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From the pages of Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine since May 2001

L115A. Sniper Rifle. ES37, 2005/6
La Bella. Berlin night club bombing. Feature. ES69, 2010
La Coupole. (The Dome). WWII German bunker complex in Pas-de-Calais, France. ES118, 2018
La Red Avispa (Wasp Network) Cuban spy ring. ES10, 2002
Laabidi, Yassine. ES97, 2015
Laabidi, Yassine. See National Bardo Museum. ISIS terror attack in Tunis, Tunisia. ES96, 2015
Laachraoui, Najim. See Brussels Zaventem Airport, Belgium. ISIS terrorists suicide bombers strike at Brussels Airport. Burning Brussels: Europe's Achilles Heel. Major Feature. ES102, 2016
Laaneots, Ants. ES57, 2008
Labanino, Ramon. (See La Red Avispa - Wasp Network) ES10, 2002
Labanino, Ramon. See Cuba. Cuban spy exchange. ES95, 2015
Lablanche-Combier, Captain Pierre. ES85, 2013
Labrini, Mohamed. See Paris November Terrorist Attack. ES100, 2015
Lace. ES77, 2012
Lacerda, Paulo. ABIN Director. ES58, 2008
Lackland AFB. ES57, 2008
Lackland AFB. Foreign intelligence infiltration. ES32, 2005
Lackland Air Force Base.. ES86, 2013
Laden, Hamza bin. Newly recognised deputy of al-Qaida marries 9/11 cell leader's daughter. ES117, 2018
Laden-bin, Hamza. ES103, 2016
Lady Ghislaine. (See Robert Maxwell). ES22, 2003
Lady Ghislaine. ES88, 2013
Lady, Bill. (See Lady, Robert Seldom). ES86, 2013
Lady, Robert Seldom. Feature. Surveillance. Imam Rapito Affair. CIA abduction in Milan. ES86, 2013
Lady, Robert Seldon. CIA Chief of Station Milan. (See Osama Hassan Mustafa Nasr and the Imam Rapito Affair). ES84, 2013.
Lady, Robert Seldon. ES108, 2017
Lady, Robert Seldon. ES46, 2007
Lady, Robert Seldon. ES63, 2009
Laebed, Mykola. ES26, 2004
Lageos 1 satellite. Cold War satellites still circling Earth. Feature. ES119, 2019
Lagergren, Nina von Dardel. See Raoul Wallenberg. Feature. ES112, 2017
Lagomarsino, Diego. See Nisman, Alberto. ES95, 2015
Lagos, Jorge. ES61, 2009
Lahore Airport, Pakistan. ES28, 2004
Lahore. AQ attack Sri Lankan cricket team. Feature. ES61, 2009
Lakdin, Redoune. ES116, 2018
Lake d'Annecy. (See Annecy Shootings). ES84, 2013
Lakefield Heritage Research, Canada. WWII Code Controversy. Feature. Pigeon carrying code discovered in chimney linked to D-Day and Montgomery. ES83, 2013
Lakhani, Hemant. (See FBI Sting Operations). ES45, 2006
Lakhani, Hemant. (See New York airplane plot). ES28, 2004
Lakhani, Hemant. A.k.a. Hemad Lakhani. See Newark arms dealer. ES20, 2003
Lakhvi, Zakiur Rehmam. ES60, 2009
Lakhvi, Zakiur Rehman. Profile. ES61, 2009
Laksey, Kathryn Blackmond. ES13, 2002
Lamb, Charlene. ES83, 2013
Lamb, Graeme. Director Special Forces [UK]. ES39, 2006
Lambert, Ian Mackenzie. ES45, 2006
Lamki, Jaber Al. UAE National Media Council. ES119, 2019
Lammar, Hedy. ES117, 2018
Lamo, Adrian. (See Bradley Manning). ES73, 2011
Lancaster Bomber (A.V. Roe). Signals jamming WWII. ES74, 2011
Lancaster, Mark. UK Defence Minister. ES109, 2017
Lancaster, Sir James. ES93, 2014
Lancer. Codename for J. F. Kennedy. ES77, 2012
Lander, Sir Stephen. Chosen as head of SOCA. ES40, 2006
Lander, Sir Stephen. ES76, 2011
Lander, Sir Stephen. MI5 Director-General announces he is to step down. ES9, 2002
Lander, Sir Stephen. MI5 Director-General. ES100, 2015
Lander, Sir Stephen. MI5 Director-General. ES38, 2006
Lander, Stephen. Speaking on AQ. ES5, 2001
Landis, Christopher. ES98, 2015
Landsat-7. ES37, 2005
Lane, Peter. Judge. UK Judge denies naming of a possible new member of infamous spy ring. Feature. ES105, 2016
Lang, Fritz. ES97, 2015
Langham Hotel. ES85, 2013
Langley, Arthur. Lt. Commander MI6. ES100, 2015
Langley. CIA Headquarters. ES68, 2010
Language of Spies. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES55, 2008
Language of Spies. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES55, 2008
Lansdown Road, London. ES41, 2006
Lantern. (See Magic Lantern). ES6, 2001
Lantin Prison, Liege, Belgium. Police targeted in Liege as lone wolf ISIS terrorist is shot dead. New measures to stop recruitment of ISIS operatives in prisons discussed by security officials across Europe. Feature. Inside Out: The Criminal Turned Terrorist. ES116, 2018
Lanyard. Space satellite. ES9, 2002
Laos. Ancient gift received by CIA during Laotian Civil War unearthed. The CIA Jar. Feature. ES112, 2017
Laos. CIA operations via Air America. ES7, 2002
Laos. CIA's secret war in Laos. Feature. ES112, 2017
LAP. Lahamah Psichlogit. (Black Propaganda). (See Mossad). ES6, 2001
Lappas, Simon. ES18, 2003
Lappas, Simon. ES18, 2003
Laptop computer found containing top secret details of missile system. ES57, 2008
Laptop computers. Air restrictions. ES110, 2017
Laptop computers. IED bomb threat to aviation. Air Deception: CIA Still Seeking the Master Bombmaker. Feature. ES108, 2017
Large, Christine. ES20, 2003
Larijani, Ali. ES98, 2015
Larijani, Hossein Ahmad. ES119, 2019
Larnia, Makhdi. ES79, 2012
LaRose, Colleen. ES100, 2015
LaRose, Colleen. Jailed. Feature. ES89, 2014
LaRose, Colleen. 'Jihad Jane' - plot to kill Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. ES67, 2010
Laroux. (See Computer Viruses). ES44, 2006
Larsen, Hans. Feature. Secret Writing. ES51, 2007
Larsen, Holger. See FBI. Operation Stage. Alaskan countermeasures against Russian invasion. Major Feature. ES118, 2018
