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From the pages of Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine since May 2001

Acoustic Kitty. CIA. See also CIA. Iran accuses CIA and the Mossad of using lizards and other animals for espionage. Atomic Waves. Feature. ES114, 2018
Active Endeavour. NATO counter AQ maritime piracy/terrorist attacks. ES28, 2004
Active Endeavour. NATO. (Counter terrorist - maritime). ES18, 2003
Ajax. CIA-MI6 operation to topple Iranian leader. A Very British Coup. Feature. ES87, 2013
Alberich. US Armed Forces/CIA. ES51, 2007
Allied ForceE. UN support via broadcasts to Kosova. ES72, 2011
Anaconda. ES77, 2012
Anaconda. Major offensive in Afghanistan. ES8, 2002
Anakonda. NATO exercise intended to warn Russia. ES106, 2016
Anarchist. UK-USA. Israel monitoring. ES101, 2016
Anchor. Major NSC CTC land and maritime counter-terrorism exercise. A Matter of Assurance. Feature. ES108, 2017
Annie. US Cold War civil atomic defence test. See also Nuclear Alert. Eye Spy examines the history and current use of alert systems to warn of an imminent attack. Four Minute Warning. Major Feature. ES114, 2018
Anstruther. US Navy SEALs operations. Afghanistan Tales. Feature. ES107, 2017
Anthrapoid. ES97, 2015
Anthropoid. See Tradecraft - Encounter Control in the Intelligence Cycle. Part 4. Feature. (TC) ES91, 2014
Appleby. Australian counter-terrorist raids on suspected ISIS followers. ES93, 2014
ARGUS. GCHQ. ES1, 2001
Atlantic Blue. Counter-terrorist operation. ES28, 2004
Atlas. ES100, 2015
Atlas. Security of New York City. Feature. ES17, 2003
Avalon. See MI6. Operations. ES113, 2018
Avocet. NSY investigation into death of Alexander Litvinenko. ES98, 2015
Aztec Archer. (See AFRICOM). ES83, 2013
Babylon. Israel strike on Osirak nuclear reactor, Iraq. ES78, 2012
BALTOPS 16. NATO. ES106, 2016
Barbarossa. German invasion of Russia. ES120, 2019
Bay of Pigs. CIA in Cuba. ES34, 2005
Bayonet. Targeting Dark Web operators and users. FBI, NCA, EUROPOL. Indepth feature on the Internet space known as the DarkWeb, Darknets, Deep Web, Invisible Web and Undernet. Products and services, including weapons purchase. cryptocurrency movement etc. An Intelligence Perspective. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
Bernhard. WWII German counterfeit programme. ES78, 2012
Black Eagle. Ministry of Defence. ES94, 2014
Black Eagle. UK-Polish forces. ES101, 2016
Black September. Mossad. ES51, 2007
Blue Crystal. NRO. ES2, 2001
Blue Peacock. NATO stalling programme involving buried nuclear device... warmed by chickens. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Bodyguard. WWII. ES103, 2016
Bojinka. ES100, 2015
Boot. MI6-CIA operation to topple Iranian leader. A Very British Coup. Feature. ES87, 2013
Breaking Terrorism. Iraq offensive to retake Fallujah from ISIS. ES104, 2016
Brother's Keeper. Israel Defence Forces. ES92, 2014
Bullrun. See The Holy Grail. Encryption security protocols of Internet broken by NSA and GCHQ. Feature. ES87, 2013
Card Shop. Feature. Bureau sting operation leads to arrest of dozens of credit card fraudsters and user. ES80, 2012
Catherine Wheel. ES75, 2011
Checkmate. CIA programme to out AQ operatives. ES16, 2003
ChokePoint. US Coast Guard. ES30 2004/5
Cleopatra. CIA. ES8, 2002
Clockwork. NATA. (See also MV Gaul). (See MI6 operations in Arctic and Barents Sea). ES21, 2003
Cold Rain. CIA hunt for AQ and OBL. ES14, 2002
Cold Response. NATO. ES101, 2016
Coldfeet. (Part II). Daring US Arctic operation to recover material from an abandoned floating North Pole Russian research base in 1962. ES81, 2012
Coldfeet. Daring US Arctic operation to recover material from an abandoned floating North Pole Russian research base in 1962. ES80, 2012
