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MI6 - SIS - Secret Intelligence Service

007 character used in bizarre MSS intelligence service countermeasures' programme using propaganda directed at its own people. Espionage Countermeasures. Feature. ES104, 2016
A British Intelligence Dilemma. Implications of an independent Scotland. Feature. ES91, 2014
A History of Espionage Wars. Feature. MI6-CIA operations in China. ES80, 2012
A Year with MI6. Feature. Artist James Hart Dyke spent 12 months following the men and women of MI6 in various situations. Photo essay. ES72, 2011
Adventurous Work. MI6 officers speak to the media about their work. Feature. ES45, 2006
Agent infiltrates Yemen al-Qaida group to secure new underwear bomb. ES79, 2012
Agents and [AQ] Bomb Makers. Feature. ES73, 2011
Agents infiltrate UK Independence Party. ES2, 2001
Agents monitor weapons factory in Syria in event of fall of President Bashar al-Assad. ES75, 2011
Agents track Russian assassin in London. ES63, 2009
Alex Younger Chief of MI6 responds to 'maverick' allegations. Smiley over Bond. Feature. ES112, 2017
Alex Younger MI6 Chief speaking of Sir Mansfield Cumming. ES99, 2015
Alleged MI6 officer listing uploaded on Internet. ES14, 2002
Alleged plots to kill. See Poison. Use of in assassination. An Easy Option. The Art of Elimination. Feature. ES101, 2016
Analysing raw intelligence. ES38, 2006
Analysts warn of Iran - AQ nuclear bomb/material risk. ES45, 2006
Asian Spy Games. Feature. Alleged torture of AQ suspects. ES78, 2012
Attack on US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Feature. The Perfect Platform: MI6 Warning Ignored. ES82, 2012
Author finally admits his work for the Service. See Forsyth, Frederick. The Quiet Englishman. Feature. ES99, 2015
Basij Militia and MI6. Storming of the British Embassy. Feature. ES89, 2014
Beware the Great Bear. Feature. Former MI6 Chief Sir John Sawers warns of growing threat of Russia. ES96, 2015
Blake, George. Former MI6 officer and KGB spy. 95th birthday. No Regrets. Feature. ES113, 2018
Bogus British Intelligence agent jailed. Feature. ES59, 2008
Brexit. Intelligence sharing implications. Brexit Spies and the Poker Game. Feature. ES111, 2017
Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague acknowledges MI6 deaths. ES82, 2012
British agent involved with operation targeting Osama bin-Laden. Feature. ES81, 2012
British Intelligence planned TV session with heads of service postponed. ES86, 2013
British Intelligence rehiring retired spies. Intel Experience. Feature. ES113, 2018
British Intelligence seeks young cyber talent. Feature. New Recruiters. Announcement made at Bletchley Park. ES82, 2012
British Intelligence warn European counterparts not to block access to security platforms. War of Words. Feature. ES116, 2018
British Intelligence. Spying on Lawyers. Feature. ES94, 2014
Broadway, London. MI6 HQ. ES117, 2018
Buildings of British Intelligence. MI6 Giant Poster. ES57, 2008
Bulgarian intelligence liaise with MI6 over previous attack linked to Novichok. The Third Man. Feature. ES120, 2019
Burhanuddin Rabbani - key MI6 link man in Afghanistan assassinated by Taliban. ES76, 2011
Cables leaked by alleged mole in SSA (South Africa) expose MI6 operations against North Korea. Intel Breach. Feature. ES96, 2015
Cai Xiaohong - former Secretary General of China's Central Liaison Office convicted of spying for MI6. Feature. ES80, 2012
Cambridge Spy Ring. New research on extent of Soviet spy infiltration in Britain. Feature. ES99, 2015
Camera containing AQ imagery sold on e.Bay. Feature. ES59, 2008
Cash payment scheme to Kabul revealed. ES85, 2013
Changing leadership hinders MI6 operations. Feature. ES91, 2014
Chief Alex Younger launches new MI6 female recruitment programme. The Recruiters. Feature. ES108, 2017
CIA-MI6 operation to topple Iranian leader. A Very British Coup. Feature. ES87, 2013
CIA-MI6 Secret Liaisons and Protocols. Feature. ES65, 2009
CIA-MI6 telephone tapping operation. Berlin. See also Spy Tradecraft. Counter Intelligence. The Secret World of. Part 3 (TC). Major tradecraft feature by Dr Chris Northcott. ES107, 2017