Larssen, Rolf Mowatt. ES67, 2010
Larsson, Sven Roland. (See Bertil Stroberg). ES79, 2012
Las Alamos. ES15, 2003
Las Ramblas. See Barcelona. ISIS terrorist (TAV) attack. Ghosts of ISIS. Major Feature. ES111, 2017
Las Vegas. ES77, 2012
Laser Weapons. ES34, 2005
Lasers. ES43, 2006
Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. ES72, 2011
Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. ES73, 2011
Lashkar-e-Taiba. (LeT) operations. ES66, 2010
Lashkar-e-Taiba. (LeT). (Army of the Pure). Strike in Mumbai. ES60, 2009
Lashkar-e-Taiba. (LeT). ES60, 2009
Lashkar-e-Taiba. (LeT). ES61, 2009
Lashkar-e-Taiba. (LeT). ES64, 2009
Lashkar-e-Taiba. (LeT). ES9, 2002
Lassen, Anders. ES106, 2016
Latakia Air Base, Syria. Feature. The Latakia Incident. Syria shoots down Turkish Air Force ELINT aircraft. ES80, 2012
Latakia Air Base, Syria. Operations. ES99, 2015
Latchmere House, Richmond, London. Camp 020. See also Interrogation. Truth Drugs and Intelligence: A Moral Dilemma. Feature. ES119, 2019
Latchmere House, Surrey. Camp 020. British WWII POW holding camp. ES94, 2014
Latchmere House. ES111, 2017
Latex fingerprints. (See Disguise Techniques). ES53, 2008
Latex. As a disguise product. See Tradecraft. ES53, 2008
Latif, Abu Khalid Abdul. A.k.a. Joseph Davis. (See FBI and the Third Man). ES74, 2011
Latif, Omar Sharif. ES72, 2011
Latif, Omar Sharif. ES78, 2012
Latimer House. ES104, 2016
Latin Bridge, Sarajevo. See Espionage. Spy Series 10. Bridges of Theatre and Danger. An engaging article examining well and little known bridges and their association with important international spy and intelligence events. Major Feature. ES117, 2018
Latkowski, Sylwester. Chief Editor, Wprost. Poland. ES101, 2016
Latvia. Russian cyber proxies target NATO forces. Major Feature. Interception. ES112, 2017
Laurence. CO19. (See De Menezes Affair). ES52, 2007
Laurent, David. ES52, 2007
Lautenberg, Frank. Senator. ES72, 2011
Lavon Affair [The]. Israeli spy who plotted against British dies. ES58, 2008
Lavrov, Sergei. ES115, 2018
Lavrov, Sergei. MI6-CIA-FSB back-channels opened to counter ISIS. ES99, 2015
Lavrov, Sergei. Moscow demands return of diplomatic buildings seized in USA. Feature. ES110, 2017
Lavrov, Sergei. On accusations Russia is weaponising information. The Russian Threat. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
Lavrov, Sergei. Russia Foreign Minister. ES118, 2018
Lavrov, Sergei. Russia Foreign Minister. ES87, 2013
Lavrov, Sergei. US orders Russia to close its San Francisco consulate. Echoes of the Cold War. Feature. ES111, 2017
Lavrov, Sergie. Russian Foreign Minister on alleged use of Sarin gas in Syria. ES109, 2017
Lavrov, Sergie. Russian Foreign Minister on Trump Dossier. ES107, 2017
LAX. Los Angeles International Airport. ES23, 2004
Laycock, Thomas Spencer. See also Cumming, Sir George Mansfield Smith. Ghosts of Mansfield Cumming. ES100, 2015
Layne, Clyde. ES49, 2007
Layth, Abu. ES90, 2014
Lazar, Vladimir. Colonel Russian Army retired. ES80, 2012
Lazaro, Juan. ES76, 2011
Lazcano, Heriberto. (See Los Zetas). ES76, 2011
LCC. Local Coordination Committee. Opposition force in Syria. ES80, 2012
LCS. London Controlling Section. ES114, 2018
LDV. Local Defence Volunteers. ES105, 2016
Le Carillon Bar, Paris. See Paris November Terrorist Attack. ES100, 2015
Le Carre, John. (David John Moore Cornwall). ES67, 2010
Le Carre, John. ES116, 2018
Le Casa Nostra pizzeria, Paris. See Paris November Terrorist Attack. ES100, 2015
Le Comptoi Voltaire, Paris. See Paris November Terrorist Attack. ES100, 2015
Le Dame Blanche. ES103, 2016
Le Dame Blanche. ES99, 2015
Le Monde. ES76, 2011
Le Monde. ES88, 2013
Le Monde. France. New release of NSA/GCHQ documents stolen by Edward Snowden reveals air intelligence collection methods. Leaks: Sanctioned Spy Games. Major Feature. ES107, 2017
Le Paradis massacre. France. ES111, 2017
Le Petit Cambodge, Paris . See Paris November Terrorist Attack. ES100, 2015
Le Solitaire do Luc Campsite, Saint-Jorioz, France. (See Annecy Shootings). ES84, 2013
Leafminers. Iran. Cyber group identified as Tehran boasts of its burgeoning cyber prowess. Feature. Iran's Leafminers. ES117, 2018
Leahy, Patrick. ES58, 2008
Leahy, William D. Admiral. ES112, 2017
Leaks of Intelligence. Feature. Chain Reaction. White House accused of deliberately passing intel to favoured media houses. ES80, 2012
Learjet 35. (See Ghost Flights). ES39, 2006
Learmount, David. ES103, 2016
Lebanon Intelligence Service. (See New York tunnel plot). ES42, 2006
Lebanon. Accusations Israel using birds to perform espionage. Sky Spy: Animals and Espionage. Feature. ES101, 2016
Lebanon. ISIS hijackers thwarted. Feature. ES111, 2017
Lebanon. Mossad spy 'rock' recovered in Lebanon. Feature. ES111, 2017
Lebanon. US high-end technology. ES45, 2006
Lebed, Aleksandr. Feature. Suitcase nuclear bombs. ES6, 2001
Lebed, Aleksandr. Lt. General. Death of. ES79, 2012
Lebedev, Alexander. Feature. Open Source. Former KGB officer buys into UK media. ES61, 2009
Lebedev, Andrei. Ex-KGB officer and mercury poisoning. ES64, 2009
Lebedev, Sergei. General. SVR. ES10, 2002
Leclerc, M. Charles. See Cavell, Edith. Trading Places. Feature. ES99, 2015
Leconfield House, Curzon Street, London. MI5 headquarters. ES97, 2015
L'Ecu de France restaurant, London. See also Tradecraft. Entrapment and Compromise. ES108, 2017