Coldfeet. ES113, 2018
Compass. The Black Code Book and the Keys of Cairo. How the loss of a code book almost gifted Egypt to the Germans in WWII. Feature. ES90, 2014
Condor. CIA mission in Chile. ES1, 2001
Condor. ES96, 2015
Cornflakes. ES97, 2015
Courtship. CIA/FBI counter-intelligence effort targeting Soviets. ES8, 2002
Creek Sand. (See AFRICOM). ES83, 2013
Crevice. MI5. The fertiliser bomb plot. ES25, 2004
Crevice. Operation. MI5/NSY ES40, 2006
Crevice/Crevis. (Fertiliser bomb plot). ES72, 2011
Crevice/Crevis. ES44, 2006
Crevice/Crevis. Sentences handed down to AQ fertiliser bomb plot gang. Feature. ES48, 2007
Crevis. ES100, 2015
Crevis/Crevice. MI5 investigation.
Crossbow. ES86, 2013 (See Image Interpretation. Feature) Tradecraft. ES86, 2013
Crossbow. RAF WWII operation targeting Nazi war facilities. ES118, 2018
Crystal. MI5 in Northern Ireland. ES7, 2002
Cumulus. Secret MOD project. Feature. ES4, 2001
Cyanide. Israel attacks USS Liberty. ES16, 2003
Damocles. ES84, 2013
Danube. Counter ISIS - threat level predictor. ES96, 2015
Danube. MI5-NSY Counter ISIS recruitment programme. ES100, 2015
Decisive Storm. ES99, 2015
Decoy. OSS. ES33, 2005
Defenders of Friendship. Russia-Egypt exercise. ES106, 2016
Desert Shield. (Iraq). ES72, 2011
Desert Shield. See also Iraq Inquiry. Long running British inquiry into Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction concludes. Flawed Intelligence. Major Feature. ES104, 2016
Desert Thunder. (Iraq). ES72, 2011
Diver. Greek Intelligence and November 17 terror group. ES12, 2002
Doorstop. US Cold War civil atomic defence test. See also Nuclear Alert. Eye Spy examines the history and current use of alert systems to warn of an imminent attack. Four Minute Warning. Major Feature. ES114, 2018
Double Cross. British Intelligence. ES63, 2009
Dragnet. MI5 sting nets BAE Systems worker Ian Parr in espionage attempt. ES14, 2002
Dragonfly. MI5 counterespionage operation. ES17, 2003
Dynamic Mongoose. ES97, 2015
Eagle Claw. CIA rescue mission. (See US Embassy siege, Tehran). ES66, 2010
Eagle Claw. ES73, 2011
Eagle Claw. ES89, 2014
Earnest Will. ES89, 2014
Edgehill. See The Holy Grail. Encryption security protocols of Internet broken by NSA and GCHQ. Feature. ES87, 2013
El Dorado Canyon. USAF/CIA. ES64, 2009
Ellamy. Britain's part of America's Operation Odyssey Dawn - within Unified Protector - the overall NATO designation for Libyan operations. ES73, 2011
Ellamy. British armed forces code-name for UK's fighting element in Libyan conflict. ES73, 2011
Ellamy. ES100, 2015
Ellamy. ES81, 2012
Enduring Freedom. (Afghanistan). ES72, 2011
Enduring Freedom. ES100, 2015
Englandspiel (The match against England). Germany WWII. ES107, 2017
Enormoz. KGB. ES16, 2003
Epsilon. UK. Post-WWII. Securing services of leading Nazi nuclear scientists. ES120, 2019
Falcon. US Marshals Service. ES41, 2006
Famish. US expels Russian diplomats. ES1, 2001
Finale. Mossad operation to capture Nazi WWII war criminal Adolf Eichmann. ES119, 2019
Finale. Mossad. Capture of leading WWII Nazi Adolf Eichmann. Feature. ES112, 2017
Fish Hook. ONR/CIA/US Navy. ES119, 2019
Fortitude. ES103, 2016
Fortitude. ES75, 2011
Fortitude. US/UK. Distraction operation. (See D-Day). ES58, 2008
Four Winds. MI5 infiltration. ES66, 2010
Freshman. SOE. ES113, 2018
Fury of Melek Taus. ES100, 2015
FUSAG. First US Army Group. See Spy Tradecraft. Counter Intelligence. The Secret World of. Part 3 (TC). Major tradecraft feature by Dr Chris Northcott. ES107, 2017
Gallant Fox 06. Pentagon. ES41, 2006
Gateway. The hunt for Osama Bin-Laden. ES1, 2001
Geronimo. Code-word for the demise of Osama bin-Laden.
