Canadian national a spy. MSS Intel Puzzle. Feature. ES101, 2016
Garratt, Kevin. MSS brand Canadian national a spy. MSS Intel Puzzle. Feature. ES101, 2016
Garrick Club, London. ES115, 2018
Garrie, Adam. ES113, 2018
Garrote. See Tradecraft - Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 6. Feature. (TC) ES93, 2014
Gartin, Joseph. ES111, 2017
Garuda Airways. ES34, 2005
Garzon, Baltasar. ES87, 2014
Garzon, Baltasar. See WikiLeaks. ES118, 2018
Gas Limos Project. Feature. Die Hard with a Vengeance. ES45, 2006
Gas Limos Project. Feature. Intelligence Threads Disabled GLP Project. ES49, 2007
Gas Limos Project. Feature. Plot to Attack US Cities. ES44, 2006
Gas Limos Project. See FBI. ES100, 2015
Gas Limos Project. US and UK surveillance by AQ operators. ES49, 2007
Gasanov, Octai. ES116, 2018
Gasanov, Octali. (See Assassination List. Feature). ES84, 2013
Gasasai, Esmail Mohamed Beigi. ES59, 2008
Gasayev, Aslan. Feature - Black Widows. ES20, 2003
Gasic, Bratislav. New BIA (Security Intelligence Agency Serbia) Director appointed. ES114, 2018
Gatekeeper. See Al-Qaida. ES49, 2007
Gates, Robert. Director CIA. ES41, 2006
Gates, Robert. ES101, 2016
Gates, Robert. ES53, 2008
Gates, Robert. ES57, 2008
Gates, Robert. ES63, 2009
Gates, Robert. ES72, 2011
Gates, Robert. ES83, 2013
Gauci, Anthony. (See Lockerbie). ES2, 2001
Gauci, Anthony. (See Lockerbie). ES72, 2011
Gauck Commission. (See STASI Files). ES8, 2002
Gauck Commission. Examination of STASI files. ES1, 2001
Gauck, Joachim. ES2, 2001
Gauck, Joachim. ES73, 2011
Gauck, Joachim. Germany President. ES92, 2014
Gauck-Behorde Office. (See Gauck Commission). ES73, 2011
Gaudillere, Bernard. ES116, 2018
Gaul MV. Feature. Mystery of the trawler Gaul which sank in Norway's subarctic. ES2, 2001
Gaul MV. Missing British trawler inquiry opens. See also MV Gaul. ES23, 2004
Gaul MV. Remains discovered. ES12, 2002
Gaul MV. See also MV Gaul. ES2, 2001
Gaul MV. See Submarine. Contact: Submarines and Espionage. Feature. An indepth look at the use of submarines in intelligence collection and warfare. ES94, 2014
Gaul MV. Spy ship mystery takes another twist. ES21, 2003
Gaulle, Charles de. ES2, 2001
Gaulle, Charles de. ES81, 2012
Gaulle, Charles de. ES91, 2014
Gaulle, Charles de. See Forsyth, Frederick. Plots Too Near Reality. Feature. ES99, 2015
Gavin Reef, South China Seas. . ES118, 2018
Gavin, Robert. ES60, 2009
Gaydar, Yegor. ES52, 2007
Gaza. ES64, 2009
Gaza. Interception. Tracking illegal arms' carrying vessels. Feature. ES90, 2014
Gaza. Long Arm of the Mossad. Operations in Gaza and West Bank. Feature. ES93, 2014
Gaza. Mossad and IDF operations in Gaza. Covert Intelligence Action. Feature. ES119, 2019
Gaza. Tunnels. Caught in the Gaza Crossfire. Feature. Major fighting between Palestinian forces and Israel Defence Forces. Feature. ES92, 2014
Gazit, Shlomo. Deputy Chief of Aman. Israel. ES16, 2003
Gazoton Murdash. (Ali the Lion). Terrorist group. ES89, 2014
Gazprom. ES3, 2001
Gazur, Edward. ES4, 2001
GBU-24 Paveway III missile. ES77, 2012
GC&CS. ES86, 2013
GC&CS. Golf, Cheese and Chess Society. ES58, 2008
GC&CS. Government Code and Cipher School. ES1, 2001
GC&CS. Government Code and Cipher School. ES100, 2015
GC&CS. Government Code and Cipher School. ES61, 2009
GC&CS. Government Code and Cipher School. ES63, 2009
GC&CS. Government Code and Cipher School. Feature. ES58, 2008
GCC. Gulf Cooperation Council. ES93, 2014
GCDA. Government Car and Despatch Agency. (See MI5 garages). ES33, 2005
GCHQ. E-mail interception related to UK terror plot. (See AQ Manchester to Abbottabad). See GCHQ. ES74, 2011
GCHQ. Firedrake, Bubble, Warble and Echo. Feature. Strange communications warning issued by employee then withdrawn. ES74, 2011
GCHQ. Station within Teufelsberg -NSA Field Station - Berlin. Feature. ES74, 2001
GCS. Government Communications Service. UK. ES114, 2018
GCSB. Five Eyes spy agencies continue to expand social media presence. Intel Transparency: A Very Public Engagement. Feature. ES119, 2019
GCSB. Five Eyes. Internal newsletter leaked. Feature. ES103, 2016
GCSB. Government Communications Security Bureau, New Zealand. ES81, 2012
GCSB. Government Communications Security Bureau, New Zealand. ES85, 2013
GCSB. Government Communications Security Bureau, New Zealand. Five Eyes. Internal newsletter leaked. Feature. ES103, 2016
GCSB. Waihopal, New Zealand. ES81, 2012
GCTF. Global Counter Terrorism Forum. ES83, 2013
GE Aviation. USA. ES118, 2018
Gebrev, Emilian. ES120, 2019
Gedney, Felix. Major General. British Army. ES116, 2018
Gee, Ethel Elizabeth. (See Clandestine Communications). ES50, 2007
Gee, Ethel. ES96, 2015
Geens, Koen. Belgian Justice Minister. ES102, 2016
Gehiemschrieber. (See Typewriters. History of and use in Intelligence). ES86, 2013
Gehlen Organisation. Feature. ES18, 2003
Gehlen Organisation. Feature. ES91, 2014
Gehlen Organisation. See also Bundesstelle fur Fernmeldestatistik (Federal Bureau of Telecommunications Statistics), ES88, 2013
Gehlen, Reinhard. ES9, 2002
Gehlen, Reinhard. ES91, 2014
Gehlen, Reinhard. General. Germany. ES120, 2019
Geist, Mark. See Benghazi, Libya. Attack on US Consulate. ES93, 2014
Geistmission, Mark. See Benghazi, Libya, 2012. ES112, 2017
Geletin, Vladimir. (See Kursk). ES4, 2001
Geller, Pamela. ES97, 2015
Geller, Uri. See also Spycraft. Deceptive Factor. Part Three. Seeing is Believing. Illusion, Perception, Misdirection and Magic. ES101, 2016
Geller, Yuri. (See Remote Viewing). ES84, 2013
Geller, Yuri. (See Remote Viewing). ES86, 2013
Gelowicz, Fritz.