Lederer, Helen. See Trent Park Museum. The Secret Listeners. Feature. WWII UK facility used to house and eavesdrop on senior Nazis. ES118, 2018
Ledgett, Rick. NSA Deputy Director. ES90, 2014
Lee Rigby House. ES116, 2018
Lee, Anna. ES97, 2015
Lee, Christopher. ES116, 2018
Lee, Euna. ES62, 2009
Lee, Jerry Chun Shing. ES119, 2019
Lee, Jerry Chun Shing. See CIA. ES116, 2018
Lee, Peter. ES103, 2016
Lee, Peter. ES38, 2006
Lee, Wen Ho. (See Lie Detector). ES13, 2002
Lee, Wen Ho. Nuclear espionage. ES1, 2001
Leeds Metropolitan University. ES74, 2011
Leeds. MI5 and NSY discover 7/7 bomb factory. ES34, 2005
Leeker, Joe F. Dr. ES80, 2012
Leeuw, Frederic Van. Federal Prosecutor, Belgium. Speaking on number of counter-terrorist operations in 2015. ES102, 2016
Leforto Prison, Russia. ES9, 2002
Legakis, Andreas. N-17. ES12, 2002
Legend. Feature. How the spy tradecraft of Cover and Legend works. See Tradecraft. ES82, 2012
Leggett, George. ES97, 2015
Legoland. MI6 headquarters. ES53, 2008
Legusugu Mountain. (See Battle of Okinawa). ES86, 2013
Lehi. (See Stern Gang). ES73, 2011
Lehigh. (See Computer Viruses). ES44, 2006
Leigh, Gary. Captain US Navy. See Iran. Report into US Navy Coastal Riverine Squadron 3 unit detained by Iran. The Riverine Fiasco. Feature. ES104, 2016
Leigh, Richard. ES40, 2006
Leighton, Bernardo. ES120, 2019
Leiter, Michael. ES75, 2011
Lellouche, Pierre. ES52, 2007
Lemmens, Jam. ES60, 2008
Lemorin, Lyblenson. ES42, 2006
LEMV (Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle). US Army tests new intelligence collection platform. ES81, 2012
Lenin, Vladimir Ulyanov. Use of Visual Propaganda. See Deceptive Factor. Spy Tradecraft. Part Fourteen. Seeing is Believing. (TC) ES117, 2018
Lenin, Vladimir. Feature. The Edict. See GRU. ES116, 2018
Leningrad Institute for Brain Research. (See Remote Viewing). ES81, 2012
Leninsky Prospect Street, Moscow. (See Dennis Skinner). ES70, 2010
Lennon, John. FBI files on Lennon. ES64, 2009
Lennon, John. MI5 files on. (See Trotskyist Workers Revolutionary Party). ES6, 2001
Lenny. (See New investigation launched into murder of British agent Denis Donaldson). ES84, 2013
LEO. Law Enforcement Online. FBI initiative. Feature. ES40, 2006
Leon, Sir Herbert. ES25, 2004
Leonard, Lillie. Retired FBI officer in 'angels' claim at crash site of Flight 93. ES80, 2012
Leonov, Nikolai. Former KGB General questions Putin's spy background. No Praise for Putin. Feature. ES110, 2017
Leontiev, Mikhail. ES94, 2014
Leopold, John. ES47, 2007
Leopold's Restaurant, Mumbai. ES60, 2009
Lepekhin, Vladimir. See Propaganda. ES99, 2015
Leppard, David. ES45, 2006
Lequan, Wang. ES55, 2008
LeSchack, Leonard. Captain. US Navy. CIA analyst, author and spy passes. The Adventurer. Feature. ES113, 2018
LeSchack, Leonard. Lieutenant. (See Operation Coldfeet). ES80, 2012
LeSchack, Leonard. Lieutenant. (See Operation Coldfeet). ES81, 2012
Lesin, Mikhail. Documents reveal alternative reason for death. Feature. ES120, 2019
Lesin, Mikhail. ES115, 2018
Lesin, Mikhail. Moscow's Rules. Feature. See also Assassination List. ES100, 2015
Lesin, Mikhail. See Kremlin. New 'insider' deaths - also Assassination List. Crossing the Kremlin. Feature. ES105, 2016
Lesment, Alexander. ES80, 2012
Lesniewski, Joseph A. Famous US Army trooper. Passes away. Intel Deaths. Feature. ES80, 2012
L'Espresso. ES88, 2013
Letelier, Orlando. Chile Ambassador to the USA. See Assassination: Murder Most Foul. ES120, 2019
Letelier, Orlando. See also Pinochet, Augusto. Assassination orders. ES105, 2016
Letrim, Canada. (See ECHELON). ES36, 2005
Letta, Enrico. Italy Prime Minister. ES88, 2013
Letter Bombs. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 6 - Tradecraft). ES82, 2012
Letter Bombs. Feature. Risk Assessment on 'Surprise Mail'. (See also Spy Tradecraft). ES44, 2006
Letter from Fort Meade. David Hamer author of the long-running Eye Spy series passes. ES109, 2017
Letter removal device. CIA. ES73, 2011
Letters from Abbottabad. Bin-Laden Sidelined? Feature. US Army Combatting Terrorism Center. Study on bin-Laden correspondence. ES79, 2012
Leung, Katrina. ES100, 2015
Leung, Katrina. ES103, 2016
Leung, Katrina. ES17, 2003
Leung, Katrina. ES38, 2006
Leutheusser-Scharrenberger, Sabine. ES86, 2013
Lev, Nathum. Colonel. ES82, 2012
Levanevsky, Sigismund. Feature. Russia's 'Lindbergh'. ES84, 2013
Leventhal, Paul. ES31, 2005
Lever, Sir Paul. ES54, 2008
Levett, Mathew. ES29, 2004
Levi, Daniel. (See Mossad - Toronto). ES47, 2007
Levick, Murray. (See Operation Tracer). ES47, 2007
Levin, David. ES11, 2002
Levine, Seth. ES72, 2011
Levinson, Christine. ES89, 2014
Levinson, Robert A. Former FBI and DIA agent missing in Iran. ES48, 2007
Levinson, Robert. Back-channel communication hope for missing FBI man. Feature. ES101, 2016
Levinson, Robert. ES100, 2015
Levinson, Robert. ES53, 2008
Levinson, Robert. ES57, 2008
Levinson, Robert. ES84, 2013
Levinson, Robert. Feature. Iran Intel Mind Games. Photos surface of missing former FBI agent. ES83, 2013
Levinson, Robert. Meeting with an Iranian assassin. Feature. ES89, 2014
Levinson, Robert. New appeal over missing former FBI agent. ES96, 2015
Levinson, Robert. The Levinson Mystery. CIA acknowledges contract with former FBI officer missing in Iran. Feature. ES89, 2014
