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11 September 2001

9/11 Commission Report released. ES27, 2004
9/11 Commission Report. ES100, 2015
9/11 Commission. ES36, 2005
9/11 Intelligence Inquiry says 'not good enough'. ES19, 2003
9/11. Name commonly used to describe and refer to AQ attacks on eastern seaboard of the United States of America. Terrorist hijack four civilian passenger aeroplanes; these are subsequently used as weapons to strike two targets - World Trade Center (two aircraft), and Pentagon Building. A fourth aircraft crashed in Pennsylvania as passengers attempted to overpower the hijackers. Major relevant articles are identified here, but please search the data base for other references to individuals and organisations connected to the incident.
Abu Zubaydah. Real name Zayn al Abidin Muhammad. Al-Qaida's Gatekeeper. ES115, 2018
America attacked by Al-Qaida aeroplane hijackers. Feature. We Are At War. Several Features. ES4, 2001
American Airlines Flight 11. ES4, 2001
American Airlines Flight 77. ES4, 2001
Analysts believe OBL scaled down 9/11 attack for fear of compromise. Feature. ES21, 2003
British Intelligence knew of AQ danger. ES10, 2002
Camp X-Ray. Documents of operations destroyed. The Melt Decision. Feature. ES115, 2018
Capitol Hill. Faculty of law. (9/11 AQ codeword). ES113, 2018
Cat's Eye. CIA Black Site, Thailand. ES115, 2018
CIA directors clash over knowledge of 9/11 hijackers movements. ES75, 2011
CIA had intelligence on 9/11 pilot months prior to attack. ES24, 2004
CIA name Ayman al-Zawahiri as one of the 9/11 planners. ES7, 2002
CIA release more Osama bin-Laden files recovered from his compound in Abbottabad. The Iran Thread. Feature. ES112, 2017
CIA surveillance of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh in Kuala Lumpur in January 2000. Feature. ES36, 2005
Cleared pilot sues USA for $20 million. ES21, 2003
Closing Chapters of the 9/11 Plotters. Feature. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed formally charged. ES79, 2012
Clues and Missed Opportunities. Feature. Examination of events that should have provided a warning. ES12, 2002
Congress. Officials hit out at intelligence failures over 9/11. ES11, 2002
Debris from Flight 77s Rolls Royce engines. ES41, 2006
Don't blame CIA - James Woolsey defends Agency. ES26, 2004
Eye Spy Intelligence Review. A comprehensive overview of all the major intelligence events and related incidents from 2001 to 2015 in this special 100th anniversary edition. ES100, 2015
Faculty of Town Planning. (World Trade Center - AQ code). See Communication and Espionage. Adventure in Time. Part 3. Major Feature. (TC) ES113, 2018
Fatalities. ES27, 2004
FBI agents Steven Carr and Wesley Yo pass in 2015 from injuries and illness following attack on Pentagon. ES113, 2018
FBI discover love letter written by hijacker Ziad al-Jarrajh. ES6, 2001
FBI make sweeping arrests across eastern seaboard of United States. ES4, 2001
FBI secure evidence of the 'fourth target'. ES5, 2010
FEMA. Federal Emergency Management Agency. ES04, 2001
FEMA. Federal Emergency Management Agency. ES4, 2001
FEMA. Pentagon - Flight 77 imagery. ES41, 2006
Flight 77. Crash Demystified. ES41, 2006
Flight 77. ES100, 2015
Flight 93. Analysis of hijacked aircraft's voice tape. ES20, 2003
Flight 93. Time Line. ES40, 2006
French author Thierry Meyssan claims 9/11 was a 'frightening fraud'. ES9, 2002
French intelligence officials warned of AQ airline plot prior to 9/11. Feature. Fragmented Intelligence. ES48, 2007
Graphic of attacks on USA. ES4, 2001
Hamza bin-Laden - newly recognised deputy of al-Qaida marries 9/11 cell leader's daughter. ES117, 2018
Highway 1-395. (CCTV tapes - Flight 77). ES41, 2006
Images of intelligence, military and government officials in White House bunker as scale of 9/11 attacks becomes apparent. Material released by National Archives. Photo special. The Longest Day. ES98, 2015