Code of Silence is broken after details appear in the Guardian newspaper. ES13, 2002
Code of Silence. The tradecraft of government in either rejecting involvement in an intelligence operation when it is exposed or falters or simply remaining silent. Major Feature. (TC) ES119, 2019
Controversial bogus MI6 documents say Service assassinated Heinrich Himmler. ES35, 2005
Corbyn, Jeremy. On MI6 budget. ES105, 2016
Covert Action (TC). Dr Chris Northcott examines one of the most controversial intelligence tradecraft elements utilised surreptitiously throughout history by governments, armed forces, intelligence services, dictators, pressure groups and the underworld. Part 1. Dirty Tricks or Trump Card? ES103, 2016
Cryptic clue used to invite former officers to secret dinner. Feature. ES4, 2001
Cumming, Sir George Mansfield Smith. Ghosts of Mansfield Cumming. Feature. A major feature focusing on the life of Britain's first Chief of MI6, including a plethora of previously unknown facts; including residences, associates and operations. Plus the origins of MI6 and why he opted to use the name Captain Spencer. Ghosts of Mansfield Cumming. Part One. ES99, 2015
Cumming, Sir George Mansfield Smith. Ghosts of Mansfield Cumming. Part Two. ES100, 2015
Czech Intelligence targeted and recruited British politicians and union officials - new Cold War report. The KGB Proxy Wishlist. Major Feature. ES114, 2018
Death Of An MI6 Spy 'An Accident'. Coroner rules death of Gareth Williams (GCHQ) was probably an accident, but does not rule out foul play. Feature. ES88, 2013
Defection of Aleksei Myagkov (KGB). ES43, 2006
Dispute over AQ interrogation papers may damage CIA relations. ES67, 2010
Documents released on MI6 diver and 1956 operation targeting Russian warship the Ordzhonikidze. See Crabb, Lionel 'Buster'. ES100, 2015
Documents released on secret MI6 bank accounts, UK intelligence front companies, Profumo affair and suspected foreign agents and Communists. Dark Money, Communists and Nazi Spies. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
Double agent killed by MI6. Feature. A Licence to Kill? ES85, 2013
Evidence secured of AQ-Iraq links. ES12, 2002
Extraordinary Rendition. Deep Black Central Exchange. Feature. ES92, 2014
Eye Spy Intelligence Review. A comprehensive overview of all the major intelligence events and related incidents from 2001 to 2015 in this special 100th anniversary edition. ES100, 2015
Fake News. UK launches initiative to counter fake news through Culture, Media and Sports Committee. New Puppet Masters. Major Feature. ES114, 2018
Falling Down. MI6 Chief rejects Diana assassination theory. Feature. ES54, 2008
Famous MI5 Watchers surveillance garages flattened. Feature. ES65, 2009
Famous MI6 contact considered defecting to Soviet Union. ES59, 2008
Farewell C. The Man Who Lifted MI6 Out of the Shadows. Feature. Sir John Sawers steps down. ES92, 2014
Fate of poisoned MI6 spy Sergei Skripal unclear. Kremlin Rumour Mill. Feature. ES118, 2018
Focus on Female Spies. Women in the intelligence world. Trading Places. Feature. ES99, 2015
Foreign Office on CIA ghost flights. ES41, 2006
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson visits MI6. A Brief Encounter. Feature. ES106, 2016
Former Chief of MI6 residence on sale. ES118, 2018
Former Chief of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove on intel-sharing following UK exit from EU. ES120, 2019
Former MI6 Chief admits "reluctance" to share intel with the Mossad. ES73, 2011
Former MI6 Chief AQ nuclear attack on UK possible. ES37, 2005/6
Former MI6 Chief Sir John Sawers speaking on Russian military operations in Syria. War of Words. Feature. ES106, 2016
Former MI6 Chief Sir Richard Dearlove threatens to reveal his version of UKs Iraq Dossier which contained intel why invasion was necessary. ES86, 2013
Former MI6 officer and author of Trump Dossier acknowledges not all is accurate. The 30% Solution. Feature. ES113, 2018
Former MI6 officer and KGB agent George Blake celebrates 90th birthday. ES82, 2012
Former MI6 officer Harry Ferguson shamed by treatment of Guantanamo Bay inmate. ES87, 2013