Levistre, Francois. ES52, 2007
Levitte, Jean David. ES47, 2007
Levitt-Gordon, Joseph. Oliver Stone announces new movie on NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Feature. ES105, 2016
Levy, Ian. NCSC Technical Director. ES108, 2017
Levy, Ian. NCSC. ES115, 2018
Lew, Elizabeth Van. ES56, 2008
Lew, Jack. White House Chief of Staff. ES89, 2014
Lewis, Damien. Special Forces operating in Afghanistan. Feature. Photo essay. ES49, 2007
Lewis, David. (See Sexpionage). ES7, 2002
Lewis, Duncan. ASIO Director General. ES112, 2017
Lewis, Duncan. ASIO Director-General. ES116, 2018
Lewis, James. ES114, 2018
Lewis, Patricia. Dr. ES115, 2018
Lewis-McChord base. Seattle terror plot. (See FBI and the Third Man). ES74, 2011
Lewthwaite, Samantha. ES100, 2015
Lewthwaite, Samantha. ES93, 2014
Lewthwaite, Samantha. ES96, 2015
Lewthwaite, Samantha. Interpol issue Red Notice. ES87, 2013
Lewthwaite, Samantha. Terrorist wanted in connection with new al-Qaida operations in Kenya. The White Widow - Feature. See also White Widow. ES87, 2013
Lewthwaite, Samantha. Westgate Shopping Mall, Nairobi, Kenya. The Norwegian Terror Pipeline. Investigation into attack. ES88, 2013
Leyen, Ursula Von der. Dr. German Defence Minister. ES101, 2016
Leyne, Jon. BBC correspondent. ES67, 2010
Lez, Christopher. Spy Exchange. ES4, 2001
L'Heureux, Christopher. Lt. Colonel. US Army. ES112, 2017
Liaoning. Chinese aircraft carrier. ES93, 2014
Libbi, Abu Farj al. (Alias Dr Taufeeq). ES33, 2005
Libbi, Abu Farj al. ES73, 2011
Libby, ‘Scooter’ Lewis. ES118, 2018
Libby, Lewis. ES42, 2006
Libby, Lewis. ES82, 2012
Liberation. See ISIS Charlie Hebdo attack, Paris. ES95, 2015
Liberator [the]. Firearm. ES69, 2010
Liberty City Six. (See Sears Tower plot). ES61, 2009
Liberty. ES86, 2013
Liberty. ES88, 2013
Libi, Abu Anas al. 1998 US African embassies bomber dies. ES95, 2015
Libi, Abu Anas al. ES100, 2015
Libi, Abu Anas al. ES33, 2005
Libi, Abu Anas al. Feature. ES88, 2013
Libi, Abu Anas al.. Special Forces and CIA Special Activities Division agents detain Osama bin-Laden's 'reconnaissance man'. ES88, 2013
Libi, Abu Laith al. ES54, 2008
Libi, Abu Yahya al. Al-Qaida second-in-command killed by CIA drone. ES80, 2012
Libi, Abu Yahya al. ES89, 2014
Library Books. See Tradecraft. 10 Communication Methods. Major Feature. ES113, 2018
Libutti, Frank. ES17, 2003
Libya. A Historical Security Jigsaw. Feature. ES106, 2016
Libya. Alliance government bodies discuss ISIS in Libya. ES103, 2016
Libya. Changing leadership hinders MI6. Feature. ES91, 2014
Libya. CIA officers give evidence in trial of prime suspect involved in killing of US diplomatic and security staff in Benghazi, Libya, 2012. ES112, 2017
Libya. Former Director Ephraim Halevy on US-UK intervention in Libya. ES102, 2016
Libya. Ghost Spy Flights. Air surveillance of ISIS - operations run from Luqa Airport, Malta. Loss of surveillance aircraft. Major Feature. ES106, 2016
Libya. Government of National Accord. ES106, 2016
Libya. In from the Cold. New London Embassy/Relations. Feature. ES22, 2003
Libya. Inglorious End. The death of Colonel Gaddafi. ES76, 2011
Libya. Intelligence Analysis. Horizon Threats 2016. Analysts focus on future threats and war theatres. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
Libya. IRA pipelines (explosives). ES83, 2013
Libya. Judicial review ordered into death of WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside Libyan Embassy in 1984. ES114, 2018
Libya. LIFG. Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. ES108, 2017
Libya. MI6-SAS operations. (See MI6 Night Games). ES73, 2011
Libya. National Transitional Council (NTC). Post-Gaddafi. ES91, 2014
Libya. NSY secure new evidence of Libyan involvement and killer of WPC Yvonne Fletcher in 1984. Smoke and Mirrors: An Intelligence Conundrum. Feature. ES109, 2017
Libya. Operation Unified Protector NATO deployment timeline. ES73, 2011
Libya. Operation Unified Protector. Feature. World's greatest surveillance aeroplanes descend on Libya. ES73, 2011
Libya. Political and military in-fighting. ES78, 2012
Libya. Red Eye Sting. Investigation into the joint MI5-FBI operation in the early 1990s which prevented the PIRA from obtaining surface-to-air missiles in the Northern Ireland conflict. Lock On: The Worldwide Search for a Deadly Weapon. Major Feature. ES115, 2018
Libya. Three decade charting Libyan terrorist role and its climb to respectability. Feature. ES69, 2010
Libya. Two Iranian nuclear scientists assassinated in Libya. Finger of blame pointed at the Mossad. The Libya Sanction. Feature. ES116, 2018
Libyan People's Bureau, London. ES89, 2014
Libyan People's Bureau, London. Libyan Embassy Siege. ES22, 2003
Libyan People's Bureau, London. Libyan Embassy Siege. Syrian conflict threatens NSY investigation into the death of WPC Yvonne Fletcher. Feature. ES91, 2014
Libyan People's Bureau, London. NSY energise investigation into death of Yvonne Fletcher. Images of persons wanted for questioning released. Caught in Time. Feature. ES100, 2015
Licata, Pete. ES112, 2017
Lichtblau, Eric. ES60, 2009
Liddell, Guy. ES119, 2019
Liddell, Guy. ES58, 2008
Liddell, Guy. ES64, 2009
Liddell, Guy. MI5 officer. KGB allegations. See Cambridge Spy Ring. ES99, 2015
Liddell, Guy. MI5. ES15, 2003
Liddell, Guy. Release of intelligence files on MI5's famous spycatcher. ES82, 2012