Geronimo. ES100, 2015
Ghost Stories. ES104, 2016
Ghost Stories. ES76, 2011
Ghost Stories. ES84, 2014
Ghost Stories. FBI operation targeting Russian SVR spy ring in America. ES115, 2018
Giraffe. DIA.
Global Mercury. Movement of biological weapons throughout world. ES22, 2003
Gold. CIA/MI6 joint operation to construct the Berlin Tunnel (telephone interception). ES58, 2008
Gold. CIA-MI6 telephone tapping operation. Berlin. See also Spy Tradecraft. Counter Intelligence. The Secret World of. Part 3 (TC). Major tradecraft feature by Dr Chris Northcott. ES107, 2017
Gold. ES96, 2015
Gold. Former MI6 officer and KGB spy George Blake hailed by SVR Director on his 95th birthday. No Regrets. Feature. ES113, 2018
Gold. US name for operation Stopwatch. ES83, 2013
Gothic Serpent. 1993 Black Hawk incident. Feature. ES109, 2017
Grand Slam. CIA U-2 spy flights over Russia. ES119, 2019
Great Panjandrum. ES75, 2011
Green Cloud. NYPD Counter Terrorism Division. ES54, 2008
Groundbreaker. NSA. ES20, 2003
Grouse. SOE. ES113, 2018
GUNMAN. NSA. ES103, 2016
Gunnerside. SOE. ES113, 2018
Harmattan. French part of Operation Unified Protector - the overall NATO designation for Libyan operations. ES73, 2011
Homing Pigeon. NSA. ES107, 2017
Honey Badger. CIA-FBI spy network in China. Chinese Whispers: Operation Honey Badger. Feature. ES109, 2017
Honey Badger. ES89, 2014
Ilkrit and Biram. Munich Olympic Games massacre. 1972. ES86, 2013
Immediate Response. NATO. ES58, 2008
Imminent Thunder. Iraq, 1991. See also Counter Intelligence (Spycraft). ES106, 2016
Inherent Resolve. Alliance of nations tackling ISIS. ES95, 2015
Inherent Resolve. Colonel Ryan Dillon. US Army. ES111, 2017
Inherent Resolve. Covert deal and back-channel to ISIS allows thousands of fighters safe passage out of Raqqa, Syria. Secret Daesh Accord. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
Inherent Resolve. ES103, 2016
Inherent Resolve. ES106, 2016
Inherent Resolve. ES99, 2015
Inherent Resolve. ISIS/DAESH. Latest incidents and state of war theatres in Iraq and Syria. Fragmentation and Legacy. Major Feature. ES112, 2017
Inherent Resolve. Major overview of recent events, fall of Raqqa to Alliance forces, attacks, Alliance operations and international cooperation aimed at defeating ISIS. Statistics of dead, captured and land control. ISIS: Falling Down. Major Feature. ES111, 2017
Inherent Resolve. Mid-2018 intelligence overview on the current status of the war with ISIS and cooperation between governments to defeat its military fighting forces and ideology - this as terrorist activities continue. ISIS/DAESH. Major Feature. ES116, 2018