Fort Monckton. MI6 training facility. ES41, 2006
Fort Monckton. See Tradecraft - Silent Spies and Communication. ES87, 2013
Four photographs of MI6 officers released to press. ES39, 2006
FSB launch counter-intelligence operation as nuclear missile secrets are allegedly stolen. CIA and/or MI6 accused of involvement. Major Feature. Intelligence Treasure: New Missile Technology Goes West. ES117, 2018
FSB operations against MI6 'helpers' in Russia. ES44, 2006
FSB renegades suspected in killing of MI6 contact man in London. ES45, 2006
G20 Summit, China. MI5/MI6 counterintelligence warning to delegates. ES105, 2016
Gareth Williams. New claims evidence was disturbed in apartment of murdered GCHQ/MI6 analyst. The Restless Spy Mystery. Feature. ES99, 2015
Gareth Williams. Spy Death. Suspicions Continue to Linger. Feature. ES92, 2014
GCHQ, MI6 and MI5 to merge several back office operations. Back Office Intelligence. Feature. ES118, 2018
German WWII atomic programme. The Spy Who Saved the World. Out of Time. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
Ghost company of MI6 spies on Greenpeace. ES3, 2001
Great Panjandrum. Feature on most unusual WWII British plot or ruse by MI6? ES75, 2011
Grosvenor Square Rebel. MI6 Chief's letter on 'police brutality'. Feature. ES55, 2008
GRU officers named by British Intelligence responsible for assassination attempt of MI6 agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, UK. The Salisbury Tales. Major Feature. ES118, 2018
Guy Burgess and the Garlic Memo. See Strange But True. Feature. ES99, 2015
Guy Burgess. New documents surface. Feature. Stalin's Englishman. ES100, 2015
Hat. 21/7 codename given to investigation.
Heisenberg, Werner. Targeted by MI6. German WWII atomic programme. The Spy Who Saved the World. Out of Time. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
Hoare, Sir Samual. MI6. See Profumo Affair. ES89, 2014
Inaccurate intelligence of European resistance to Nazi Germany. ES62, 2009
Insider Trading. Feature on how MI6 is recruiting former bankers and high-finance workers for its overseas operations. ES67, 2010
Intel Crystal Ball. Assessments on stability in Libya. ES78, 2012
Intelligence Analysis. Horizon Threats 2016. Analysts focus on future threats and war theatres. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
Intelligence Wars. MI6 contact man and Libyan spy chief Musa Kusa used deception operation to flee to UK. Feature. ES73, 2011
Investigation of AQ oil pipe line plot. ES57, 2008
IONEC. Intelligence Officer' Entry Course. MI6. ES1, 2001
IONIC. Intelligence Officer New Entry Course. MI6. ES103, 2016
Iran claims it has arrested an MI6 agent working in 'all spheres'. Feature. ES89, 2014
Iranian media mocks politician with bogus MI6 identity card. Feature. ES89, 2014
Iraq Inquiry. Long running British inquiry into Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction concludes. Flawed Intelligence. Major Feature. ES104, 2016
Iraq WMD. Feature. Iraq's Agents of Deception'. ES27, 2004
Iraq WMD. Feature. What Went Wrong With MI6? ES38, 2006
James Bond 007. A useful but troublesome recruiting tool. ES116, 2018
Jeremiah Adebolajo claims MI6 and MI5 tried to recruit him. (See also Lee Rigby). ES86, 2013
Joint CIA/MI6 operation exposes Libyan nuclear bomb programme. ES23, 2004
Joint MI6, CIA and Mossad exfiltration of Iranian nuclear scientist. Cover story or fake news? The Journeyman. Feature. ES120, 2019
Joint MI6-CIA operation to remove Iran leader from office. ES65, 2009
Kendrick, Thomas Joseph. MI6 spymaster. See also Trent Park ES104, 2016
Kremlin blames MI6 for Sergei Skripal incident claiming it was a plot to disrupt 2018 FIFA World Cup held in Russia. Feature. ES117, 2018
Leaks and theories about GCHQ/MI6 officer Gareth Williams death continue. ES83, 2013
Legal attempt to examine UK intelligence investigative methods. The Third Direction. Feature. ES110, 2017
Lincolnshire Poacher. MI6 Cyprus Number Station. (See Sunatra Deployed). ES74, 2011
Lincolnshire Poacher. MI6 Number Station, Cyprus. ES81, 2012
Lincolnshire Poacher. MI6 Number Station. Feature. ES91, 2014
List of recruiting universities used by AQ created. ES66, 2010
