Kid's Corner

Agency Links


Safety tips, about their dogs, history, adventure game, agent challenge.


Google Play app for Android enables you to create encrypted messages that you can share with your friends.


HQ tour, CIA timeline, CIA history, puzzles, word find, colouring book, break the code, world exploration, challenges.


Games, simulators, pictures, the solar system, launch command word find, explore, wallpapers, ringtones, build your own spy plane.


Codes and ciphers, brainteasers, make a cipher, cipher history, resources.


Colouring book, tic-tac-toe, word find, memory game, odd-one-out, map match.

US Marshalls

Colour, word search, create your own wanted poster, fingerprint card, Jr Marshall's Certificate and trading card.

Ask NASA, branches of government, quizes, maps, art for the iPad, videos, quiz, wireless hackers game, safety, health and fitness.

Separation of Powers

Submitted by Kasey... thank you and good luck with your Social Studies! Keep at it!

The Three Branches of Government

Submitted by Tyler and Claudia... thank you! Good luck with law school and best wishes for the future!