Iraqi Freedom. Feature. The Lead up to War. ES17, 2003
Ivy Bells. ES87, 2013
Ivy Bells. Intercepting Soviet cables under ocean. ES65, 2009
Joint Guard. UN support of Stabilisation forces - Bosnia-Herzegovina. ES72, 2011
Julie. ES87, 2013
Just Cause. (Targets Noriega regime). ES72, 2011
Kathleen. Abwehr. (See Irish Intelligence). ES8, 2002
Kenova. Northern Ireland. Investigation into intel and terrorist activities from past (The Troubles) reviewed as arrest of senior MI5 spy revealed. Unforgiven: The Troubles - Embers Still Burning. Feature. ES114, 2018
Kratos. NSY terrorist response. ES35, 2005
Large and Pivoting Dancer. MI5/New Scotland Yard. ES8, 2002
Lemon-Aid. FBI. ES41, 2006
Lena. German WWII pre-invasion plan to insert spies into Britain. Feature. ES110, 2017
Lighthouse. NYS. ES46, 2007
Little H. MI6 and Heinrich Himmler. ES35, 2005
Long Jump. German wartime plot to kill Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill at conference in Tehran. ES78, 2012
Lydd. New Scotland Yard. ES92, 2014
Madronna. MI5 in Northern Ireland. ES7, 2002
Magician. ES77, 2012
Magnesium. MI5/6 disruption operations across Europe against AQ. ES17, 2003
Manassas. See The Holy Grail. Encryption security protocols of Internet broken by NSA and GCHQ. Feature. ES87, 2013
Market Garden. WWII Allied operation. ES80, 2012
Marlborough. SAS/Delta Force. ES37, 2005/6
Mask. MI5 targeting of British Communists. See also CPGB. ES93, 2014
Mason and the Kelly Group. MI5. (See David Kelly). ES25, 2004
Mass Appeal. MI6 in Iraq. ES23, 2004
Mass Appeal. MOD security and intel element. (See also Dr David Kelly). ES74, 2011.
Medusa. NATO. ES43, 2006
Merlin. ES97, 2015
MHCHAOS. Secret CIA counter-terrorist programme in the 1960s. ES78, 2012
Mincemeat. ES117, 2018
Mincemeat. See Spy Sites. Spy locations used by agents in London in the run-up to the invasion of Europe. VE Day & The D-Day Spies. Feature. ES97, 2015
Mobile. Canada's part of Operation Unified Protector - the overall NATO designation for Libyan operations. ES73, 2011
Mockingbird. See the Fourth Estate. CIA ES94, 2014
Musketoon. German WWII atomic programme. The Spy Who Saved the World. Out of Time. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
Nare and Liburna. MI5 sting against RIRA. ES70, 2010
Neptune Spear. ES118, 2018
Neptune Spear. ES95, 2015
Neptune Spear. See Osama bin-Laden. ES94, 2014
Nettletip. NSY CTC. ES52, 2007
Nexus. New York City security services. ES35, 2005
Nexus. See New York City. Surveillance and Security 2016. ES105, 2016
Nimble Archer. ES89, 2014
Nimrod. ES75, 2011
Nimrod. SAS operation to end 1980 Iranian Embassy siege.