Gelsemium. Poison. ES97, 2015
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems. ES1, 2001
General Belgrano. ES11, 2002
General Belgrano. See Submarine. Contact: Submarines and Espionage. Feature. An indepth look at the use of submarines in intelligence collection and warfare. ES94, 2014
General Staff Reconnaissance Company. Israel. ES29, 2004
Genetrix. Project name for covert balloon project. (See Balloons and CIA). ES30 2004/5
Geneva Convention. ES111, 2017
Geneva Convention. ES84, 2013
Geneva. See Cyber. Cyber eavesdropping at Iran nuclear talks. ES98, 2015
Genie. NSA surveillance programme. ES88, 2013
Genovese Crime Family. ES103, 2016
Genscher, Hans-Dietrich. ES85, 2013
Gentiloni, Paolo. Italian Foreign Minister. ES103, 2016
GEO. Grupo Especial de Operaciones. Secret Spanish counter-terrorist unit. ES1, 2001
GEO. The Grupo Especial de Operaciones (Special Operations Group). Spain. ES102, 2016
Geoffrey Duveen & Company. MI6 front company. ES60, 2008
GEOINT. Geospatial Intelligence. ES106, 2016
George Bush Center for Intelligence. Langley, Virginia. ES117, 2018
George Tenet Award. See CIA. ES108, 2017
George, Barry. ES2, 2001
George, Barry. Loner found guilty of Gill Dando's murder. ES3, 2001
George, Clair E. CIA Director of Operations passes away. ES75, 2011
George, Gwilym Lloyd. ES103, 2016
Georgetown, Washington DC. ES65, 2009
Georgia Cryptologic Center. NSA. ES110, 2017
Georgia Cryptologic Center. NSA/CSS centre opens. Feature. ES79, 2012
Georgia. Country seeks to join NATO. Move sparks border conflict with Russia. ES56, 2008
Georgia. Russian invasion. ES100, 2015
Georgia. Russian invasion. Feature. Moscow Wins Intelligence War. ES58, 2008
Georgia. Tensions grow with Russia as spy case revealed. ES44, 2006
Georgia. Uranium seller arrested in AQ intelligence sting. ES46, 2007
Georgian Intelligence. Spy conflict with Russia. ES72, 2011
Gephardt. Top secret Russian nuclear submarine launched. ES3, 2001
Geraldton Station, Australia. Australian Defence Satellite Communications Station. (See ECHELON). ES36, 2005
Geraldton. (See ECHELON). ES47, 2007
Geranin, Vasily. Colonel. See MH17. ES110, 2017
Gerasimov, Dimitry. ES78, 2012
Gerasimov, Valery. General. ES91, 2014
Gerber MKII Combat Knife. See Tradecraft - Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 5. Feature. (TC) ES92, 2014
Gerber, Burton L. Gerbers Rules. ES105, 2016
Gerberg, Yitzha. ES78, 2012
Gerbils. Use of in bomb-location project at Tel Aviv Airport. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Germ Warfare. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 8 - Super Terrorism). ES84, 2013
Germ Warfare. MI5 warning. ES46, 2007
German Autumn. (See Red Army Faction). ES47, 2007
German Federal Police. Internal domestic spying operations. Leaks: Sanctioned Spy Games. Feature. ES107, 2017
German Intelligence. Pre-WWII. Documents released. Dark Money, Communists and Nazi Spies. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
German POWs. (See Camp 30). ES61, 2009
German Spies. ES61, 2009
Germanwings Flight 9525. Air disaster results in new security measures. ES95, 2015
Germany. Afghanistan Consulate attacked. ES106, 2016
Germany. Agent passes secrets to Bulgaria. ES22, 2003
Germany. Berlin Breitscheidplatz Christmas market terrorist attack. ES107, 2017
Germany. Berlin complains of high number of Russian spying operations. ES53, 2008
Germany. BfV foil al-Qaida model aeroplane plot. ES86, 2013
Germany. BKA security services thwart major attack on US base. Feature. ES51, 2007
Germany. Bomb in a Suitcase. AQ strike. Feature. ES43, 2006
Germany. Chinese MIT operations targeting social and business sites. Cover and Legend. Electronic Infiltration. Feature. ES113, 2018
Germany. Covert Surveillance a Stigma. Feature. ES92, 2014
Germany. Intelligence operation to raid on the Bank of England. WWI. ES63, 2009
Germany. Internal BfV domestic spying operations. Leaks: Sanctioned Spy Games. Feature. ES107, 2017
Germany. ISIS infiltration of MAD (Militarischer Abschirmdienst - Military Intelligence). ES106, 2016
Germany. Katyn Wood Massacre. See also Fake News. Feature. ES110, 2017
Germany. Long Range Rocket Development. ES15, 2003
Germany. Mossad submarine escorts rumbled in Germany. Mossad and the Not-so Secret Service. Feature. ES102, 2016
Germany. New laws passed on intelligence collection. ES106, 2016
Germany. NSA Inquiry Committee. See Edward Snowden. ES92, 2014
Germany. Pirate Party. ES107, 2017
Germany. Security Service Blunder. Feature. BND Agency pays a fortune for its own intelligence. ES1, 2001
Germany. Security service target ISIS recruiters. ES106, 2016
Germany. Surveillance of AQ suspects in south of country. ES49, 2007
Germany. Two train bombs fail to detonate. Feature. ES43, 2006
Germany. WWII atomic programme. The Spy Who Saved the World. Out of Time. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
Germany. WWII counterfeit plot - Operation Bernhard. Feature. ES78, 2012
Geronimo EKIA. Features on all aspects of the shooting dead of Osama bin-Laden. ES73, 2011
Gerstenmaier, Bill. ES50, 2007
Gestapo headquarters, Prinz Albrech Strasse, Berlin. ES90, 2014
Gestapo headquarters. Prinz Albrecht Street, Berlin. ES95, 2015
Gestapo. ES82, 2012
Gestapo. Geheime Staatspolizei. Secret State Police. WWII. ES79, 2012
Ghabban-al, Mohammed. Iraq Interior Minister. ES104, 2016
Ghaddafi, Muammar. Colonel. ES115, 2018
Ghadiyah, Abu. ES58, 2008
Ghahremani, Majid. (See Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie). ES20, 2003
Ghailani, Ahmed Khalfan. CIA codename 'Baby Face'. ES28, 2004
Ghaith, Suleiman Abu. Abdel Rahim al-Nashire ES15, 2003
Ghaith, Suleiman Abu. Osama bin-Laden's former 'spokesman' arrested. ES84, 2013
Ghaith, Suleiman Abu. Trial begins in New York. ES90, 2014
Ghalyoun, Basel. ES32, 2005
Ghalyoun, Gasoub al-Abrash. ES42, 2006
Ghandi, Rajiv. ES79, 2012