Liddy, Gordon. (See Watergate). ES2, 2001
Lie Detection. Feature. ES49, 2007
Lie Detection. Feature. PSE and Voice Stress Analysis. ES23, 2004
Lie Detection. See Body Language. Part Two. (TC) ES98, 2015
Lie Detection. Tests for Russian air passengers. ES40, 2006
Lie Detector - Virtual. Technological Spycraft. (TC) Major Feature. ES119, 2019
Lie Detector. Ukraine loyalty tests by polygraph to test for links to Russia. ES120, 2019
Lie Detectors. Feature. The Great Intelligence Lie About Polygraphs. ES13, 2002
Lieberman, Avigdor. ES81, 2012
Lieberman, Avigdor. ES86, 2013
Lieberman, Avigdor. ES89, 2014
Lieberman, Avigdor. Israel Defence Minister. ES107, 2017
Lieberman, Avigdor. Israel Defence Minister. ES117, 2018
Lieberman, Avigdor. Israel Foreign Minister. ES67, 2010
Lieberman, Avigdor. Israel Foreign Minister. ES96, 2015
Lieberman, Avigdor. Plot to assassinate Israeli Foreign Minister. Feature. ES94, 2014
Liege, Belgium. Police targeted in Liege as lone wolf ISIS terrorist is shot dead. New measures to stop recruitment of ISIS operatives in prisons discussed by security officials across Europe. Feature. Inside Out: The Criminal Turned Terrorist. ES116, 2018
Lieu, Ted. ES108, 2017
LIFG. Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. ES108, 2017
Lijun, Wang. (See China. Chinese Whispers). ES79, 2012
Lijun, Wang. (See China. CIA Pretty Woman Trap. Feature). ES80, 2012
Likoni Ferry, Kenya.ES96, 2015
Lilk, Kadri. ES97, 2015
Lillehammer, Norway. (See Wrath of God). ES68, 2010
Lillehammer, Norway. See Mossad. ES86, 2013
Lima, Disrael. Colonel. Guatemala intelligence chief jailed. ES2, 2001
Liman, Doug. (See Valerie Plame Film). ES55, 2008
Limarev, Evgeny. (See Litvinenko). ES45, 2006
Limburg MV. Oil tanker attack, Yemen. ES28, 2004
Limburg MV. Oil tanker. AQ attack French oil tanker off Yemen. ES14, 2002
Limousines. (See Gas Limos Project). ES44, 2006
Lin, Edward Chieh-Liang. US Navy officer charged with espionage. Innocent Liaisons or Espionage. Major Feature. ES103, 2016
Lin, Edward. ES106, 2016
Lin, Edward. US Navy. Feature. ES109, 2017
Lincoln College, Oxford. (See John Le Carre). ES1, 2001
Lincoln Tunnel. (See New York tunnel plot). ES42, 2006
Lincoln, Abraham. USA President. ES56, 2008
Lincolnshire Poacher. (See Sunatra Deployed). ES74, 2011
Lincolnshire Poacher. MI6 Number Station, Cyprus. ES81, 2012
Lincolnshire Poacher. MI6 Number Station. Feature. ES91, 2014
Lindberg, Art. ES41, 2006
Lindbergh, Charles. See also Long Island. The Spies of Long Island. Major Feature. ES118, 2018
Lindeiner-Wildau, Von. ES79, 2012
Lindh, Anna. ES114, 2018
Lindh, John Walker. ES88, 2013
Lindsey, James. General. See USSOCOM. ES89, 2014
Lindsey, Jermaine. (See 7/7 dry run). ES36, 2005
Lindsey, Jermaine. (See London 7/7 Reconnaissance). ES56, 2008
Lindsey, Jermaine. London 7/7 bomber. ES87, 2013
Line N. SVR illegals support directorate. ES110, 2017
Line X and DST Agent Farewell. ES75, 2011
Ling, Laura. ES62, 2009
Lingxi, Lu. (See Boston, USA. Feature. Anatomy of the Boston Marathon Bombing). ES85, 2013
Linkedin. See MIT. Chinese MIT operations targeting social and business sites. Cover and Legend. Electronic Infiltration. Feature. ES113, 2018
Linkevicius, Linas. Foreign Affairs Minister, Lithuania. ES115, 2018
Lion of Panjshir. (Ahmed Shah Masood). Feature. ES5, 2001
Lipka, Robert. ES3, 2001
Lipka, Robert. ES42, 2006
Liquid Bomb Plot. (See Operation Overt. Trans-Atlantic Bomb Plot). ES100, 2015
Liquid Bomb Plot. National Geographic Channel documentary (2011). (See Operation Overt. Trans-Atlantic Bomb Plot). ES74, 2011
Liquid Bombs. (See Operation Overt. Trans-Atlantic Bomb Plot). ES55, 2008
Listening Devices. (See Spy Tradecraft). ES44, 2006
Lister, Charles. ES110, 2017
Lithuania. KGB Bunker. Museum, Kaunus. ES120, 2019
Lithuania. MI5 helps thwart sales of weapons to RIRA. ES76, 2011
Lithuania. Russia jails alleged Lithuanian spy. ES103, 2016
Lithuania. See NATO. New spy warnings as Russia deploys weaponry on east European and Baltic borders. Nervous NATO. Feature. ES114, 2018
Lithuania. SVR spy ring broken. ES81, 2012
Little Boy. Atomic bomb. ES98, 2015
Little Boy. ES47, 2007
Little Joe 2. NASA. Feature. ES72, 2011
Little Luzon. (See Camp David). ES54, 2008
Little Rock Recruiting Station, Arkansas. ES63, 2009
Little Sai Wan, Hong Kong. GCHQ interception facility. ES74, 2011
Littlejohn, Kenneth and Keith. ES66, 2010
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Litvinenko, Marina. UK Public Inquiry concludes former officer Alexander Litvinenko was probably killed by FSB. Litvinenko A.k.a. Edward Redwald Carter. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
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Liverpool Street Station. ES56, 2008
Livingstone, Ken. Alleged Loyalist plot to kill Mayor of London. ES18, 2003
Livingstone, Ken. ES114, 2018
Livingstone, Robert. (See Origins of US Intelligence). ES58, 2008
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Livni, Tzipi. Israel Foreign Minister. ES46, 2007
Liwaa al-Ummah. Banner of the Nation. See Syrian Conflict. ES82, 2012
Lizarazu, Bixente. Death threats from ETA. ES1, 2001
Lizards. Iran accuses CIA and the Mossad of using lizards and other animals for espionage. Atomic Waves. Feature. ES114, 2018