Noble Eagle. NORAD. ES54, 2008
Nord Pole (North Pole). Germany WWII. ES107, 2017
Ocean Shield. ES76, 2011
Ocean Shield. Feature. International Pirates. Counter-measures against pirates and al-Qaida in and around the Horn of Africa. ES84, 2013
Olympic Games. (See also Stuxnet virus). ES86, 2016
Olympic Games. Stuxnet. ES106, 2016
Olympic Games. US Strategic command cyber operation targeting Iran's nuclear facilities. ES82, 2012
OMEGA. CIA. Afghanistan. ES117, 2018
Orchard. ES98, 2015
Osiris 2. Huge counter-terrorist exercise in London. ES20, 2003
Overlord. ES75, 2011
Overlord. Feature. ES56, 2008
Overlord. Hampshire launch sites. ES100, 2015
Overt, ES100, 2015
Overt. MI5. ES43, 2006
Overt. Trans-Atlantic Bomb Plot. Feature. CIA mischief revealed in National Geographic Channel documentary. ES74, 2011
Package. MI5/NSY targeting animal rights' bomb plotters. ES1, 2001
Paget. ES100, 2015
Paget. ES34, 2005
Paget. ES87, 2013
Paget. NYS investigation into death of Princess Diana. ES32, 2005
Paperclip. ES88, 2013
Paraquat. See South Georgia. ES84, 2013
Pastorius. See also Spies and Hotels. An indepth and fascinating feature on hotels inextricably linked to the world of intelligence and espionage - each with a dark and illuminating tale to tell. Ten: Spies and Hotels. Major Feature. ES114, 2018
Pastorius. WWII German Intelligence operation involving U-boats and agents targeting America. Feature. ES73, 2011
Pathway. (See AQ Manchester to Abbottabad). ES74, 2011
Pathway. ES100, 2015
Pathway. ES86, 2013
Pathway. ES96, 2015
Pathway. MI5 intelligence gathered from coded e-mails reveals top AQ fixer behind plots to attack Manchester and New York City. ES68, 2010
Pathway. MI5. ES62, 2009
Paukenschlag. ES44, 2006
Pawn Storm. Russian cyber attacks. ES103, 2016
PETERS. MI5. ES120, 2019
Phoenix. Vietnam War. ES39, 2006
Pitsford. MI5 thwart AQ plot thwart worst potential attack since 9/11. ES84, 2013
Podex. NYPD Counter-terrorist security services. (See biological attacks - New York City). ES35, 2005
Praline. MI5/NSY CTC. ES58, 2008
Praying Mantis. ES89, 2014
Protective Edge. Israel - Gaza. ES107, 2017
Protective Edge. Israel Defence Forces. ES92, 2014
Protocol M. KGB. Department A. First Chief Directorate. Propaganda, misinformation, fake news, disinformation etc. Feature. ES117, 2018
Rafter. MI5 Cold War operation. ES119, 2019
Red Coalition. ES76, 2011
Red Wing. US Navy SEALs search and capture mission. 2005 - Kunar Province. ES73, 2011
Restoring Hope/Renewal of Hope. Arab alliance against terrorism. ES99, 2015
Rhyme. NSY CTC. (See Gas Limos Project). ES49, 2007
Rockingham. MI6/Defence Intelligence Staff. ES23, 2004
Rolling Tide. ES90, 2014
Rosewood. CIA station in Germany extracts thousands of Stasi documents as Berlin Wall is torn down. ES2, 2001
Rosewood. ES77, 2012
Rosewood. Feature. Mirror of the Stasi, 1989. ES73, 2011
Sabre. Serbian Intelligence foil coup d'etat by Milosevic followers. Feature. ES18, 2003
Safeport. US Coast Guard. ES36, 2005
Salt. Counter-terrorist operation in 2003, Manchester (See also death of Stephen Oake and AQ Manchester to Abbottabad). ES74, 2011
Salt. MI5. (See the Ricin Man). ES33, 2005
SAMBO. Simultaneous Auroral Multi Balloon Observations. Cold War sonar tracking and technology. ES103, 2016
Samnite. MI5 sting nets RIRA operatives. ES10, 2002
Sand Dollar. USAF and Navy. ES63, 2009
Sandstorm. Joint MI6/CIA operation targets AQ. ES1, 2001
Satanique. French Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior vessel operation. ES104, 2016
Sawdust. See MI6. Operations. ES113, 2018
Scant. See MI6. Operations. ES113, 2018
Scream. See MI6. Operations. ES113, 2018
Seagram. ES100, 2015
Seagram. MI5. ES59, 2008
SHADER. ES93, 2014
Shader. UK codename for UAV operations. ES120, 2019
Shake the Tree. Iraq and WMD.
