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From the pages of Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine since May 2001

 Access, Ransoms and Death Threats. Feature. ES106, 2016
 APT28. Advanced Persistent Threat. Cyber. ES103, 2016
 Attempts to hack into Israeli UAV computer control systems. ES102, 2016
 BPD. Bulk Personal Data. ES96, 2015
 Cameron, David. UK premier on business cyber security. ES95, 2015
 China and US sign no cyber spying agreement. Hope Springs Eternal. Feature. ES99, 2015
 China Cyber Espionage. Feature. ES91, 2014
 Clapper, James. Director of National Intelligence. ODNI. US. On Donald Trump and Russian cyber attacks. See Trump Dossier. ES107, 2017
 Comey, James. Cyber security lecture. ES95, 2015
 Cozy Bears. See Cyber. Electronic Cold War. Russia and West engaged in tit-for-tat cyber attacks. Feature. ES106, 2016
 Critical Infrastructure: Security Preparedness and Maturity. ES106, 2016
 Cryptoy. ES95, 2015
 CrySyS Lab. Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security. Budapest University. ES98, 2015
 CTPE. Cyber To Physical Effect. ES106, 2016
 Cyber attack on Saudi Arabia's ARAMCO. ES82, 2012
 Cyber attack on US Government and contract firms. The Usual Suspects. ES97, 2015
 Cyber attacks on financial institutions. NRL. ES46, 2007
 Cyber Command, USAF. (See US Cyber Command). ES68, 2010
 Cyber Command. (See US Cyber Command). ES73, 2011
 Cyber Commander's Handbook. Feature. ES66, 2010
 Cyber computer espionage. ES63, 2009
 Cyber death. Probe into death of US cyber worker Shane Todd in Singapore. ES84, 2013
 Cyber eavesdropping at Iran nuclear talks. Cyber Spy Games. Feature. ES98, 2015
 Cyber Espionage. Feature - Chinese Whispers. US technology acquired by Beijing. ES58, 2008
 Cyber espionage. Michael Hayden fears of links between technology firm Huawei and Chinese Intelligence. ES86, 2013
 Cyber Espionage. US computers hacked by Chinese operatives in Beijing. Feature. ES57, 2008
 Cyber Security Challenge UK. GCHQ participation in challenge to find new cyber specialists. Talent Spotting. Feature. ES106, 2016
 Cyber Security Challenge. UK seeks new generation of cyber specialists. Whitehatters. Feature. ES105, 2016
 Cyber security tests planned between GCHQ and NSA. ES95, 2015
 Cyber Surveillance. See Surveillance. Post-war changes and new technologies. Tradecraft - Surveillance. The Changing Face of Surveillance. Part 2. ES94, 2014
 Cyber Terrorism. Feature. ES44, 2006
 Cyber Viruses. (Major listing of types of attacks). Feature. ES51, 2007
 Cyber War Crimes. Feature. Iran set to use courts in response to recent Stuxnet attacks. ES72, 2011
 Cyber Warfare Budget. [USA]. ES67, 2010
 Cyber Warfare Doctrine. Viruses, Worms and Trojans. Feature. ES56, 2008
 Cyber Warfare. Feature - New Mental Models. ES67, 2010
 Cyber Warfare. Feature. ES72, 2011
 Cyber Weapons Arms Race. Feature. ES54, 2008
 Cyber Weapons. Going Underground. Feature. Cyber weapons for sale across the world. ES73, 2011
 Cyber. Advanced Cyber Weapons. Feature - Evolving Architecture. ES57, 2008
 Cyber. BCO - Black Cyber Operations. ES78, 2012
 Cyber. British Intelligence seeks young cyber talent. Feature. New Recruiters. Announcement made at Bletchley Park. ES82, 2012
 Cyber. Cyber Spies and Espionage. Feature. Counter-measures against a global menace. ES79, 2012
 Cyber. E-Bombs. Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Devices. Feature.
 Cyber. Encryption Technology. ES76, 2011
 Cyber. Feature - 5th Domain of War. ES69, 2010
 Cyber. Feature - Department of Cyber Defence. ES53, 2008
 Cyber. Feature - Is Cyber Warfare an Illusion? ES72, 2011
 Cyber. Feature - Right to ear Cyber Weapons. ES68, 2010
 Cyber. Feature. America's Pearl Harbor. Former D/CIA Leon Panetta reveals Pentagon has created an offensive cyber weapon that can be used in the event of an attack on US infrastructure. ES82, 2012
 Cyber. Feature. Black Box. UK examines major electronic communications storage. ES84, 2013
 Cyber. Flame Cyber Virus. The Perfect Espionage Tool. Feature on cyber virus attacks. ES80, 2012
 Cyber. Information Dominance Strategies. ES90, 2014
 Cyber. Intelligence Hacking. Feature. Cyber hacking by TeamPoison, Anonymous, LutzSec. ES79, 2012
 Cyber. International major cyber breaches. ES76, 2011
 Cyber. Iran creates Electronic Warfare Unit. ES77, 2012
 Cyber. Iran says its cyber command captured RQ-170 Sentinel. ES77, 2012
 Cyber. MI5 warns UK subjected to 1,000 cyber attacks an hour. ES82, 2012
 Cyber. NATO examines threats to organisation. ES84, 2013
 Cyber. Payloads and Malicious Codes. ES56, 2008
 Cyber. Pre-emptive Cyber Strikes. ES66, 2010
 Cyber. Remote Cyber Threats. Feature. ES76, 2011
 Cyber. Round-up of latest significant attacks. ES79, 2012
 Cyber. Security Breaching Component. ES56, 2008