Llamazares, Gasper. ES66, 2010
Llewellyn, Roddy. See also Tradecraft. Entrapment and Compromise. ES108, 2017
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Llewelyn, Desmond. See Strange But True. Feature. ES99, 2015
Lloyd, George. (See MI6 plot to kill Rasputin). ES36, 2005
Lloyd, William A. ES31, 2005
Lloyds Register. See Maritime. ES113, 2018
Lluch, Ernest. (See ETA). ES1, 2001
LNG. Liquefied Natural Gas. Feature. Incoming White Heat. US concerns over inland waterway terrorist threat. ES31, 2005
LNG. Liquid Natural Gas. (See Counter-Terrorism. The World of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence. Part 7 - Spy Tradecraft). ES83, 2013
LNR. Lugansk People's Republic. See Ukraine Conflict. ES95, 2015
Loation Civil War. Ancient gift received by CIA unearthed. The CIA Jar. Feature. ES112, 2017
Lobban, Sir Iain. ES100, 2015
Lobban, Sir Iain. ES88, 2013
Lobban, Sir Iain. ES91, 2014
Lobban, Sir Iain. ES92, 2014
Lobban, Sir Iain. GCHQ Director. ES82, 2012
Lobban, Sir Iain. The Listeners: 100 Years of GCHQ. Valedictory speech. Feature. ES94, 2014
Lobound Laboratory, Notre Dame University. ES43, 2006
Location 23. BT Tower, London. See Counter Intelligence - Spycraft. ES106, 2016
Location 23. See Counter Intelligence - Spycraft. ES106, 2016
Lock Picking. See Deceptive Factor. Part One. (TC) ES99, 2015
Lock Picking. See Spy Tradecraft: Bread Crumbs. ES96, 2016
Lock, Trevor. (See Iranian Embassy Siege). ES68, 2010
Locker, Jonathan. ES57, 2008
Lockerbie. Pan Am Flight 103 bombing. SEE LOCKERBIE INDEX SECTION
Lockhart, Bruce. ES110, 2017
Lockhart, Bruce. ES61, 2009
Lockhart, Bruce. ES82, 2012
Lockhart, Bruce. MI6. ES70 2010
Lockheed EC-121D. Warning Star. ES80, 2012
Lockheed. Flying Wing projects. ES77, 2012
Locklear, Samuel. US Navy Admiral. ES73, 2011
Lodge, Henry Cabot. ES100, 2015
Lodge, Henry Cabot. ES24, 2004
Lody, Karl. German WWI spy. ES61, 2009
Loerrach, German-Swiss border. (See Operation Damocles Take Two. Feature. Israel's next move in its secret war with Iran). ES84, 2013
Lofti, Adam Djaziri. See Paris. Avenue des Champs-Elysees. Terrorist attack. Feature. ES110, 2017
Loftus, Elizabeth. Professor. ES115, 2018
Lofven, Stefan. Prime Minister of Sweden. ES109, 2017
Logan, Rachel. ES94, 2014
Logic Bombs. See Cyber. ES44, 2006
Loll, Max Stephan. ES16, 2003
Lombardo, Juan. Admiral. ES94, 2014
London 2012 Olympic Games. ES77, 2012
London 2012 Olympic Games. MI5 Countermeasures (security). ES76, 2011
London 2012 Olympic Games. Missile platforms deployed for security reasons. Photo special. ES79, 2012
London 2012 Olympic Games. Pre-Games terrorist operations as UK suspects arrested. ES81, 2012
London 2012 Olympic Games. Ring of Steel. Massive security for Games as budget doubles for security measures. ES77, 2012
London 21/7. 21/7 Supporting Cast Jailed. ES54, 2008
London 21/7. Attacks. Feature. Fortune, Fate and the Wrong Mixture. ES46, 2007
London 21/7. Attacks. Five AQ suspects deny plot charges. ES40, 2006
London 21/7. Bomb accused defused device in cupboard. ES48, 2007
London 21/7. Bomb factory. ES46, 2007
London 21/7. Bombs. Photo essay. ES46, 2007
London 21/7. The Discarded Bombs. Analysis. ES46, 2006
London 21/7. Video tapes of bombers shopping trips as trial begins of AQ suspects. ES47, 2007
London 7/7 Reconnaissance Mission. Feature. ES56, 2008
London Aquarium. Surveilled by 7/7 bomb team. ES56, 2008
London Cage. (See Interrogation. WWII Interrogation British Style). Feature. ES79, 2012
London Cage. Truth Drugs and Intelligence: A Moral Dilemma. Feature. ES119, 2019
London Cage. WWII intelligence centre used to interrogate and record captured senior German military personnel. Life Inside the London Cage Revealed. Major Feature. ES111, 2017
London Diplomatic List. ES75, 2011
London Evening Standard. ES61, 2009
London Evening Standard. Nazi disinformation stories. Feature. ES36, 2005
London Eye. Attraction. ES44, 2006
London Eye. Terror target. ES55, 2008
London Films. (See also Z-Organisation). ES60, 2008
London hailed as a brittle target. Feature. ES47, 2007
London nightclub AQ bomb attack. Feature. MI5 Operation Seagram. ES58, 2008
London Spy. See Spy Films. ES93, 2014
London Stock Exchange. (See MI6 recruitment). ES67, 2010
London Stock Exchange. 2010 Bomb plot men jailed. Feature. ES78, 2012
London Stock Exchange. Targeted by alleged AQ gangs. ES72, 2011
London Underground. ES34, 2005
London Underground. Security increased. ES16, 2003
London Victoria Station. New vehicle attack countermeasures. ES117, 2018
London. Beneath City Streets. Intelligence spy sites in the city. Feature. ES8, 2002
London. Concrete barriers go up in and around Whitehall and Parliament buildings. Photo essay. ES18, 2003
London. London Bridge terrorist attack. Eight dead as ISIS terror cell strikes. Anatomy of a Terrorist Attack. Major Feature. ES110, 2017
London. Spy locations used by agents in London in the run-up to the invasion of Europe. VE Day & The D-Day Spies. Feature. ES97, 2015
London. Terrorist attacks by ISIS lone wolves. 82 Seconds. Major feature. ES108, 2017
London. Vanishing secrets. Feature on the city's disappearing intelligence buildings and others associated with spylore. ES7, 2002
Lone Wolf of Fleet Street. See Pincher, Chapman and Strange But True. Feature. ES99, 2015