Intelligence Flaws. Feature. ES27, 2004
Judge rules World Trade Center owners can be sued. ES20, 2003
Judgement Day. Feature. Justice Looms for 9/11 Mastermind. ES56, 2008
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and five conspirators receive death penalty. Feature. ES54, 2008
Khan, Mohammed Naeem Noor. AQ codemaker. ES113, 2018
Lillie Leonard, retired FBI officer in 'angels' claim at crash site of Flight 93. ES80, 2012
Masterminds of Terror. How the attack on America was planned. ES18, 2003
Missed opportunity as Mohammed Atta tried to buy a crop dusting aircraft. ES10, 2002
Missed Opportunity. Speeding ticket for Flight 93 hijacker Ziad Jarrah issued prior to attack. ES43, 2006
Mohammed, Khalid Sheikh. 9/11 mastermind arrested by Pakistan ISI officers. ES16, 2003
Mystery of the 20th Hijacker. Feature. ES24, 2004
New York City 9/11 emergency workers welcomed in UK. Photo essay. ES12, 2002
NSA intelligence on 9/11 'overwhelmed FBI'. ES40, 2006
Oliver Stone plans sympathetic 9/11 movie. Reaction. ES37, 2005/6
OPS. Office of Special Plans. See Spy Tradecraft. ES116, 2018
Osama bin-Laden's spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghaith trial begins in New York. ES90, 2014
Pentagon aftermath (photo essay). ES4, 2001
Pentagon attack. Eye witness accounts. (See Flight 77 Crash Demystified). ES41, 2006
Pentagon hacker at time of 9/11 says he was looking for UFO evidence. Feature. ES61, 2009
Pentagon memorial. Relatives. ES41, 2006
Pentagon. Faculty of fine arts. (9/11 AQ codeword). ES113, 2018
President George Bush responds to attack on television. ES4, 2001
Reaction from London (photo essay). ES4, 2001
Relatives anger at NYC and city dump. ES29, 2004
Rimington, Dame Stella. Former MI5 Director-General's controversial comments on 9/11. Feature. ES59, 2008
Second wave of hijacked airliners was likely. ES39, 2006
Sir John Stevens reflects on his journey to New York on day of attack. ES27, 2004
Special Forces and CIA Special Activities Division agents detain Osama bin-Laden's 'reconnaissance man' - Abu Anas al-Liby. Feature. ES88, 2013
Statistics of global attacks and arrests from 11 September 2001 - 11 September 2011. ES78, 2012
The 9/11 Architect and Holy Tuesday. ES22, 2003
The Big Freeze. 180 minutes of intelligence chaos revealed. ES27, 2004
The Dulles Airport Video. Feature. ES27, 2004
The head of the CIA's counterterrorism section (CTC) who led the hunt for bin-Laden steps down. Feature. ES96, 2015
The Heroes of Flight 93. Feature. ES40, 2006
The Longest Day. Details revealed of massive operation to land 4,500 aeroplanes on 9/11. ES12, 2002
The Man Who Tried to Warn America. Feature on FBI agent, Kenneth Williams. ES10, 2002
The Prelude - US Intelligence Status prior to 9/11. ES8, 2002
Tom Kean says 9/11 could have been prevented. ES23, 2004
Tony Blair praises CIA over 9/11. ES27, 2004
Trial of 20th 9/11 hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui, begins. ES39, 2006
Trigger codeword for 9/11 revealed. ES12, 2002
Unit established to absorb CIA questions over 9/11. ES37, 2005/6
United Airlines Flight 175. ES4, 2001
United Airlines Flight 93. ES4, 2001
Unseen images of 9/11. ES43, 2006
US AERO. Pre-9/11 AQ communication intercepted by French Intelligence that referenced attack. ES48, 2007
US Ambassador to UK, William F. Farish, joins debate on 9/11. Feature. ES25, 2004
US introduce Threat Matrix. ES5, 2010
US names Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as mastermind. ES10, 2002
When the Wind Blows. Feature on release of commission findings. ES27, 2004
Worldwide intelligence response on 9/11. ES4, 2001
Zacarias Moussaoui and Airman Flight School. ES39, 2006
Zacarias Moussaoui given life sentence. ES40, 2006
Zacarias Moussaoui. Dreamcatcher. Strange vision may be his undoing. Feature. ES39, 2006