Worldwide Intel Services

ADIO (Australian Defence Intelligence Organisation)

IGIS (Australian Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security)

ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service)

ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation)

ONA (Australian Office of National Assessments)

BFCO (British Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

BRIXMIS (British Commander-in-Chief's Mission to the Soviet Forces in Germany

CFIBA (Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch Association)

CSIC (Canadian Security and Intelligence Community)

CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)

SIRC (Canadian Security Intelligence Review Committee)  

BVD (Dutch National Security Service Annual Report, 1998 - pdf format)

BfV (German Bundesamt fuer Verfassungsschutz / Counterintel)

BND (German Bundesnachrichtendienst)

MAD (German Militarischer Abschirmdienst)

SISDe (Italian Intelligence and Democratic Security Service)

GID (Jordanian General Intelligence Department)

GCSB (New Zealand Government Communications Security Bureau)

ABW (Polish Internal Security Agency)

SIS (Portuguese Security and Information Service)

AGENTURA (Russian Language Site on Intelligence; some pages in English)

FSB (Russian Intelligence)

SVR (Russian Foreign Intelligence)

US Intel Services

CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)

JUSTICE (Justice Department) 

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

NSA (National Security Agency)

DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)

NRO (National Reconnaissance Office)

NIMA (National Imagery and Mapping Agency)

AFI (Air Force Intelligence)

AI (Army Intelligence)

STATE (Department of State Bureau of Intelligence and Research)

ONR (Office of Naval Research)

BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms)

DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)

DSS (Defense Security Service - formerly DIS)

FINCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network)

RFJ (Rewards for Justice Program)

DOSFAN (Department of State Foreign Affairs Network)

NNSA (National Nuclear Security)

DOS-CO (Counterterrorism Office, Department of State)