 Cyber. Shamoon virus. ES82, 2012
 Cyber. Stuxnet. Feature on cyber virus attacks. ES80, 2012
 Cyber. The Age of Cyber Conflict. Feature. ES78, 2012
 Cyber. The Cyber Spy: Asset or Replacement? Feature on the changing role of today's 'modern spy'. ES76, 2011
 Cyber. UK Home Office website hacked. ES79, 2012
 Cyber. US Cyber Command. Feature. ES90, 2014
 Cyber. Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes. UN Counter-Terrorism Implementation Force Report. ES86, 2013
 Cyber. Weapon Delivery Vehicles. Feature. ES56, 2008
 Cyber. World Class Hackers. ES65, 2009
 CyberCom. Cyber Command's secret code demystified. ES69, 2010
 Cyberwarfare and infrastructure. ES82, 2012
 D/CIA John Brennan - e-mail account hacked. ES100, 2015
 Darkshadow. ES95, 2015
 DownSec. Belgian hacking group. ES102, 2016
 Duqu 2.0. Virus. ES98, 2015
 Electronic Cold War. Russia and West engaged in tit-for-tat cyber attacks. Feature. ES106, 2016
 Electronics expert Chris Roberts claims he manipulated an airliner's flight characteristics. ES97, 2015
 Equation Group. Alleged NSA hacking unit. Feature. ES106, 2016
 Fancy Bears. See Cyber. Russian Government cyber hacking proxy. See also Electronic Cold War. Russia and West engaged in tit-for-tat cyber attacks. Feature. ES106, 2016
 German Intelligence and NSA spying operations. Turning a Blind Eye. Feature. ES97, 2015
 Germany's BfV intelligence service blames Russia for cyber attacks. Cyber Games. Feature ES103, 2016
 Hacking Team. ES98, 2015
 How Stuxnet (Olympic Games) disabled Iranian nuclear plants. Feature. ES105, 2016
 Hubber Spy Worm. See MSS. Rise of the Dragon. Hub-79. ES94, 2014
 Intel officer commits suicide after data breach. Feature. ES98, 2015
 Intelligence Analysis. Horizon Threats 2016. Analysts focus on future threats and war theatres. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
 JAR. Joint Analysis Report on Russia Hacking. List of alleged hackers: APT28, APT29, Agent.btz, BlackEnergy V3, BlackEnergy2 APT, CakeDuke, Carberp, CHOP- STICK, CloudDuke, CORESHELL, CosmicDuke, COZYBEAR, COZYCAR, COZYDUKE, CrouchingYeti, DIONIS,Dragonfly, Energetic Bear, EVILTOSS, Fancy Bear, GeminiDuke, GREY CLOUD, HammerDuke, HAMMERTOSS, Havex, MiniDionis, MiniDuke, OLDBAIT, OnionDuke, Operation Pawn Storm, PinchDuke, Powershell backdoor, Quedagh, Sandworm, SEADADDY, Seaduke, SEDKIT, SEDNIT, Skipper, Sofacy, SOURFACE, SYNful Knock, Tiny Baron, Tsar Team, twain_64.dll (64-bit X-Agent implant), VmUpgradeHelper.exe (X-Tunnel implant), Waterbug and X-Agent. ES107, 2017
 JAR. Joint Analysis Report on Russian Hacking. See also CIA. Response to US expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats and spies from country. Major cyber attacks and hacking of US computer networks during Presidential election campaign. The Sting: Persona Non Grata. Major Feature. ES107, 2017
 Jones-Neville, Pauline. Minister of State Security and Counter Terrorism. On cyberspace. ES105, 2016
 Malaysia Airlines MH17. Dutch Safety Board investigators. Cyber attack by Russia. ES103, 2016
 NCCIC. National Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Center. USA. ES107, 2017
 NCCIC. National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center. USA. ES106, 2016
 New cyber recruitment campaign launched by the Mossad. Feature. ES103, 2016
 New initiatives, including cyber, launched by Pentagon to disrupt ISIS recruitment and collect intelligence. ISIS Cyber Vice. Feature. ES102, 2016
 New UK cyber surveillance powers. The Dark Web. Feature. ES100, 2015
 New UK Defence Intelligence Cyber Warfare Unit announced. Feature. ES102, 2016
 Olympic Games. Stuxnet. ES106, 2016
 Operation Rolling Tide - Iran launches cyber attack on US Navy Marine Corps Infranet computer network. Feature. ES90, 2014
 PET. Denmark's intelligence and security service create new cyber element - Computer Network Exploitation Team. ES102, 2016
 SEA. Syrian Electronic Army. Hacking group. ES98, 2015
 Shadow Boxers. ES106, 2016
 Sofacy Group. Russian hacking group. ES103, 2016
 Sony. Major cyber attack against entertainment company. Cyber Puzzle. Feature. ES95, 2015
 South Korea. Suffers cyber attack. Feature. ES98, 2015
 Stuxnet. ES98, 2015
 Stuxnet. Fourth Estate. General James E. Cartwright. Leaks: Using the Fourth Estate. Stuxnet and Iran. Feature. ES106, 2016
 UK and USA sign cyber agreement. Cyberwarfare. Feature. ES105, 2016
 UK Government opens Cyber Retraining Academy. ES106, 2016
 UK National Security Strategy. ES106, 2016
 US Army website suffers cyber attack. ES98, 2015
 US Central Command hacked. ES95, 2015
 US expels 35 Russian diplomats and spies from country. Response to major cyber attacks and hacking of US computer networks during Presidential election campaign. The Sting: Persona Non Grata. Major Feature. ES107, 2017