Ghanem, Shokri. Vienna - City of Spies. Feature. Former Libyan chief minister assassinated. ES79, 2012
Ghani, Abd al. A.k.a. Sayyaf, Abu. Finance chief of ISIS. ES97, 2015
Ghani, Ashraf. President of Afghanistan. ES114, 2018
Ghani, Mohammad Ashraf. President of Afghanistan. See also CIA. CIA associates opens door to Taliban negotiations and peace talks. Taliban CIA Contact. Feature. ES120, 2019
Gharsalli, Mourad. See Sousse Attack. ES98, 2015
Ghazali, Mehdi. ES81, 2012
Gheybparvar, Gholamhossein. IRGC commander. ES117, 2018
Ghlam, Ahmed. ES100, 2015
Ghoga, Abdel-Hafidh. ES73, 2011
Ghoneim, Wajdi. ES110, 2017
Ghorbani, Majid. ES118, 2018
Ghorbanifar, Manucher. (See also Iran-Contra affair). ES28, 2004
Ghost Aircraft. First ever sighting of CIA unmarked aircraft in Uzbekistan. ES6, 2001
Ghost Airline. CIA routes allegedly showing extraordinary rendition flight paths. ES65, 2009
Ghost Airlines. Routes of CIA operated rendition flights. Feature. ES65, 2009
Ghost Companies. (See CIA/MI6). ES31, 2005
Ghost Flights (CIA) . Feature - Call Signs. ES39, 2006
Ghost Flights (CIA). ES33, 2005
Ghost Flights. ES49, 2007
Ghost Flights. ES61, 2009
Ghost Prisoners. ES37, 2005/6
Ghost Software. (See Greek phone tap mystery). ES40, 2006
Ghost Vehicles. Feature. Surveillance Vehicles. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES46, 2007
GhostNet. (See cyber warfare). ES72, 2011
Ghoulet, Nathalie. French Senator. ES116, 2018
Ghuffron, Ali. ES80, 2012
Ghul, Hassan. A.k.a. Mustafa Mohammad Khan. ES118, 2018
GIA. Al-Jama'ah al-Islamiyah al-Musallaha. Armed Islamic Group of Algeria. ES79, 2012
GIA. Armed Islamic Group of Algeria. Paris 1995 Metro attack. ES82, 2012
GIA. Armed Islamic Group. ES2, 2001
GIA. Armed Islamic Group. ES84, 2013
GIA. General Intelligence Service. Mongolia. ES43, 2006
Giacomo. Feature - The Joker or Mr X. (See Iraq-Niger document affair). ES28, 2004
Giaka, Abdul Majib. (See Lockerbie). ES2, 2001
Giancana, Mono. (See CIA Releases Family Jewels). ES50, 2007
Gibbs, Brian. ES16, 2003
Gibli, Binyamin. ES58, 2008
Gibraltar Museum. ES59, 2008
Gibraltar. Feature. Secrets of the Stay Behind Cave. ES47, 2007
Gibraltar. SAS shoot dead IRA unit on Gibraltar. ES1, 2001
Gibraltar. SAS/MI6 operation against IRA. ES66, 2010
Gibraltar. Spying operations. ES32, 2005
Gibraltar. UK-Spain tensions grow. Feature. ES90, 2014
GID. General Intelligence Department. Jordan. Germany arrests Jordanian operative. ES117, 2018
GID. General Intelligence Directorate. Occasionally referenced as the General Intelligence Presidency. Saudi Arabia. ES118, 2018
GID. General Intelligence Directorate. Saudi Arabia. ES119, 2019
GID. Gihaz al-Mukhabarat al-Amma or Mukhabarat. General Intelligence Directorate. Egypt. ES50, 2007
GID. Jordan Intelligence Department. ES104, 2016
GID. Jordan Intelligence Department. ES25, 2004
GID. Jordan Intelligence Department. ES66, 2010
GID. Unuauthorised operation led to death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The Negotiators. Major Feature. ES119, 2019
Giegold, Sven. ES112, 2017
GIG. Global Information Grid. ES54, 2008
GIGN. Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group). France. ES102, 2016
GIGN. National Gendarmerie Intervention Group. ES82, 2012
Gikman, Reino. See Spies and Hotels. An indepth and fascinating feature on hotels inextricably linked to the world of intelligence and espionage - each with a dark and illuminating tale to tell. Ten: Spies and Hotels. Major Feature. ES114, 2018
Gil, O Jong. ES108, 2017
Gilani, Faiz. ISI. Secret meeting with Taliban chief Mullah Omar. Feature. ES5, 2001
Gilbert C. Bogus French spy nets millions in bank ruse. Feature. ES37, 2005/6
Giles, Audrey. ES35, 2005
Giles, Keir. ES112, 2017
Giles, Roy. (See defection of Aleksei Myagkov). ES43, 2006
Giles, Roy. ES35, 2005
Gill, William. ES70, 2010
Gillani, Yousaf Raza. Pakistan Prime Minister. ES79, 2012
Gillard, Julia. ES80, 2012
Gilleard, Martyn. Neo Nazi manufactures bombs to blow up UK mosques. ES57, 2008
Gilligan, Andrew. ES26, 2004
Gilligan, Andrew. ES52, 2007
Gilligan, Andrew. ES66, 2010
Gilligan, Andrew. Feature. Lie Another Day. ES19, 2003
Gillis, Lester. ES46, 2007
Gillis, Sandy-Phan. ES99, 2015
Gillon, Carmi. ES4, 2001
Gillon, Carmi. ES98, 2015
Gilze-Rijen AFB, Holland. See MH17. ES116, 2018
Gingrich, Newt. ES83, 2013
Gingrich, Newt. Speaker of the House. ES117, 2018
GIP. General Intelligence Presidency. Saudi Arabian Intelligence Service. ES69, 2010
Giraffe Restaurant. (See Exeter bomber). ES56, 2008
Girkin, Igor. ES92, 2014
Girkin, Igor. ES98, 2015
Girkin, Igor. See MH17. ES110, 2017
Girl Guides. As MI5 runners. See MI5. ES93, 2014
Girom Beach, Cuba. ES34, 2005
GIS. Georgian Intelligence Service. ES72, 2011
GIS. Special Intervention Group, Algeria. ES84, 2013
Giskes, Joseph. See Operations. Englandspiel (The match against England) and Nord Pole (North Pole). Germany WWII. ES107, 2017
GIUK Gap. Greenland-Iceland-UK Gap. Feature. ES82, 2012
Giuliani, Rudolph. New York mayor touted as new head of CIA. ES6, 2001
Giuliani, Rudy. Target of Iran bomb plot? Iran's MOIS intelligence Station Chief in Vienna detained for opposition conference bomb plot. Feature. The Conference Bombers. ES117, 2018
Giullino, Francesco. (See Umbrella Murder). ES57, 2008
Giullino, Francesco. Agent Piccadilly. (See Georgi Markov). ES34, 2005
Givati Brigade. IDF. ES110, 2017
GKT. Guilty Knowledge Test. (See Lie Detectors). ES49, 2007
Glading, Percy. ES58, 2008
Glading, Percy. ES62, 2009
Gladkov, Theodre. ES14, 2002
Glaser, Erich. ES53, 2008
Glasgow Airport. AQ attack. ES50, 2007
Glasgow Airport. ES59, 2008
Glasgow Museum of Transport. ES72, 2011
Glasgow University. Edward Snowden elected 'rector'. Feature. ES90, 2014
Glass Pendant. See Operation Pathway. ES96, 2015
Glavlit. General Directorate for the Protection of State Secrets. East Germany. See also Censored. ES119, 2019