London Bridge terrorist attack. Eight dead as ISIS terror cell strikes. Anatomy of a Terrorist Attack. Major Feature. ES110, 2017
London Calling. Feature on MI6 front companies and the Media. ES67, 2010
Major MI6 spy operation exposed in Moscow Park. ES39, 2006
Marie Chilver. A Spy Called Fifi. The 96 Hour Scheme. Feature. ES93, 2014
Matthew Hedges. Briton accused of spying on behalf of MI6. Feature. ES118, 2018
Media reports Service may relocate due to economy drive. MI6 and MI6 on the Move? Feature. ES100, 2015
Meeting with Libyan Intelligence in London paves way for Gaddafi to drop his nuclear weapons programme. ES69, 2010
Melbury Road. Feature. The Intelligence Secrets of Melbury Road - MI6 headquarters and other surprising buildings linked to intelligence. ES82, 2012
MI5 2004 undercover surveillance imagery of 7/7 bomber Hussain Osman. (See Jean Charles De Menezes). (Related). ES59, 2008
MI5 Infiltrate UK Universities. Feature on Service's operation to identity AQ recruiters. (Related). ES25, 2004
MI6 accused of spy operations in Colombia. Feature. ES117, 2018
MI6 agent Greville Wynne. See Raoul Wallenberg. Feature. ES112, 2017
MI6 agent jailed in Iran for espionage. Feature. ES112, 2017
MI6 and CIA watch resurgence of al-Qaida in Syria. Feature. ES110, 2017
MI6 Chief Alex Younger - lecture at George Washington University. ES105, 2016
MI6 Chief Alex Younger meets with fellow intelligence chiefs of the BND (President Bruno Kahl) and DGSE (Director General Bernard Emie) at the Munich Security Conference, ES120, 2019
MI6 Chief Alex Younger visits Serbia. Building Bridges. Feature. ES114, 2018
MI6 Chief Alex Younger warn of continuing ISIS threat. ES120, 2019
MI6 concerns over Trump Dossier. See Trump Dossier. ES107, 2017
MI6 engages with potential recruits in its first public television advertisement. Welcome to Our World of Spies. Feature. ES116, 2018
MI6 given details of Iran's covert nuclear programme - Project Amad - intelligence secured by the Mossad from within Iran. A Deception and Lies. Major Feature. ES115, 2018
MI6 help thwart GRU operation to secure forensic intel from OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) HQ in the Hague and Swiss facility, relating to failed attempt to assassinate MI6 agent Sergei Skripal. The GRU Cleaners. Major Feature. ES118, 2018
MI6 Recruitment and Mythbusting. Feature. ES106, 2016
MI6 seek to recruit more females through untried channels. ES116, 2018
MI6 spymaster Lt. Colonel Thomas Joseph Kendrick. See Trent Park. ES105, 2016
MI6. A Century in the Shadows. Radio programme. Feature. ES75, 2011
MI6. Agent appears in bizarre court case. ES16, 2003
MI6. Agent Colonel Oleg Gordievsky in poison attempt. ES55, 2008
MI6. Agent Colonel Sergei V. Skripal (GRU) welcomed back following spy exchange. ES69,
MI6. Agent received 75,000 pounds. (See Operation Paget). ES34, 2005
MI6. Argentina Looking Glass. Feature. Service analysts accelerate predictions on possible military action to retake Falkland Islands. ES79, 2012
MI6. Athens Station Chief - life in danger after photo released. ES38, 2006
MI6. Athens Station Chief named in Greek Government row. ES38, 2006
MI6. Backstop. Terminology. (See Cover and Legend. Feature. The Art of Concealment. How the spy tradecraft of Cover and Legend works). ES82, 2012
MI6. Berlin spy tunnel. (See Colonel Vadim Goncharov). ES83, 2013
MI6. Chief in secret meeting with Mossad over Iran's nuclear bomb project. ES56, 2008
MI6. Chief Sir John Sawers warns Syrian WMD poses direct threat to UK. ES86, 2013
MI6. CIA spy operations intensify in Syria. Feature. Spies in Syria. ES82, 2012
MI6. CIA-FSB back-channels opened to counter ISIS. ES99, 2015
MI6. CIA-FSB operations. Feature. ES52, 2007
MI6. Crest. Mysterious Service Crest Revealed. Feature. ES44, 2006
MI6. Front companies crerated to purchase stocks of Exocet missiles. Feature. (See Falkland Islands). ES79, 2012
MI6. FSB Spy Wars. Feature. ES39, 2006
MI6. Glean intel on al-Qaida's intent to secure WMD in Syria. ES86, 2013
MI6. Headquarters building, Vauxhall Cross. Photo essay. ES57, 2008