Lonetree, Clayton. US Marine Sergeant. ES118, 2018
Long Island, USA. An enduring feature on the region's historical and modern association with the world of espionage and intrigue. The Spies of Long Island. Major Feature. ES118, 2018
Long Island. ES23, 2004
Long Jump. German wartime plot to kill Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill at conference in Tehran. ES78, 2012
Long Range Desert Group. ES116, 2018
Long, Guillaume. Ecuador Foreign Minister. ES109, 2017
Long, Leo. See Cambridge Spy Ring. ES99, 2015
Long, Letitia. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). ES108, 2017
Long, William. ES63, 2009
Long, William. ES98, 2015
Longmoor Camp. (See MI6 and the Berlin Tunnel). ES18, 2003
Lonkowski, William. ES97, 2015
Lonsdale, Gordon (Molody). ES65, 2009
Lonsdale, Gordon. ES50, 2007
Lonsdale, Gordon. Feature. Meeting with a Real KGB Officer. ES3, 2001
Looking Glass. (See Doomsday E6B). ES77, 2012
Loomis, Edward. ES86, 2013
Lop Nor. Nuclear (targeted) test area. ES2, 2001
Lopez, Gustavo Gonzalez. Director SEBIN. Bolivarian Intelligence Service. Venezuela. ES117, 2018
Lord Cullen of Whitekirk. Rt. Hon. See DNV GL. RAF Spadeadam. ES105, 2016
Lord Haw Haw. (See William Joyce). ES63, 2009
Lord Wallace of Saltaire. See Profumo Affair. ES89, 2014
Lord, William T. Lt. General. USAF. ES73, 2011
Lorenz AG, Berlin. ES109, 2017
Lorenz cipher machine. ES88, 2013
Lorenz SZ40. (See Codemaking and Codebreaking). ES48, 2007
Lorient, France. U-boat base. ES73, 2011
Lorraine Cross. (See French Resistance). ES51, 2007
Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico. Dirty Bomb analysis. ES45, 2006
Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico. See Manhattan Project. ES94, 2014
Los Alamos. See Manhattan Project. ES120, 2019
Los Angeles Class submarine. ES83, 2013
Los Angeles, USA. Threats to Metro system. ES107, 2016
Los Zetas. Drugs cartel involvement in plot to assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador to USA - Adel bin Ahmed al-Jubeir. ES76, 2011
Losey, Brian. Rear Admiral. ES94, 2014
Losey, Brian. Rear Admiral. ES95, 2015
Lost Battalion. US 77th Infantry Division. (See Animals and Espionage). ES72, 2011
Lotar Eilat. Israeli Special Security element. ES106, 2016
Lotus Gunworks, Florida. ES104, 2016
Lotus. Flower. Meaning and religious/political significance in some parts of the world. ES99, 2015
Lotz, Wolfgang. ES115, 2018
Lotz, Wolfgang. ES55, 2008
Louca, Loucas. ES81, 2012
Louch-Olymp. Satellite. France claims Russian spy satellite engaged in 'space eavesdropping'. Feature. ES118, 2018
Lourdes Intelligence Centre. Cuba. Chinese Intelligence and Russia's Ruse. Feature. ES77, 2012
Lourdes Intelligence Centre. Cuba. ES1, 2001
Lourdes Intelligence Centre. Cuba. Feature, ES92, 2014
Lourdes Intelligence Centre. Cuba. Host to a new type of SIGINT base? ES77, 2012
Lourdes Intelligence Centre. Cuba. Island of Spies. Feature. Is Russia Still Listening. Spy base Lourdes. ES77, 2012
Lourdes Intelligence Centre. Cuba. Russian spy base closes. ES 5, 2001
Love Bug. (See Computer Viruses). ES44, 2006
Low, Archibald. ES84, 2013
Lownie, Andrew. ES100, 2015
Lownie, Andrew. Judge denies naming of a possible new member of infamous spy ring. Feature. ES105, 2016
Lowther Castle. (See Invisibility). ES9, 2002
LRAD. Long Range Acoustic Device. ES111, 2017
LSD. Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. (See Mind Control). ES50, 2007
LTBU. Lockerbie Trial Briefing Unit. ES54, 2008
LTR. London Telecommunications Region. ES87, 2013
LTTE. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. ES61, 2009
Luanda Airport, Angola. ES20, 2003
Lubbock, Texas. ES72, 2011
Lubitz, Andreas. See Germanwings Flight 9525. ES96, 2016
Lubyanka Square, Moscow. ES53, 2008
Lubyanka Station, Moscow. (See Moscow Metro attacks). ES67, 2010
Lucas Heights Science and Technology Centre. Australia. ES37, 2005/6
Luce, Claire Boothe. ES33, 2005
Luciano, Charles 'Lucky'. ES103, 2016
Lucozade bottle bombs. Feature. Night Games in London. (See Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot). ES56, 2008
Lucozade bottle bombs. Feature. Test explosions reveal bombs would have destroyed airliners. Photo essay. (See Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot). ES55, 2008
Lucozade Bottles. (See Trans Atlantic Bomb Plot). ES55, 2008
Ludendorff, Erich. ES61, 2009
Ludgrove Hall. See also Trent Park ES104, 2016
Ludlow, Lewis. A.k.a. Ali Hussain. ES117, 2018
Ludwig, Frederick Kurt. German spy. ES51, 2007
Ludwig. (See Imam Rapito Affair. CIA abduction in Milan). ES86, 2013
Luger P08 firearm. ES84, 2013
Lugo, Hiram Puig. ES120, 2019
Lugovei, Andrei. Primary suspect in the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko. See Litvinenko. ES46, 2007
Lugovoi, Andrei. (Profile). ES52, 2007
Lugovoi, Andrei. (See the Siloviki). ES59, 2008
Lugovoi, Andrei. ES100, 2015
Lugovoi, Andrei. ES119, 2019
Lugovoi, Andrei. ES47, 2007
Lugovoi, Andrei. ES53, 2008
Lugovoi, Andrei. ES60, 2009
Lugovoi, Andrei. ES70, 2010
Lugovoi, Andrei. ES76, 2011
Lugovoi, Andrei. ES82, 2012
Lugovoi, Andrei. ES83, 2013
Lugovoi, Andrei. ES91, 2014
Lugovoi, Andrei. ES96, 2015
Lugovoi, Andrei. Feature. ES49, 2007
Lugovoi, Andrei. See Yuri Felshtinsky - Death of a Spy. Interview. Part 1. ES90, 2014
Lugovoi, Andrei. Standing for Russian State Duma. ES51, 2007