Glees, Anthony. (See Gareth Williams). ES75, 2011
Glees, Anthony. ES72, 2011
Glees, Athony. ES79, 2012
Glen Canyon Dam. ES72, 2011
Glen, Sandy. ES82, 2012
Glenrath. See Camp X. ES103, 2016
Glider landing counter-measures. ES86, 2013
Gliebe Oil Refinery, Syria. See Alliance Strike ISIS. Feature. ISIS targets across Iraq and Syrian attacked. ES93, 2014
Glienicke Bridge, Berlin. Feature - Strangers on a Bridge. ES68, 2010
Glienicke Bridge, Berlin. See Espionage. Spy swaps and cooperation. Ten case files which reflect the complex intricacies, covert dealings, dangers, advantages and sometimes unknown circumstances and reason for the exchange of spies. Major Feature. Spy Exchanges. ES115, 2018
Glienicke Bridge. ES96, 2015
Global Cyberspace Integration Center. ES67, 2010
Global Hawk. Unmaned Aerial Vehicle. Feature. ES73, 2011
Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism. UK and USA launch major Internet initiative to identify and block terrorist propaganda including videos. Countermeasure: Stopping ISIS Propaganda. Feature. ES114, 2018
Global Operations Centre. (See Doomsday E6B). ES77, 2012
Global Public Square. See CNN. ES99, 2015
Global Telecoms Exploitation. (See GCHQ). ES86, 2013
Global Terrorism Database. ES105, 2016
Global Thermonuclear War. ES53, 2008
Glock 17. Handgun. See Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 6. Feature. (TC) ES93, 2014
Glock 9mm. ES59, 2008
Glomfjord Power Station, Noway. See Operation Musketoon. ES113, 2018
Gloria Hotel, Dubai. (See Dubai Incident). ES77, 2012
Glushkov, Nikolai. ES1, 2001
Glushkov, Nikolai. ES115, 2018
Glushkov, Nikolai. ES52, 2007
Glushkov, Nikolai. ES91, 2014
G-Men. (See FBI). ES53, 2008
GMI. Ground Microwave Interception. ES36, 2005
GNA. Government of National Accord. ES106, 2016
Gniteyev, Alexander. Russian defence contractor jailed for espionage. (See Bulava missile programme). Feature. ES80, 2012
GNSS. Global Navigation Satellite System. ES116, 2018
GOA. General Accounting Office. USA. Report reveals US weapons systems still vulnerable to cyber attacks. Feature. ES118, 2018
GOA. Government Accountability Office, USA. Report. Use of tracking app technology reveals location of sensitive military and intelligence sites. Electronic interference, hacking, codewords. Big Heat: An Intelligence Giveaway? Major Feature. ES114, 2018
Gochiyayev, Achemez. ES11, 2002
Godane, Ahmed Abdi. Eliminated. ES96, 2015
Godane, Ahmed Abdi. ES87, 2013
Godfrey, John. ES55, 2008
Godfrey, John. Head of Naval Intelligence Division (NID). UK. ES119, 2019
God's Banker. (See Roberto Calvi). ES72, 2011
Goebbels, Joseph. ES97, 2015
Goebbels, Joseph. German WW Propaganda Minister. ES109, 2017
Goebbels, Joseph. See Secret BBC spy broadcasts. Legacy. Feature. ES99, 2015
Goertz, Dr. ES6, 2001
Gogh, Theo Van. ES30 2004/5
Goikoetxea, Maria (ETA). ES3, 2001
Golan Heights. Accusations Israel using birds to perform espionage. Sky Spy: Animals and Espionage. Feature. ES101, 2016
Golan Heights. ES60, 2009
Gold Command. New Scotland Yard. See also Jean Charles De Menezes. ES35, 2005
Gold, Harry. (See Couriers). ES49, 2007
Gold, Sam. (See CIA Releases Family Jewels). ES50, 2007
Golden Gate Bridge. AQ target. ES32, 2005
Golden Nori. ES100, 2015
Golden Nori. ES57, 2008
Goldfarb, Alex. (Profile). ES52, 2007
Goldfarb, Alex. ES45, 2006
Goldfarb, Alex. ES86, 2013
Goldfein, David. USAF Vice Chief of General Staff. ES116, 2018
Goldfinger, Erno. ES82, 2012
Goldfinger. Feature. German intelligence operation to raid on the Bank of England. WWI. ES63, 2009
Goldfus, Emil R. (See The Luckiest Spy Coin). ES47, 2006
Golding, Bruce. ES72, 2011
Goldsboro, North Carolina. Atom bomb recovery. A Jolt Away from Disaster. Feature. ES87, 2013
Goldsmith College, London. ES100, 2015
Goleniewski, Michael. ES44, 2006
Goleniewski, Michael. ES50, 2007
Goleniewski, Michael. ES96, 2015
Golitsyn, Anatoli. ES53, 2008
Golitsyn, Anatoli. ES65, 2009
Golitsyn, Anatoli. ES80, 2012
Golitsyn, Anatoli. Feature. The CIA Tip Off. ES42, 2006
Golombek, Harry. Bletchley Park codebreaker. See also Chess. Eye Spy investigates chess and its enduring historical and modern connection to the world of espionage. Check Mate: A Game of Intrigue and Deception. Major Feature. ES120, 2019
Golubev, Yuri. ES115, 2018
Gomes, Maria da Graca Mira. Director SIRP. ES111, 2017
Gomez, Gustavo Machin. See US Naval Air Station Key West. Cuban intelligence officials tour defence hubs. Spy Cuba: Not Yet in from the Cold? Feature. ES104, 2016
Goncharov, Colonel Vadim. Released KGB dossier reveals spy operations against Royal Family. Feature. Bugs and Spies: KGB V The House of Windsor. ES83, 2013
Goncharov, Vadim. Colonel. KGB. ES108, 2017
Gondola Wish. (See Remote Viewing). ES81, 2012
Gonsalves, Marc. ES57, 2008
Gonzalez, Fernando. (See La Red Avispa - Wasp Network) ES10, 2002
Gonzalez, Fernando. See Cuba. Cuban spy exchange. ES95, 2015
Gonzalez, Rene. (See La Red Avispa - Wasp Network) ES10, 2002
Gonzalez, Rene. ES114, 2018
Gonzalez, Rene. See Cuba. Cuban spy exchange. ES95, 2015
Good Friday Agreement. ES104, 2016
Good Friday Agreement. See also Jonathan Powell. ES78, 2012
Good Friday Talks. ES108, 2017
Good Shepherd [The]. (See Hollywood/Intelligent Movies). ES47, 2007
Good Shepherd [The]. (See Spying and the Movies). ES47, 2006
Good Shepherd, The. Intelligence and Media. When intelligence services engage with film and television. Feature. ES120, 2019
Good Times. Computer Viruses. See Cyber. ES44, 2006
Good, Jack. Bletchley Park codebreaker. See also Chess. Eye Spy investigates chess and its enduring historical and modern connection to the world of espionage. Check Mate: A Game of Intrigue and Deception. Major Feature. ES120, 2019
Goodfellow AFB. ES20, 2003
Goodman, Clive. (See Hacking). ES73, 2011
Goodman, Tayla. ES3, 2001
Google Cloud. Exploitation. See NSA. ES88, 2013