MI6. HUMINT operation 5 March 2011 in Libyan desert. (See Sunatra Deployed). Feature. Night Games. ES73, 2011
MI6. Hunt for N17 terrorists. ES1, 2001
MI6. Iranian Theatre operations. Sir John Sawers, Chief of Service reveals operations targeting Iran's nuclear programme. ES81, 2012
MI6. Joint CIA operation to undercover nuclear bomb trafficking. Feature. The Suitcase Man. ES30 2004/5
MI6. Launch programme to recruit SAS officers. ES7, 2002
MI6. Liaisons with Chilean Intelligence during Falkland's war. Feature. The Worst Kept Secret. ES9, 2002
MI6. Locations. Feature. Disappearing London. ES60, 2008
MI6. Lost secrets to Russia for a decade. Feature. A Traitor Within? ES29, 2004
MI6. Monitor instability and events in Egypt. Al-Qaida growth. Feature. ES94, 2014
MI6. Munich Agreement. Feature. ES62, 2009
MI6. Officers inadvertently breached Geneva convention - claim. ES32, 2005
MI6. Officers to appear at Litvinenko Inquest. (See Litvinenko). ES86, 2012
MI6. Operations in Iraq. ES23, 2004
MI6. Operations in Yemen. Al-Qaida create new covert bomb as warnings of airliner attacks issued. New Trans-Atlantic Bombers. Feature. ES92, 2014
MI6. Recruiting locations and procedures. ES60, 2009
MI6. Secret Service and Royal Navy surveillance cave on Gibraltar. Feature. ES47, 2007
MI6. Section Y. ES65, 2009MI6. Service duped by bogus WMD documents. ES17, 2003
MI6. Service accused of AQ operative surveillance in Greece. ES38, 2006
MI6. Service blamed by DGSE for sinking of Rainbow Warrior (Greenpeace vessel). ES38, 2006
MI6. Service breaks rank with CIA over Iraq's attempt to obtain Niger uranium. ES27, 2004
MI6. Service clashes with CIA over Iraq WMD intelligence. ES15, 2003
MI6. South American drugs bust. ES22, 2003
MI6. South Atlantic watchers. Argentina makes claim for Falklands as 30th anniversary of war with UK nears. ES78, 2012
MI6. Station Chief, Serbia. ES38, 2006
MI6. Station Chief, Tehran. C.M. Woodhouse. ES87, 2013
MI6. Surveillance of Syrian nuclear site. ES52, 2007
MI6. Suspect Moscow responsible of false flag operations in Ukraine. Agent Provocateurs. Feature. ES90, 2014
MI6. Track nuclear cargo carrying ship on 36,000 mile journey. ES13, 2002
MI6. Trained agent loses data stick in Colombia. Feature. ES62, 2009
MI6. Undercover Spies. The Z-Organisation and Passport Control Officers. Feature. ES60, 2009
MI6's Musical Castro Watcher. How MI6 tried to recruit a well known UK singer to spy on Cuba's Fidel Castro. Feature. ES108, 2017
Minimax Fire Extinguisher Company. Early cover name for Service. ES60, 2008
Minimax Fire Extinguisher Company. MI6. ES117, 2018
Missing MI5 fax warning of Mohammed Sidique Khan. Feature. ES59, 2008
Mitrokhin Archive. KGB documents in British Intelligence archives. Mitrokhin Files Released. Feature. ES92, 2014
Mitrokhin, Vasili. See ASIO. Secret Cold War Australian KGB assets revealed. Feature. ES95, 2015
Moktar Belmokhtar. Feature. End Game for Mr Marlboro. MI6 intel augments effort to capture AQ leader. ES84, 2013
Moscow honours KGB agent and former MI6 officer Kim Philby. Heroes and Villains. Feature. ES119, 2019
Moscow. MI6 Spy Rock. ES100, 2015
Moscow. MI6 Spy Rock. ES62, 2009
Moscow. MI6 Spy Rock. Games. Former UK official admits Service did use spy rock recorder in 2006 operation in Moscow. Feature. ES78, 2012
Moscow. MI6 Spy Rock. Operation screened on Russian television and across the world. ES39, 2006
Moscow. MI6 Spy Rock. Photo essay. ES52, 2007
Moscow's Spy Vice. Feature. UK interests targeted as FSB arrest suspected spies. ES55, 2008
Munich Security Conference 2018. Heads of Western Intelligence discuss array of topics. Deep Impact. Feature. ES114, 2018
MV Gaul. Use of trawlers in Baltic to collect intelligence on Russian vessels. Feature. ES2, 2001
Names of 74 alleged officers and agents of MI6 posted on Internet. ES35, 2005
Nationwide ethnic recruiting programme launched. ES38, 2006
New addition to the Russian Assassination List as former GRU intelligence officer and MI6 agent Sergei Skripal is targeted by assassins in Salisbury, UK, using deadly Novichok nerve agent. Anatomy of the Skripal Sanction. Major Feature. ES115, 2018