Lugovoi, Andrei. UK Public Inquiry concludes former officer Alexander Litvinenko was probably killed by FSB. Litvinenko A.k.a. Edward Redwald Carter. Major Feature. ES101, 2016
Lukashenko, Alexander. Belarus President. ES90, 2014
Lukashenko, Alexander. ES81, 2012
Lukashev, Sergey. See GRU. Cyber Elements. ES118, 2018
Lukovic, Mile. ES18, 2003
Lumpert, Ulrich. (See Lockerbie). ES58, 2008
Lumumba, Patrice. Congo. ES103, 2016
Lumumba, Patrice. ES50, 2007
Luna 10 satellite. Cold War satellites still circling Earth. Feature. ES119, 2019
Lunar Based Earth Bombardment System. See Moon Base ELINT. Feature. ES92, 2014
Lunde, Ane. Norway Foreign Minister Spokeswoman. ES118, 2018
Luqa Airport, Malta. See Lockerbie. ES64, 2009
Lurakhmanov, Valid. A.k.a. Validol. See SBU. No Funeral in Kiev: Spy Games to Catch an Assassin. Major Feature. ES116, 2018
Lusenko, Yuriy. Prosecutor-General. Ukraine. ES116, 2018
Lusha, Krenar. ES58, 2008
Lusitania. RMS. (See Zimmermann Telegram). ES10, 2010
Lusitania. RMS. ES54, 2008
Luton Territorial Army base targeted by al-Qaida. Delivery of bomb was remote controlled model car. ES85, 2013
Luton Train Station. (CCTV). (See 7/7 London bombings). ES34, 2005
LutzSec. Cyber hacking group. ES79, 2012
Luxembourg Monument of Remembrance. ES105, 2016
Luxembourg. Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker resigns over spy scandal. ES86, 2013
Lyalin, Oleg. KGB. ES116, 2018
Lyalin, Valery. ES75, 2011
Lyasnikov, Konstantin. ES2, 2001
Lyell, Sir Nicholas. ES87, 2013
Lykken, David. ES13, 2002
Lynch, Jessica. $1 million book deal. ES20, 2003
Lynch, Jessica. ES100, 2015
Lynch, Jessica. ES116, 2018
Lynch, Jessica. Feature on untrue accounts. ES19, 2003
Lynch, Loretta. US Attorney General. ES101, 2016
Lynn III, William. ES84, 2013
Lynn, William. ES72, 2011
Lynn, William. ES78, 2012
Lynx. Helicopters from HMS Ocean to be used to deploy fast reaction forces across London in event of terrorist attack at 2012
Lyon, France. ISIS attack. ES98, 2015
Lyon, France. Security Raids. Response to November Paris terrorist attack. ES100, 2015
Lytton, Edward Bulwer. ES113, 2018
Lyubimov, Mikhail. Colonel. KGB. See also KGB. New Moscow exhibition opens on former MI6 officer and KGB spy Kim Philby. Philby Rebranded. Major Feature. ES112, 2017
Lyubmov, Mikhail (KGB). See Gaul. ES2, 2001
Lyubmov, Mikhail. KGB. ES66, 2010
Lyubmov, Mikhail. KGB. ES94, 2014



Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko. Former KGB, FSB security officer and MI6 agent assassinated through the ingestion of Polonium-210 in central London 23 November 2006. Major relevant articles are identified here, but please search the database for other references and individuals connected to the incident.
Anatoly Litvinenko. On his father's murder. ES101, 2016
Code of Silence. The tradecraft of government in either rejecting involvement in an intelligence operation when it is exposed or falters or simply remaining silent. Major Feature. (TC) ES119, 2019
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Litvinenko, Alesander. Ex KGB officer granted asylum in UK. ES2, 2001
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Litvinenko, Alexander. Interview with historian Yuri Felshtinsky who helped the Litvinenko family flee Russia and who co-authored the book 'Blowing Up Russia' with the former KGB officer and MI6 agent. Death of a Spy: The Assassination of Alexander Litvinenko. Interview. Part 2. ES91, 2014
Litvinenko, Alexander. Interview with historian Yuri Felshtinsky who helped the Litvinenko family flee Russia and who co-authored the book 'Blowing Up Russia' with the former KGB officer and MI6 agent. Interview. Part 1. ES90, 2014
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Litvinenko, Alexander. MI6 and FSB officers to appear at Litvinenko Inquest. ES82, 2012
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Litvinenko, Alexander. Tit-For-Tat. NSY blame ex-FSB officer for death. He blames MI6. Feature. ES49, 2007
Litvinenko, Alexander. UK government announces Public Inquiry will be held into Litvinenko's death. Murdered MI6 Agent. Feature. ES92, 2014
Litvinenko, Alexander. UK-Russian Intel Relations Hit 'Rock Bottom'. This after UK demands 'full inquiry'. Feature. ES76, 2011
Litvinenko, Alexander. Waiter speaks of moment Litvinenko's tea was sprayed with PAolonium-210. ES50, 2007
Litvinenko, Alexander. Who Fired Underworld's 'Magic Bullet'? Feature. ES46, 2007
Litvinenko, Alexander. William Hague and Sergei Lavrov discuss case. ES70, 2010
Litvinenko, Marina. ES45, 2006
Litvinenko, Marina. ES49, 2007
Litvinenko, Marina. Widow appeals to Putin. Feature. ES56, 2008
Litvinenko, Maxim. ES92, 2014
New addition to the Russian Assassination List as former GRU intelligence officer and MI6 agent Sergei Skripal is targeted by assassins in Salisbury, UK, using deadly Novichok nerve agent. Anatomy of the Skripal Sanction. Major Feature. ES115, 2018
Source of Polonium-210 used to kill Litvinenko. See Sarov. Closed town in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia. See also VNIIEF. Federal Nuclear Centre and Avangard Electromechanical Plant. See also Novichok. ES115, 2018
UK Public Inquiry concludes Litvinenko was probably killed by FSB. Litvinenko A.k.a. Edward Redwald Carter. Major Feature. ES101, 2016