Goranson, Sverker. Swedish Commander-in-Chief. ES94, 2014
Gorbachev, Mikhail. ES106, 2016
Gorbachev, Mikhail. Gorbachev's Warning. World on Brink of a New Cold War. Feature. ES94, 2014
Gorbuntsov, German. (See Assassination List. Feature). ES84, 2013
Gorbuntsov, German. Assassination attempt on London-based Russian banker. Feature. Underworld: The Assassination List. (See also Assassination List). ES81, 2012
Gorbuntsov, German. Russian banker shot in London. (See MI5 Examines Assassination List). ES79, 2012
Gorbuntsov, German. See Assassination List. A Strange Twist of Fate. Feature. More deaths linked to alleged Russian List. ES91, 2014
Gordievsky, Oleg. Colonel KGB and MI6 agent. ES83, 2013
Gordievsky, Oleg. Comments on Katia Zatuliveter spy case. ES76, 2011
Gordievsky, Oleg. Defection. See Strange But True. Feature. ES99, 2015
Gordievsky, Oleg. Enemy of the state. Feature. Plot to kill MI6 agent? ES55, 2008
Gordievsky, Oleg. ES105, 2016
Gordievsky, Oleg. ES116, 2018
Gordievsky, Oleg. ES118, 2018
Gordievsky, Oleg. ES34, 2005
Gordievsky, Oleg. ES45, 2006
Gordievsky, Oleg. ES70, 2010
Gordievsky, Oleg. ES72, 2011
Gordievsky, Oleg. ES97, 2015
Gordievsky, Oleg. Feature. Receives Top Honour. ES49, 2007
Gordievsky, Oleg. References KGB facility in Fabrika manufacturer of poisons. (See also Assassination List. Feature). ES84, 2013
Gordievsky, Oleg. See Yuri Felshtinsky - Death of a Spy. Interview. Part 1. ES90, 2014
Gordievsky, Oleg. Speaks on Roger Hollis. ES64, 2009
Gordievsky, Oleg. Submarines, Spies and Cables. Feature on espionage and intelligence topics on the island of Cyprus. ES87, 2013
Gordon Levitt, Joseph. See Spy Films. ES93, 2014
Gordon, John A. General. Anti-terror chief in US resigns after furious row over Iraq. ES11, 2002
Gordon, John A. General. ES17, 2003
Gordon, Susan. National Geospacial Intelligence Agency (NGA). ES108, 2017
Gorenc, Frank. General. ES110, 2017
Gorenc, Silvo. Director UBDA. State Security Service of Yugoslavia. ES109, 2017
Gorka, Sebastian. ES110, 2017
Gorky Park, Moscow. MI6 operations. ES10, 2002
Gorokhov, Nikolai. Falling Down. Feature. ES118, 2018
Gorschen, Hans. Feature. Mystery Deepens. ES51, 2007
Gorshkov, Oleg. Director TsNIIMASH. ES117, 2018
Gortney, William E. (See Somali Pirates and AQ). ES60, 2009
GosNIIOKhT. State Scientific Research Institute for Organic Chemistry. Russia. ES120, 2019
Goss, Porter. Director CIA. ES41, 2006
Goss, Porter. Director CIA. ES5, 2001
Goss, Porter. Director CIA. ES63, 2009
Goss, Porter. ES62, 2009
Goss, Porter. Extraordinary Rendition. ES95, 2015
Goss, Porter. Favourite for CIA Director post revealed. ES10, 2002
Gotha, George Saxe-Coburg-. Duke of Kent. See also Rudolf Hess. ES2, 2001
Goto, Kenji. ES95, 2015
Goto, Kenji. ES96, 2015
Gotsev, Lyuben. ES57, 2008
Gottemoeller, Rose. NATO Deputy Secretary General ES113, 2018
Gottlieb, Sidney. ES67, 2010
Gottlieb, Sidney. See Spy Tradecraft. Deceptive Factor. Part Two. (TC) ES100, 2015
Gough, Adam. (See Operation Pitsford). ES84, 2013
Gouk, Arady. (See KGB operations in London). ES66, 2010
Gourdi, Herve. ES93, 2014
Gouzenko, Igor. Camp X spy school connection. ES12, 2002
Gouzenko, Igor. Defection of. ES47, 2007
Gouzenko, Igor. Edgar Hoover. Feature. Secret Letters. ES65, 2009
Gouzenko, Igor. ES101, 2016
Gouzenko, Igor. ES116, 2018
Gouzenko, Igor. Feature. A Tantalising Spy Story. Soviet defector and Roger Hollis. ES64, 2009
Gouzenko, Igor. Feature. Soviet Spy Ring. ES54, 2008
Gouzenko, Igor. See also David Greenglass. Death of a Spy. Feature. ES94, 2014
Gouzenko, Igor. See Strange But True. Feature. ES99, 2015
Governale, Giuseppe. Italian counterterrorism officer. See also Northern Project. Feature. ES100, 2015
Government Code & Cypher School. ES117, 2018
Gow, Andrew. See Cambridge Spy Ring. ES99, 2015
Gowadia, Noshir E. (See B-2 spy case). ES37, 2005/6
Gowadia, Noshir E. ES45, 2006
Gower Street, London. MI5 headquarters. ES66, 2010
GPO. General Post Office. Operations with MI5. See also Dollis Hill and Berlin Tunnel. ES57, 2008
GPO. General Post Office. UK. Tinkerbell. MI5 telephone wiretap operation. ES79, 2012
GPS. Collisions and accidents. Feature. See also Maritime Security. Surge in cyber attacks against shipping and ports. Cyber Seas: A Menace from Space. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
GPS. Global Positioning System. ES37, 2005/6
GPS. Global Positioning System. Guardian Angel. Personal locator, alarm and global tracker. Review. ES59, 2008
GPS. Global Positioning System. See Tradecraft - Cell Phone Interception Countermeasures. Targets and Opportunity. Feature. (TC) ES92, 2014
GPS. Global Positioning System. Surveillance. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES39, 2006
GPS. Global Positioning System. Technology and animals. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
GPS. Global Positioning System. Vehicle Security. ES39, 2006
GPS. Global Positioning Systems. ES15, 2003
Grab II. ELINT satellite. ES40, 2006
Grab II. ELINT satellite. ES46, 2007
Grab II. ELINT satellite. ES58, 2008
Grace, Nick. Ninjas. ES57, 2008
Gracia, Ignacio. ETA's Lethal Edge. Feature. ES1, 2001
Graham, Bob. ES60, 2009
Graham, Lindsey. Colonel. USAF. ES117, 2018
Graham, Lindsey. See also Christopher Steele. ES113, 2018
Gran Coulee Dam, Washington State. AQ target. ES78, 2012
Grand al-Nuri Mosque, Mosul, Iraq. ES110, 2017
Grand Central Station, New York. See New York City. Surveillance and Security 2016. ES105, 2016
Grand Central Terminal, New York. AQ plot to bomb location. ES79, 2012
Grand Central Terminal, New York. AQ target. ES32, 2005
Grand Central Terminal, New York. Terrorist attack. ES85, 2013
Grand Hotel, Brighton. Bombing of. 1984. ES79, 2012
Grand Hotel, Brighton. IRA attack. ES66, 2010
Grand Hyatt Hotel. Bomb plot in Amman, Jordan. ES37, 2005/6