New changes ahead for world's intelligence services as focus drawn to New Cold War and combatting international terrorism. The New Recruiters. Major Feature. ES105, 2016
New Chief announced for MI6. ES60, 2009
New high-security laptop computers issued to staff. ES2, 2001
New intelligence on Iran's nuclear programme secured by the Mossad is delivered to MI6 for 're-examination'. Feature. ES116, 2018
New interception powers. Terror threat alarms government in UK. Grim Reality for Europe. Feature. ES95, 2015
New MI6 Chief. Alex Younger. Feature. ES93, 2014
New Moscow exhibition opens on former MI6 officer and KGB spy Kim Philby. Philby Rebranded. Major Feature. ES112, 2017
New security fears as ISIS weapons building and technology training videos surface. Bomb Makers: Selected Distribution. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
New UK cyber surveillance powers. The Dark Web. Feature. ES100, 2015
News feature on disquiet in MI6 over appointment of Sir John Sawers 'disappears'. ES64 2009
Nikolai Rodin - name continues to resurface and haunt MI6. Feature. ES58, 2008
No Fantasy Island. Demystifying Britain's Secret Intelligence Service. Feature. ES53, 2008
Norgrove, Linda. Allegations she was an MI6 agent. See Anstruther. US Navy SEALs operations. Afghanistan Tales. Feature. ES107, 2017
Novichok. Board game released in Russia based on GRU operation to kill MI6 agent Sergei Skripal. Our Guys in Salisbury. ES120, 2019
Nuclear Iraq technology secrets secured by defectors. ES9, 2002
Number Station - allo transmissions. Submarines, Spies and Cables. Feature on espionage and intelligence topics on the island of Cyprus. ES87, 2013
Officer accused by FSB of espionage in Russia. Feature. ES57, 2008
Officers allowed union access. (See FDA). ES9, 2002
Officers questioned over death of Princess Diana (See Operation Paget). ES32, 2005
Official MI6 Myth Busters. Feature. ES45, 2006
Operation after British Army officer caught in ISI agent honeytrap. ES35, 2005
Operation in Iraq led to Manchester terror safe house. ES34, 2005
Operation Musketoon. ES113, 2018
Operation to install listening devices in Iranian Embassy during the 1980 hostage drama. ES68, 2010
Operations: Avalon, Scant, Scream, Sawdust and Straggle. Dark Money, Communists and Nazi Spies. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
Out of the Shadows. Feature. MI6 Lunch Web Site. ES36, 2005
Oyamye, Valery. Alleged MI6 agent jailed in Russia. Feature. ES2, 2001
Paragraph 405 - Butler Report. MI6 withdrew its intelligence on WMD. Sources compromised. ES27, 2004
Photographic special of Service headquarters from the air. ES5, 2001
Preparations underway to create Iraq Weapons Dossier. ES8, 2002
Prince Charles visits MI6 Vauxhall Headquarters. The Royal Patron of Intelligence. Feature. ES102, 2016
Professor Keith Jeffrey who wrote the official history of MI6 - The History of the Secret Intelligence Service passes. ES102, 2016
Psychological Warfare operations against Colonel Gaddafi. Feature. ES74, 2011
Queen Elizabeth unveils plaque at former HQ building in London commemorating 100 years of operations. Heads of GCHQ, MI6 and MI5 attend ceremony. Feature. ES120, 2019
Real dirty bomb threat to UK. ES82, 2012
Recruitment campaign in The Times. ES40, 2006
Recruitment via the Internet. ES36, 2005
Released files show MI6-IRA back-channel (communication). ES77, 2012
Released STASI files reveal MI6 officer George Blake's treachery led to deaths of agents. Legacy. Feature. ES96, 2015
Richard Barret. MI6 Counter-Terrorism Directorate head. ES91, 2014
Rumours abound that next heads of MI5 and MI6 will be female. All Change at MI5 and MI6? Feature. ES115, 2018
Russia accuses British Council offices as front for MI6 espionage activities. (See also NGOs). ES54, 2008
Russia espionage in West surpasses Cold War levels. Spymaster: The New Illegals. Major Feature. ES110, 2017
Russia inventing British spy operations for media exploitation. Diplomatic Spy Games. Feature. ES102, 2016
Russian allegations MI6 and CIA were involved in death of Boris Berezovsky. The Secret Coup. Feature. ES96, 2015
Sanderson, John. Colonel. ES118, 2018
Scooter Club. MI6, Vauxhall Cross. ES99, 2015
