Some Interesting Facts about Spies

Some Interesting Facts about Spies – In movies, novels, and other stories, there are many characters of spy. Spies are interesting job and it is not just in fictional stories. In real life, spies exist. As for what the spy is, it is person regarded as agent who volunteers or even recruited to work in secret for certain agency. Spies are not only people who are willing to become one, but there are also people who become spies because they are forced to do so. They work in secret and their real identity is unknown to the public. They often hide his profession so they can uncover and collect many kinds of information as requested by the intelligence agency. In this case, there are some interesting facts about spy.

First, spy keeps his identity as secret. This even makes his family and relatives do not know the identity. The true identity and job as spy must be concealed. This is necessary for the spy so he or she can work well in collecting information. In addition, letting the family knows the real identity can endanger the status of the spy. There can be possibility when the family reveals the information and it can endanger the life of spy and even his or her family. Because of that, spy can have double life. In one life, he becomes spy, but in the other life, he can take certain job or profession that helps him or her to collect and find information. The main job is to find secrets and deliver these to the agency. That is why concealing the identity is very vital. Even, some spies work to collect information and even secrets of a country so it is really risky when the identity is not concealed properly.

Next, sex can be utilized in espionage. In doing their jobs of collecting information, they can do many kinds of ways. One of them is through sexual interactions. Through the sex, spies can maintain relationship with source of information and they can do some secrets. Even, they can use sex to approach the target and later they can use it as way to threaten the targets and blackmail them. Seduction and sexual approaches are proven successful. Of course, it does not only happen in movies and stories, but these really happen in real life. Then, this kind of approach and way of collecting information is not only for women. It is true that mostly female spies use the method. However, there are also male spies who use the method.

When people see spies in movies, mostly they are adults. In fact, spies are not limited by ages and genders. There are also teenager and even children who serve as spies. The main goal is to make the spies blend in certain situation so they are not detected as they are collecting information and secrets. Thus, it is not possible to have children as spy. However, this commonly happens in certain circumstances. Moreover, there are basic rules in military regarding the children activity in this field. Then, it will be quite hard to train children to become spies. Even so, these do not limit the possibility and there are many cases of children who serve as spies and these can be successful.

Spies are jobs with full of risks. Those who are ready to become spies are ready for the consequences. They have to keep the secrets that they know and this can lead to their death. As how spies need to hide their identities, it is one of the worst situations where their identities are uncovered. When the situation happens, they have to kill the witness so the secrets will not be revealed. When eh spies are captured and they are interrogated, they cannot spill any secrets and information. Thus, they can commit suicide so the secrets will never be uncovered by the investigators. There can be many ways to commit the suicide, It can be through pills or even weapons.

Spies can work and hide their identity by doing various jobs. Even, there are spies who actually become famous figures and even celebrities. In this case, they can be spies before they get popular or they become spies when they have become celebrities. These two possibilities can happen and there is no restriction about it. Even, there are many examples of it. One of them is Julia Child who served as spy in the World War II. Regarding the spies, in fact they are not always humans. The main point of spy is to collect information without being discovered. That is why many intelligent agencies trained spies and there are animals among them. Of course, this will be harder to do because animals are harder to train. Animals being spies also have benefits because they can reach area that human cannot access. For example, homing pigeons were spies during World War I. US Navy also train dolphins for espionage. There are still other kinds of animals trained properly for the jobs of being spies.