Grand, Colonel Lawrence. See Section D. (Destruction) MI6. Feature. ES91, 2014
Grand, Lawrence. (See Section D - MI6). ES62, 2009
Grant, Mark Lyall. Permanent Representative of the UK to the United Nations. Measures against ISIS. ES93, 2014
Grant, Sir Mark. UK National Security Advisor. ES108, 2017
Grant, Ulysses S. ES56, 2008
Grant, Ulysses. General. Use of Visual Propaganda. See Deceptive Factor. Spy Tradecraft. Part Fourteen. Seeing is Believing. (TC) ES117, 2018
Granville, Christine. New material released on SOE agent. ES87, 2013
Graph Theory. See Bletchley Park. 100th anniversary of legendary Bletchley Park codebreaker. A Codebreaker Remembered. Feature. ES109, 2017
Grassley, Chuck. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman. See also Christopher Steele. ES113, 2018
Grassy Knoll. (See Kennedy Assassination). ES47, 2007
Graulich, Kurt. ES98, 2015
Graves, Armgaard. ES61, 2009
Gray Fox. Feature. Codename for Pentagon's secret surveillance unit that captured Saddam Hussein. ES32, 2005
Gray, David. ES49, 2007
Gray, Harry. Sculptor. ES109, 2017
Graziani, Marshal. ES90, 2014
Grazier, Colin. (See Enigma). ES8, 2002
Graz-Karlau Prison. ES82, 2012
Great Badow. See Wright, Peter. ES100, 2015
Great Escape. See Stalag Luft III, Sagan. ES119, 2019
Great Hall of the People, Tian amen Square, Beijing. ES80, 2012
Great Panjandrum. Feature on most unusual WWII British plot or ruse by MI6? ES75, 2011
Great Plains, USA. Intelligence Sites. Former intelligence, military, research and security sites open to the public. Major Feature. Eyes Only. ES119, 2019
Great Seal Bug. Feature. Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts. ES46, 2007
Great Seal Bug. Feature. ES24, 2004
Great Seal Bug. MI5 unlock secrets of KGB device. See Cumming, Malcolm. Feature. ES100, 2015
Great War, The. World War One. Events across UK to mark end of the Great War. Feature. ES115, 2018
Greater Manchester Police. Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy discusses Operation Pathway evidence. ES96, 2015
Greater Manchester Police. Commissioner Tony Lloyd discusses Operation Pathway evidence. ES96, 2015
Greaves, Sam. Lt. General. MSA Director. ES111, 2017
Grecu, Gabriel. ES70, 2010
Greek Cabinet. Phone tap mystery. Spying operation in Athens. ES40, 2006
Greek Island Project. Feature. Secret US Government Bunker. ES8, 2002
Green Berets. ES73, 2011
Green Berets. Special Forces troops killed in Jordan. Feature. ES112, 2017
Green Berets. US Special Forces troops killed in ambush. ES112, 2017
Green C. History of MI6 Green 'C'. ES44, 2006
Green on Blue Attacks. ES81, 2012
Green Quest. FBI counter-terrorism operation. Feature. ES15, 2003
Green Tea. (See Litvinenko). ES47, 2007
Green, Daniela. See FBI. Behind Closed Doors. Strange case of an FBI translator. Feature. ES109, 2017
Green, Graham. Feature. ES8, 2002
Greenbrier Hotel. See Spies and Hotels. An indepth and fascinating feature on hotels inextricably linked to the world of intelligence and espionage - each with a dark and illuminating tale to tell. Ten: Spies and Hotels. Major Feature. ES114, 2018
Greenbrier Hotel. US secret government bunker. Feature. ES8, 2002
Greene, Graham. ES114, 2018
Greene, Graham. ES75, 2011
Greene, Graham. ES90, 2014
Greene, Graham. MI6. ES51, 2007
Greenglass, David. (See Rosenberg's). ES54, 2008
Greenglass, David. Death of a Spy. Atomic KGB agent passes. Feature. ES94, 2014
Greenglass, David. ES57, 2008
Greenglass, Ethel. ES49, 2007
Greenglass, Ruth. ES57, 2008
Greenglass, Ruth. See also David Greenglass. Death of a Spy. Feature. ES94, 2014
Greengrass, Paul. See Spy Films. ES93, 2014
Greenham Common. ES65, 2009
Greenham Common. Photo essay. ES20, 2003
Greenish, Simon. ES75, 2011
Greenock Prison. (See Abdelbaset al-Megrahi). ES72, 2011
Greenpeace. Activists infiltrate secret bases. ES4, 2001
Greenpeace. ES100, 2015
Greenpeace. ES38, 2006
Greenpeace. FSB infiltration. ES48, 2007
Greenpeace. Two UK cargo ships carrying weapons grade plutonium, intercepted. ES29, 2004
Greenwald, Glenn. (See Prism Surveillance). ES86, 2013
Greenwald, Glenn. ES104, 2016
Greenwald, Glenn. ES107, 2017
Greenwald, Glenn. ES88, 2013
Greenwald, Glenn. ES90 2014
Greenwald, Glenn. ES98, 2015
Greenwald, Glenn. Fair Game. Feature. Partner David Miranda detained by British security services in connection with Edward Snowden's NSA and GCHQ leaks. ES87, 2013
Greenwald, Glenn. German NSA Inquiry Committee. See Edward Snowden. ES92, 2014
Greenwald, Glenn. See NSA. Contractor in new leaks case. Reality Winner or Intelligence Loser. Feature. ES110, 2017
Greger, Eberhard. ES44, 2006
Gregory, Jeffrey E. (See Conrad Spy Ring). ES10, 2002
Greibl, Igantz. ES53, 2008
Grenier, Robert. ES39, 2006
Grenstad, Rear Admiral Anders. ES94, 2014
Grevil, Major Frank. ES89, 2014
Grey [Going]. (See Cover and Legend - Tradecraft ES82, 2012 and ES37).
Grey Patriots. See Yaman. ES100, 2015
Grey Wolves. See Assassination: Murder Most Foul. ES120, 2019
Grey Wolves. Terrorist group. Operations in Europe and Thailand. ES99, 2015
Grey, Nigel de. (See Zimmermann Telegram). ES10, 2010
Grey, Nigel de. ES26, 2004
Grey, Nigel de. ES90, 2014
Grey, Sir Charles. ES100, 2015
Grieve, Dominic. Attorney General. (See Dr David Kelly). ES74, 2011
Grieve, Dominic. Attorney General. ES70, 2010
Grieve, Dominic. Chairman ISC. Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament. UK. ES119, 2019
Grigovin, Sergie. See also Tradecraft. Entrapment and Compromise. ES108, 2017
Grill Flame. (See Remote Viewing). ES81, 2012
Grill Flame. See NSA. ES6, 2001
Grim Reaper. Death Symbol. Application and use of in military and intelligence world. Officials question symbols associated with death used by services in West, including skull and crossbones and more recently, Punisher icon. Death Symbol Debate: A Deterrent or Menace? Major Feature. ES120, 2019
Grisha-V. Anti-submarine ships. ES90, 2014.