SEAP. Security Equipment Assessment Panel. UK Defence and intelligence. ES2, 2001
Searches begin at former London residence of Detroit plane bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. ES66, 2010
Secret Russian spy operation nets technology. ES4, 2001
Secret war weapons dossier handed to Downing Street - prepared by MI6. ES11, 2002
Section D. (Destruction) MI6. Feature. ES91, 2014
Section D. (Destruction). ES62, 2009
Section IX. ES63, 2009
Section Y and the Berlin Tunnel Project. ES58, 2008
Senior Service. Spy chiefs examine threats posed by North Korean and Russian spies. Feature. ES114, 2018
Service accused of assassinating Alexander Litvinenko. ES49, 2007
Service accused of operations in Estonia, Poland, Georgia and Latvia. ES52, 2007
Service advertises on Mumsnet to attract female staffers and officers. ES105, 2016
Service alleged to have created spy network in Iran. ES117, 2018
Service allows grievances to be heard. ES2, 2001
Service having secret dinner dance to celebrate its 100th birthday. ES63, 2009
Service helps Bulgaria's NIS hunt for Israeli tourist bus bombers. ES81, 2012
Service launches first recruitment drive since end of Cold War. ES8, 2002
Service launches new website. ES100, 2015
Service launches recruitment advert. Intelligence Outreach Via Media. Feature. ES120, 2019
Service line at Downing Street improves FSB relations. ES72, 2011
Service lose track of germ warfare expert (Dr Hazem Mohammed Ali). ES2, 2001
Service monitors MV Alaed cargo ship allegedly carrying arms to Syria. ES80, 2012
Service needs to diversify to meet challenges of the contemporary world. Feature. ES57, 2008
Service receives copy of study - The Future of Bioweapons. ES31, 2005
Service removes a number of agents and officers from various countries following Edward Snowden's NSA and GCHQ leaks. Fair Game. Feature. ES87, 2013
Service seeks new head of equipment technology. Feature. Hunt is on for a new 'Q'. ES33, 2005
Service shocked as details of secret infiltration mission with CIA in Africa appears in US press. ES80, 2012
Service stands by its Iraq WMD intelligence. Feature. ES21, 2003
Service tracked one of the 21/7 bombers to Pakistan. ES39, 2006
Service uncovers overseas AQ cells in Iran and Afghanistan liaising over attacks on the West. Feature. The Waiting Game. ES48, 2007
Service warns British holidaymakers they are being targeted in Egypt by al-Qaida. ES82, 2012
Sinclair, Sir John. MI6 Chief. ES104, 2016
Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Police Commissioner on New Scotland Yard-MI5/MI6 liaisons. ES105, 2016
Sir John Sawers appointed new MI6 Chief. ES63, 2009
Sir John Sawers. MI6 Chief meets Romanian intelligence director. ES90, 2014
Sir John Scarlett is new MI6 Chief. ES26, 2004
Sir Mark Allen. MI6 Counter-Terrorism Director. MI6 threads to alleged CIA abduction operation to be heard in court. Deep Black. Feature. ES108, 2017
Sir Stewart Menzies. Secret accounts. ES113, 2018
SIS. Secret Intelligence Service. United Kingdom. Readers note. Referred to as MI6 throughout this index. ES01, 2001
Speculation and theories abound concerning GRU operation targeting former GRU officer and MI6 agent Sergei Skripal. Feature. The Kremlin Rumour Mill. ES118, 2018
Spy London. Feature. The Journeymen of MI6. Feature exploring the buildings used by the Service during its one hundred year history. ES57, 2008
SSB. Secret Service Bureau. See Woodborough Hall, Nottinghamshire and Cumming, Sir George Mansfield Smith. Ghosts of Mansfield Cumming. ES100, 2015
Station X. Secrets of the MI6 communications room, Bletchley Park. Feature. Photo essay. ES60, 2009
Stepford Files. 7/7 codename given to investigation.
Still Out in the Cold. Feature. MI6 agent believes Moscow is still on his trail. ES49, 2007
Sunatra Deployed. Feature on joint MI6-SAS unit deployed in Libya and type of equipment used. ES74, 2011
Sunset for Agent 007. Feature. MI6 warn potential recruits that those seeking a 'James Bond' position will be disappointed. ES106, 2016
Surveillance of Iraq WMD convoy to Syria. Feature. The Secret Convoy. ES30 2004/5
Technical Facility in Buckinghamshire. ES45, 2006.