Shield. NSA. ES21, 2003
Show of Force. Israel raid on PLO Tunis headquarters. ES82, 2012
Siil (Hedgehog). NATO. ES120, 2019
Soon. ES77, 2012
Southwinds. NSA. ES107, 2017
Spangle. Joint CIA-ISI-MI6. ES29, 2004
Stage. FBI Alaskan countermeasures against Russian invasion. Major Feature. ES118, 2018
Stellar Wind. NSA. ES60, 2009
Stepford. MI5/NSY. ES39, 2006
Still Steadfast. ES97, 2015
Stopwatch. ES83, 2013
Stopwatch. ES96, 2015
Stopwatch. MI6/CIA. ES58, 2008
Stopwatch. UK term for operation Gold. CIA/MI6 spy tunnel into East Berlin. Feature. ES18, 2003
Storm. (Iraq). ES72, 2011
Storm. NSA. ES21, 2003
Straggle. See MI6. Operations. ES113, 2018
Sunatra. MI6/SAS ES119, 2019
Sunatra. MI6/SAS ES91, 2014
TELIC. British codename for its element in second Iraq war. ES104, 2016
Temperer. Joint MOD-NSY counter-terrorism and security initiative. ES109, 2017
Temperer. Terrorism and security threats to UK. UK Eyes Only. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
Thesis. MI5 - 7/7 response. ES34, 2005
Thieving Magpie. NSA. ES107, 2017
Thunderbolt. Mossad/IDF. ES58, 2008
TICOM. British WWII SIGNALs research in Germany. ES88, 2013
Tinkerbell. ES76, 2011
Tracer. ES59, 2008
Tracer. MI6/Naval Intelligence. ES47, 2007
Tracer. Naval intelligence hero Dr Bruce Cooper dies in Gibraltar. ES74, 2011
Tradewinds. USSOUTHCOM. ES104, 2016
Trailblazer. NSA. ES20, 2003
Tripwire. National Joint Terrorism Task Force. AQ countermeasures. ES27, 2004
Tropic. CIA operations Far East. ES33, 2005
Troy. ES76, 2011
TRUST. Russia OGPU. (1921-1927). ES106, 2016
Tube Alloys. UK atomic programme. ES64, 2009
Tusker Sand. (See AFRICOM). ES83, 2013
Uncritical. ES76, 2011
Unified Protector. ES100, 2015
Unified Protector. NATO designation for Libyan operations which began in 2011. ES73, 2011
Unthinkable. See Secret BBC spy broadcasts. Legacy. Feature. ES99, 2015
Uphold Democracy. (See Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haiti). ES72, 2011
Upshot Knothole. US Cold War civil atomic defence test. See also Nuclear Alert. Eye Spy examines the history and current use of alert systems to warn of an imminent attack. Four Minute Warning. Major Feature. ES114, 2018
Urgent Fury. (Grenada). ES72, 2011
Valkyrie. ES75, 2011
Valuable. British WWII operation to liberate Albania. ES114, 2018
Venona. ES16, 2003
Venona. ES64, 2009
Victory. MI6. (Cayman Island). ES16, 2003
Wallflowers. Atomic bomb projects.
Weeting. NSY investigation into cell phone hacking by journalists. ES73, 2011
Weeting. NSY investigation into cell phone hacking by journalists. ES79, 2012
Wooden Leg. Mossad. ES114, 2018
Wrath of God. Mossad response to 1972 Munich Olympic massacre. ES68, 2010
Wrath of God. Mossad. ES118, 2018
Wrath of God. Mossad. ES120, 2019
ZAPAD 99. Russia. ES2, 2001
Zapad West. Russia. Simulation of full scale invasion and war with NATO. ES114, 2018
ZEUS. NRO. ES119, 2019