Gritzke, Renate. (See STASI and MI6). ES1, 2001
Grogan, Stanley. Major. ES97, 2015
GROM. Operational Mobile Reaction Group, Poland. Counter-terrorist force. ES77, 2012
GROM. Operational Mobile Reaction Group, Poland. Counter-terrorist force. ES80, 2012
Groom Lake, Nevada. (See Sentinel Incident). ES77, 2012
Gross, Alan. (See Cuba - USAID). ES73, 2011
Gross, Alan. See Cuba. Cuban spy exchange. ES95, 2015
Gross, Stanislav. Czech Interior Minister. ES6, 2001
Grosvenor House Hotel, London. ES68, 2010
Grosvenor Square Rebel . MI6 Chief's letter on 'police brutality'. Feature. ES55, 2008
Grosvenor Square. Battle of. (See US Embassy, London). ES61, 2009
Ground Microwave Interception. ES36, 2005
Group Roubaix. French criminal gang and terror links. ES36, 2005
Groves Jr, Leslie. Head of the Manhattan Project. ES120, 2019
Groves, Leslie. ES16, 2003
Groves, Leslie. ES47, 2007
Groysman, Volodymyr. President of Ukraine. ES113, 2018
GRU Memorial. Park of the internationalists, St Petersberg, Russia. ES116, 2018
GRU officers named by British Intelligence responsible for assassination attempt of MI6 agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, UK. The Salisbury Tales. Major Feature. ES118, 2018
GRU. Alpha. Spetsnaz element. ES116, 2018
GRU. CCO. Special Operations Forces [Snipers]. ES116, 2018
GRU. Colonel General Igor Korobov, GRU Director passes. Kremlin Fall Guy? Feature. ES119, 2019
GRU. Covert deal and back-channel to ISIS allows thousands of fighters safe passage out of Raqqa, Syria. Secret Daesh Accord. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
GRU. Cyber Elements: Unit 26165 (also known as APT 28). GRU 85 (Main Special Service Centre), Fancy Bear. Listing and biography of senior operators, Feature. ES118, 2018
GRU. ES102, 2016
GRU. Espionage. New study on Russian spy activities in UK. Russian Spycraft. Feature. ES119, 2019
GRU. Europe seeks to impose more sanctions following Sergei Skripal assassination attempt. Sanctioned. Feature. ES120, 2019
GRU. Expulsions of officers from foreign diplomatic sites in the 1980s. Feature. ES116, 2018
GRU. Eye Spy Intelligence Review. A comprehensive overview of all the major intelligence events and related incidents from 2001 to 2015 in this special 100th anniversary edition. ES100, 2015
GRU. Fancy Bear cyber group. ES112, 2017
GRU. Former Russian IT special claims FSB directly involved with MI6 agent Sergei Skripal assassination attempt. Visas and Infiltration. Feature. ES119, 2019
GRU. Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravlenie. Main Intelligence [military] Directorate. Russia. Colonel General Aleksandr Shlyakhturov steps down as head of Russia's GRO. Speculation abounds. ES77, 2012
GRU. Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravlenie. Main Intelligence [military] Directorate. Russia. ES69, 2010
GRU. Intelligence Analysis. Horizon Threats 2016. Analysts focus on future threats and war theatres. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
GRU. Intelligence officer (arrest of) wanted by Ukraine. Feature. ES91, 2014
GRU. Kremlin fury over failed GRU operations in UK and Holland. Feature. ES118, 2018
GRU. Main Intelligence (military) Directorate). Russia. ES64, 2009
GRU. Military Intelligence Service. Russia. ES62, 2009
GRU. NATO removes 40 Russian liaison staff suspected of intelligence collection activities from Brussels headquarters. Person Non Grata. Feature. ES97, 2015
GRU. New addition to the Russian Assassination List as former GRU intelligence officer and MI6 agent Sergei Skripal is targeted by alleged GRU-controlled assassins in Salisbury, UK, using deadly Novichok nerve agent. Anatomy of the Skripal Sanction. Major Feature. ES115, 2018
GRU. Operation to secure forensic intel from OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) HQ in the Hague and Swiss facility, relating to failed attempt to assassinate MI6 agent Sergei Skripal. The GRU Cleaners. Major Feature. ES118, 2018
GRU. OSM Spetsnaz element - Special Police Unit formerly SOBR - Special Rapid Response Unit. ES116, 2018
GRU. Pro-Russian plotters plan to assassinate Montenegro President Milo Djukanovic. The Bench Park Plotters. Major Feature. ES111, 2017
GRU. Russia and NATO seek platform for intelligence sharing and lessening of tensions. Intel Detente? Feature. ES108, 2017
GRU. Russian cyber proxies target NATO forces. Major Feature. Interception. ES112, 2017
GRU. Russian GRU officers arrested in Ukraine. ES97, 2015
GRU. Scouts. Designation for agents and overseas field officers. Feature. ES118, 2018
GRU. Speculation and theories abound concerning GRU operation targeting former GRU officer and MI6 agent Sergie Skripal. Feature. The Kremlin Rumour Mill. ES118, 2018
GRU. Spetsnaz Special Forces. Russian GRU element. ES109, 2017
GRU. Spetsnaz. 2018. Multi-operational and covert Special Forces of Russia utilised by various Russian intelligence services, in particular the GRU and former KGB, to operate in difficult environments or for special tasks including espionage, intelligence collection and assassination. The Edict - Dark Skies: The Secret and Deadly Military Arms of Russian Intelligence. Major Feature. ES116, 2018
GRU. Spies exchanged between Estonia and Russia. Deja vu. Vintage Spy Swap. Feature. ES114, 2018
GRU. Suspected GRU agents jailed on espionage charges. ES113, 2018
GRU. Syria involvement. ES112, 2017
GRU. The Three Volumes. Analysts and planning section. Assassination Analysis. Feature. ES116, 2018
GRU. Twelve GRU intelligence officers indicted by USA for cyber attacks and hacking prior to the 2016 US General Election. Helsinki Controversy: US Intelligence Under Pressure. Major Feature. ES117, 2018
GRU. Two agents arrested in Poland. Feature. ES94, 2014
GRU. US expels 35 Russian diplomats and spies from country. The Sting: Persona Non Grata. Major Feature. ES107, 2017
GRU. USA-Russia spy cases. A History of High Spy Drama. Feature. ES107, 2017
GRU. Valentinovich, Igor. Director. ES107, 2017
Grumman S-2A Tracker. ES80, 2012