The Art of Spycraft - MI6. Paintings, Lithographs, Carvings, Artefacts and Spy Relevance. Fascinating look at the history of items which all have an intelligence relevance and adorn the walls and offices in MI6's Vauxhall headquarters. A historical walk back in time. Major Feature. Part One. ES114, 2018
The Art of Spycraft. Demystifying a piece of MI6 artwork. Feature. Part Two. ES116, 2018
The Big Breach: From Russia with Love - secrets exposed. Feature. ES1, 2001
The Curate's Egg. Feature. The Annals of MI6. Part 1. Major profile of Service. ES9, 2002
The Curate's Egg. Feature. The Annals of MI6. Part 2. Major profile of Service. ES10, 2002
The MI6 plot to assassinate Grigori Rasputin revealed. ES36, 2005
The Order Book. ES103, 2016
The PCO diamond heist. See Strange But True. ES97, 2015
The Philby File. Rare footage of MI6 traitor surfaces. Feature. ES102, 2016
The Quiet Englishwomen. Feature on Hugh Bonneville and family connections to MI6. ES102, 2016
The Secret MI6 War. Feature on MI6 operations in Libya, Gaddafi's fall and spy chief Musa Kusa's secret liaisons with Service. ES75, 2011
The Skeleton Brief. The Trump Dossier. President Trump's alleged links to Russia and plethora of controversial incidents, conversations and activities produced by former MI6 officer Christopher Steel. Major Feature. ES107, 2017
The Venlo Incident. Feature. ES60, 2008
The World is not Enough. Filming '007' movies at MI6 headquarters Vauxhall Cross. ES92, 2014
Top Secret documents released on the mystery of 'Buster' Crabb. ES51, 2007
Top secret nuclear operation revealed by Russian agent. ES11, 2002
Trial concludes of ISIS cell plotting attacks in London. See ISIS Mid-2018 intelligence overview on the current status of the war with ISIS and cooperation between governments to defeat its military fighting forces and ideology - this as terrorist activities continue. ISIS/DAESH. Major Feature. ES116, 2018
Trojan Horses. MI6 operations in Russia at time of communist takeover (1920s). ES70, 2010
UAE pardons alleged MI6 spy. Feature. ES119, 2019
UK accuses Russia of weaponising information. The Russian Threat. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
UK government announces Public Inquiry will be held into Litvinenko's death. Murdered MI6 Agent. Feature. ES92, 2014
UK officially apologies to extraordinary rendition victims without referencing its role or that of British Intelligence. See also Belhaj, Abdel Hakin. Feature. The Telephone Call. ES116, 2018
UK Public Inquiry concludes former officer FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko was probably killed by FSB. Litvinenko A.k.a. Edward Redwald Carter. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
UK response to death of civilian Dawn Sturgess in Salisbury from Novichok poisoning following attempted assassination of former GRU officer and MI6 agent Sergei Skripal. Major Feature. Novichok: The Sequel. ES117, 2018ES117, 2018
UK spy chiefs join to mark 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. UK Intelligence Support. Feature. ES119, 2019
Undercover Operators. Feature. MI6 Cloak and Dagger. A history of deaths involving MI6 officers and contact men. ES70, 2010
Underwear bombs. MI6 and CIA warn of new type of al-Qaida underwear bomb. ES81, 2012
United Nations spy games revealed. ES24, 2004
Unprecedented MI6 recruitment advert appears on London Underground trains. ES67, 2010
Unusual plots to kill Adolf Hitler. Feature. (See Valkyrie). ES75, 2011
Vasili. Mitrokhin. KGB. MI6 Exfiltration Operation. ES92, 2014
Waldegrave Initiative. Cabinet project to examine 'closed' MI6 documents. ES12, 2002
War of Words. Service braces itself for more leaks. ES41, 2006
White, Dick. MI6 Chief. ES104, 2016
Working for MI6. Myths and reality. ES53, 2008
Worldwide Surveillance. Tracking and surveillance of sleeper, active lone wolf terrorists by international intelligence agencies. Major Feature. ES107, 2017
Wynne, Greville. MI6 operative. Quiet Intelligence Man. Feature. ES119, 2019
Younger, Alex. MI6 Chief on Russian aggression and other international situations including activities in Syria and cyber warfare. ES107, 2017
Z-Numbers. MI6 Agents and Front Companies. ES60, 2008
Z-Organisation. (See Sir Claude Dansey). ES63, 2009
Z-Organisation. ES60, 2009
Z-Organisation. Genesis of. ES60, 2008