Grunewald Forest, Berlin. (See Teufelsberg -NSA Field Station - Berlin). ES74, 2001
Grupo Colina. See SIN, Peru. ES1, 2001
Grushko, Alexander. Russia Ambassador to NATO. ES97, 2015
Grybauskaite, Dalia. President of Lithuania. ES101, 2016
Grytviken, South Georgia. ES84, 2013
GSA. European Global Navigation Systems Agency. ES116, 2018
GSA. General Services Administration. USA. ES111, 2017
GSD. General Security Directorate. Idarat al-Amn al'Amm. Syria. ES17, 2003
GSG-9. German anti-terrorist unit. (See Operation Alberich). ES51, 2007
GSG-9. German counter-terrorist unit. ES85, 2013
GSG-9. Germany. ES29, 2004
GSG-9. Officers raid homes following BfV disruption of al-Qaida model aeroplane plot. ES86, 2013
GSG-9. Operation to detain SVR spies Andreas and Heidrun Anschlag,. ES84, 2013
GSMA. Groupe Speciale Mobile Association. ES66, 2010
GSMA. Groupe Speciale Mobile Association. ES66, 2010
GSMA. Networks. Utilising the network. ES51, 2007
GSPC. Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat. Algeria. ES33, 2005
GSPC. Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat. Algeria. ES84, 2013
GSS. Geostationary SIGINT Satellites. ES47, 2007
GT Gold Command. New Scotland Yard. (See Heathrow Airport alert). ES16, 2003
GTA. Gendarmerie Air Transport, France. See MH370. France to reopen investigation into disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Feature. ES117, 2018
GTAZ. Joint Counter Terrorism Centre, Germany. ES76, 2011
Guagua, Bo. ES81, 2012
Guam AFB. ES20, 2003
Guam. Anderson Air Force Base. ES111, 2017
Guanglie, Liang. ES72, 2011
Guantanamo Bay Express. ES100, 2015
Guantanamo Bay Prison, Cuba. ES120, 2019
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Camp X-Ray. Documents of operations destroyed. The Melt Decision. Feature. ES115, 2018
Guantanamo Bay, Cube. AQ prisoners start to arrive. Photo essay. ES7, 2002
Guantanamo Bay. Camp X-Ray interrogation accuracy concerns. ES21, 2003
Guantanamo Bay. ES48, 2007
Guantanamo Bay. ES64, 2009
Guantanamo Bay. ES95, 2015
Guantanamo Bay. Feature. ES21, 2003
Guantanamo Bay. Feature. Wiring and Sharing Intelligence. ES61, 2009
Guantanamo Bay. Filmed interrogations. Feature. ES53, 2008
Guantanamo Bay. Inmates attempt suicide. ES18, 2003
Guantanamo Bay. Suicide bombing attack in Iraq. Guantanamo Rebound. Feature. ES108, 2017
Guantanamo Express. (See also Salt Pit). ES37, 2005/6
Guantanano Bay. Released prisoners rejoin AQ and feature on terrorist recruitment videos. Feature. ES61, 2009
Guard Command. RGB North Korea. ES108, 2017
Guardian Angel. Personal locating device, alarm and global tracker. Product Review. ES59, 2008
Guardian newspaper. Yemen. Interview with MI5 Director-General Andrew Parker. ES106, 2016
Guardian, The. British GCHQ security specialists visit the newspaper in connection with Edward Snowden's NSA and GCHQ leaks. ES87, 2013
Guardian, The. Newspaper receives more awards over its Edward Snowden reporting. ES91, 2014
Guardian, The. Receives Gannett Foundation Watch Journalism Award. ES88, 2013
Guardrail Project. Feature. Reconnaissance and National Security. (See also NSA). ES21, 2003
Guardrail. (See NSA). ES85, 2013
Guardrail. Electronic intelligence gathering project. ES58, 2008
Gubarev, Pavel. Donbass People's Militia. ES92, 2014
Gubashev, Anzor. ES96, 2015
Gubbins, Sir Colin. ES100, 2015
Gubbins, Sir Colin. ES58, 2008
Gubbins, Sir Colin. SOE head. ES93, 2014
Gubbins, Sir Colin. SOE. ES63, 2009
Gubbins, Sir Colin. SOE. ES97, 2015
Guccifer 2.0. See also GRU. Twelve GRU intelligence officers indicted by USA for cyber attacks and hacking prior to the 2016 US General Election. Helsinki Controversy: US Intelligence Under Pressure. Major Feature. ES117, 2018
Gudak, Isadore Jacob. ES120, 2019
Gudrun, Ensslin. ES63, 2009
Gudz, Boris. (See Sidney Reilly). ES12, 2002
Gudz, Boris. ES106, 2016
Guerrero, Antonio. (See La Red Avispa - Wasp Network) ES10, 2002
Guerrero, Antonio. See Cuba. Cuban spy exchange. ES95, 2015
Guess Where To? (See Air Force One). ES42, 2006
Guevara, Che. ES77, 2012
Guey, Ching Ning. See China. Chinese state-owned companies accused of espionage. Playing with Red Fire? Feature. ES105, 2016
Guiana Space Centre. ES102, 2016
Guillaume, Guenter. ES115, 2018
Guillaume, Guenthor. ES101, 2016
Guillaume, Gunter. (See Horst Dieter Potsschke - Cold War spy lawyer). ES84, 2013
Guillaume, Gunter. ES58, 2008
Guillaume, Gunter. ES84, 2013
Guillaume, Gunter. Stasi spy. ES45, 2006
Guinness, Alec. ES112, 2017
Guinness, Sir Alec. ES94, 2014
Guk, Arkady. KGB officer. Feature. ES118, 2018
Gul, Hamid. Former ISI Director. ES72, 2011
Gulbuddin. Taliban assassin kills five UK soldiers. ES65, 2009
Gulen, Fethullah. ES113, 2018
Gulen, Fethullah. See Turkey. Night of the Long Knives. 2016 coup d'etat. Major Feature. ES112, 2017
Gulf of Aden. (See Operation Ocean Shield. Feature. International Pirates. Counter-measures against pirates and al-Qaida in and around the Horn of Africa). ES84, 2013
Gulf of Aden. ES60, 2009
Gulf of Sidra. See United Nations Support Mission Libya. ES106, 2016
Gulfstream 400. ES61, 2009
Gulfstream aircraft crashes. ES53, 2008
Gulfstream IV N85VM. (See Imam Rapito Affair. CIA abduction in Milan). ES86, 2013
Gulfstream N379P. (See Extraordinary Rendition). ES31, 2005
Gulfstream N379P. (See Extraordinary Rendition). ES33, 2005
Gulfstream V aircraft. ES67, 2010
Gulino, Francesco. Feature on KGB award. ES58, 2008
Gulzar, Mohammed. ES55, 2008
Gun, Choi Duk. 1996 Assassination of. ES76, 2011
Gun, Katherine. ES89, 2014
Gun, Katherine. Former GCHQ employee whistleblower publishes book. ES61, 2009
Gun, Katherine. GCHQ documents' leak affair set for silver screen. Official Secrets. Feature. ES101, 2016
Gun, Katherine. GCHQ. (See also Whistleblower: Feature. Hero, Villain, Traitor or Spy?).Clegg, Nick. ES86, 2013
Gun, Katherine. GCHQ. ES100, 2015
Gun, Katherine. GCHQ. ES22, 2003
Gun, Katherine. Spy operation whilstleblower walks free. ES24, 2004
Gunartna, Rohan. ES16, 2003
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